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    This is me an Breachers RP story thing, do not read if you're not into anime in any way. It's mostly action and drama except the last two parts. Then it starts getting a little sexier

    Part one

    Breacher grabbed his victim by the throat and held him under the moonlight. The man began to choke and sputter. Tears erupted from his eyes, only a hairsbreadth from death. Breacher dropped him. Why not make him suffer?

    "Why are you doing this?!" The man yelled, and backed up to a tree.

    "Because I can." Breacher replied, his deathly voice permeating the air. He unsheathed one of his swords. In an instant he sliced off one of the man's arms from the elbow down. Blood spattered across the trees, and the man screamed and fell to the ground.

    "No.... No..." He muttered as he crawled away. Breacher seemingly disappeared, and reappeared in front of the crawling man. He stabbed the inferior in the center of his head. The man's eyes widened, and then went dull as all life faded from him.

    Breacher sheathed his sword. The man had gotten in his way, and Breacher could not have put up with it. It was nothing new for him. He had gotten used to senseless killing.

    Breacher wandered out of the forest and into the town that was built adjacent to it. Nobody was awake, for it was roughly two o'clock in the morning. He was here about a rumor he had heard about the leader of the thugs who had killed his family. He was still determined to hunt this man down no matter what. Supposedly, the man was residing in this town at the current moment.

    A gun shot rang out through the town and Breacher's instincts kicked in. In a split second he dodged the speeding bullet, surveyed the area to find the shooter, and appeared behind him. The shooter lay on top of a rooftop, searching for his prey. Breacher reached down and grabbed the man's gun. With his other hand, he grabbed the man by his collar and picked him up into the air. Breacher let the man open his mouth to speak, probably to give him some lame explanation as to why he was trying to kill him. Breacher didn't care though, he took the gun and shoved it into the shooter's open mouth. A muffled "Please" came from the man's mouth and Breacher pulled the trigger. Blood and brains fountained through the air, leaving nothing but a quivering red mass on top of the dead man's neck. On the body was a symbol that indicated he was part of the band of thugs that had murdered Breacher's family so long ago. He knew this because they had left the symbol on each of his parents' bodies, an action of provoking, if you will. They had provoked the wrong man.

    Lights turned on all throughout the town, men with shotguns ran out of their houses, closely followed by their wives and children. Breacher picked up the body of the would be man, and threw it into their midst. Screams echoed through the air, and Breacher disappeared.

    Part Two:

    Breacher entered his house. I say house for lack of a better term, for this was not what one would generally call a house. It was part cave, but also had some kind of man made facade that created a door. On the inside were man made walls that separated the cave into rooms. He moved back into what he considered his bedroom. There was no bed, for Breacher chose not to sleep very often, but instead there was a makeshift bench made out of stone. He sat down and closed his eyes. His ears twitched-someone was in the room. He opened one eye and relaxed, seeing that it was Sanga. Sanga was an alien from a planet called "New Vegeta." She said her race was called the Saiyans. Because she was not a wretched human, he could put up with her-sometimes.

    "So.. you been out killing again?" Sanga said.

    Breacher said nothing, but walked out of the room. She followed him.

    "You were weren't you?" She sighed. "Ya gotta stop doin' that Breacher. If you get caught, unlike me, you won't be able to take down a swat squad all that easily.

    Breacher stopped walking and turned to face her. "I don't get caught." She shivered at the sound of his voice, she hadn't quite gotten used to it.

    "Well... whatever, don't be afraid to call. But if I help I'm gonna ask for you to not kill people in my presence. It's pretty annoying."

    "Human sympathizer. Whatever. Chances are I won't need your help anyways."

    She frowned and then said, "Fine... Well, see ya." She waved good bye as was her custom and left. Why did he put up with her? She was just as bad as a human. It was probably because she would be a tough opponent in a fight. Breacher was confident with his skills, but not that confident. Being too confident was foolish in battle.

    He decided to wait in his cave for a few days for all the hype to die down in that town. His target was probably expecting him by now, and Breacher needed him to be off guard. He suspected he would have to wait for a few days before he could attack, so he wandered off in search of some poor being with whom he could toy around with.

    Part Three

    Breacher entered the town at midnight. The previous day he had ascertained information about where his target was staying, using torture as his tool. Now Breacher knew where the bastard was staying, and he was determined to let him have what he deserved.

    The house was not hard to find, for it was the biggest in the small town. Breacher cut through the hinges on the front door, entering quietly. As he stepped inside of the house, he heard one hundred metallic clicking noises.
    "OPEN FIRE!" Someone yelled. Adrenaline pumped, making everything seem like slow motion. Breacher unsheathed his sword in an instant and began slaughtering the enemy. Though Breacher was superior to all of them in terms of fighting, a one hundred armed thugs against one man wasn't very good odds. Two shots penetrated his cloak, and pain seared through his right leg and left arm. He ignored it, and continued with his offense. Three more shots hit their target, and Breacher's left leg was disabled. His speed drastically decreased, Breacher could no longer dodge many of the enemies' shots. Two more shots hit him, and he was brought to his knees.

    "Cease fire!" The same voice yelled, and steps began to echo through the house. Breacher looked up to see a rather large man, standing seven feet tall. He stood in front of Breacher, laughing. "So, the helpless child has come for revenge, eh?" Breacher tried to get up, but could not.
    "I'll enjoy ending your life, you were no challenge at all."

    The man pulled out a 9mm pistol and racked the slide. He aimed it at Breacher's head and pulled the trigger. Breacher's vision began to dim, and he blacked out.

    Part Four

    Breacher awoke with a blinding headache. He opened his eyes to a blurry white room. "What happened to me?" He asked himself. His vision began to become more clear, and he looked down at his body. His cloak had been stripped off of him, replaced by bandages. A door opened, and Sanga came through.

    "You're awake!" She said, and walked over to him.

    "What happened?!" Breacher said, and tried to sit up. Pain lanced through his body and Sanga pushed him back into his bed.

    "Don't try to get up." She said. "You were shot eight times. You were almost dead when I got there."

    "Did you kill the man who shot me?!" Breacher yelled.

    "Okay first, stop yelling." Breacher reluctantly submitted and Sanga began talking once again. "I didn't even get a chance to see the man who shot you, he had already bailed."

    Breacher said nothing.

    "You should get more rest." Sanga said, and exited the room.

    Breacher contemplated doing what she said, but decided to do things his own way, like he usually did. He got up, ignoring the pain all throughout his body, and looked for his cloak.

    Breacher exited the room that he was in, and realized that they were in his cave. He looked down and it dawned on him that he was half naked, but he didn't care. He wandered through his cave, looking for his cloak. He found Sanga in what he had labeled the "kitchen." She looked at him, and saw he was half naked. She didn't look away though.

    "Where is my cloak?" Breacher asked.

    "You should really be sleeping right now-"

    "Where is my cloak?" Breacher interrupted her.

    A vein pulsed in her head and things began to float around them. Breacher knew he had pissed her off. She turned on him, pupils almost entirely gone, and began yelling.


    For one of the first times, Breacher was actually feeling a slight bit of fear from looking at the angry Saiyan. He acquiesced, and headed back to his room thinking horrible thoughts of what he'd like to do to the Saiyan.

    Part Five

    Breacher walked through the forest, thinking about his next move. Sanga had finally "permitted" him to leave the cave, not as if he needed her permission.

    It was all so damn inconsistent, this stalking of his. He had no clue where his prey had gone, and no way to find out. He would probably have to go back to his old methods of torture and blackmail, and more torture. Breacher was moderately excited about that.

    He stopped. A noise in the bushes to his right. In an instant, Breacher pulled out one of his katanas and threw it straight into the bushes.

    "OW! FUCK!"

    A girl jumped out of the bushes, only to fall once more due to the sword still in her leg.

    "What the hell is your problem mister?!" She yelled at him.

    Breacher turned to his potential victim. She was roughly his height, with moderately long brown hair. She was wearing a schoolgirl skirt and a shirt that cut off above her abs. Breacher said nothing, but unsheathed his other katana and walked to the girl. He pointed the sword in her face.

    "What were you doing there?" Breacher said, and the girl shivered from fear at the sound of his voice.

    "Nothing!" She yelled back," I wasn't doing nothing!" Breacher twitched at the use of improper grammar. He contemplating killing this girl just for that. Instead, he grabbed the hilt of the katana that was still in her leg and twisted it. She screamed and writhed in pain.

    Breacher let go of the katana. The girl looked up at him, tears streaming down her face. "What the hell is your problem?!"

    "I said, what were you doing?" Breacher said, and put his hand back on the hilt of the katana. She saw this and fear of pain showed in her face.

    "I was spying on you! Okay?!" She yelled.

    Breacher cocked his head, intrigued. "Spying on me? Who sent you?" He pushed the sword a little deeper into her leg. She screamed at the pain and began crying once more, grasping at the sword now deep in her leg.

    "No one!" She yelled. "P-please, i-it hurts. Don't d-do it again." She began to weep, whether from pain or fear Breacher couldn't tell.

    "If nobody sent you, then why the hell were you spying on me?" Breacher asked in a forceful tone, tightening his grip on the katana.

    "N-no please." She said through whimpers. " I j-just thought you w-were i-interesting. Th-that's all."

    Breacher didn't believe her in the slightest, but seeing how pathetic she was, he pulled out his katana (welcoming more screams from his victim) and sheathed it. He began to walk away.

    "H-hey! P-please don't leave m-me here!" She yelled to him. "I'll d-die."

    Breacher continued walking, and said, "Why don't you just walk out?"

    She began to sob loudly, and Breacher could hear her for all of about 30 minutes as he made his way back to his cave. He stopped, contemplating going back and helping the girl. What was he thinking? What had gotten into him? Before this ordeal with Sanga, he wouldn't have cared anything about this girl. He tried to rid himself of the image of the girl lying on the forest floor asking for his help, but couldn't. He let loose a half grunt, half sigh, and ran back in the direction he'd come.

    The girl's sobbing had stopped, so she was either dead or had just gotten used to the pain. He came to the place where she was, and saw that she was no longer there. He cursed himself for being so stupid, caring about a human.

    Breacher returned to the cave to an assault by Sanga. As he walked through the front door, she jumped out from behind a door way and nailed him in the face. He fell to the floor and his nose began to bleed.

    "What the hell was that for?" Breacher asked.

    "I think you know!" She stood over him, her hands on her hips.

    "No, I don't." He said, and stood back up. She punched him again, but he regained his balance this time. Why wasn't he fighting back?

    "What are you doing torturing 16 year old girls?!" Sanga yelled, and clenched her fist for another assault.

    Breacher cursed himself for being so sloppy. " What are you talking about?" He attempted.

    She hit him again, but this time in the stomach. She slammed him up against the wall and held him there with one hand.

    "Don't play dumb, Breacher. I won't hesitate to kill you right here and now."

    Breacher glared at her, though she couldn't see his eyes. "Fine." He said. "She was spying on me."

    "Spying on you?" Sanga repeated.

    "Yes, spying on me."

    "And you thought, by some incredible chance, that this girl was plotting against you?!" Sanga said, her anger rising to the surface once again. Things were beginning to float in the air, and the hinges on the doors began to creak.

    Breacher lost his composure, and let anger overwhelm him. He slapped Sanga's arm away and let one of his feet make contact with her chest. She flew against the opposite wall, and created a hole in it. Sanga recovered very fast.

    "You don't want to fight me Breacher." She said, and she spat blood onto the floor.

    "Allow me to explain myself." He said, and lowered his fists.

    "Fine, attempt to explain almost killing a 16 year old girl."

    "I had every right to suspect something of this wretched girl." He said. "She was lurking in the bushes. For all I knew, she could have been working for one of my many enemies. I went back for her but I guess you had already gotten there." This was the most he had talked since the death of his family.

    "You.. went back for her?" Sanga said, amazed.

    "I'm not proud of it." Breacher replied.
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    Part six

    Sanga walked through the park on a shortcut to her apartment. She had just finished being pissed at Breacher for hurting some random little girl and needed a good night sleep. She walked across the path still grumbling about the poor little girl.

    Sanga saw a young man in a green shirt and blue pants, with spiky orange hair walking aimlessly, muttering to himself.

    “You pissed too?” Asked the saiyaness

    “No, just insane.” Responded the man

    “Haha. Nice.” Said Sanga as she smiled. “Well, seeya.” Sanga continued walking, along not even noticing the danger she was in.

    As Sanga continued walking along the path, the man stopped abruptly. He turns to Sanga and watched her walk away "Where are you going? Little girl."

    "Well I was heading back home" Responded Sanga "I'm pretty pissed at this friend of mine.” Sanga cocked her head a bit. She didn’t even know who this guy was and she was asking her questions. “By the way, what's your name?”

    "My name?" Said the man, as he kept his head down. He seemed so sad and quiet.

    “Yeah, sure”

    As the two talked, a young couple walked along the path Sanga was on earlier, laughing happily. The strange man watches the young couple and launched himself at them. He grabbed the young man's neck and squeezed. The mans head then exploded, showering the girl in blood. She screamed and the man shoved his arm through her stomach.

    "My name" He said again, “I think you know my name."

    Pico walked towards Sanga, excitement written on his features. Sanga stared at the man completely horrified. This was the man she had heard about, the one on the news… Pico… The demonic embodiment of the seven sins was what they called him. Sanga took the chance to tackle him and pinned him against a bloody tree.


    “They were making noise while we were talking. It was very annoying.”


    Pico threw her to the ground and put his bloody hand over her mouth. Sanga let out a muffled scream for help. With his other hand, Pico tore off Sanga’s tank top and bra. Sanga tried to fight back against Pico, but his strength was enormous! He wasted no time with foreplay, and pulled out his 12 in. cock, and prepared to violate the Saiyan girl. Sanga stared down with wide eyes and spotted Pico’s grotesquely massive cock.

    In fear of what was to come, Sanga powered up and transformed into a Super Saiyan! The massive surge of energy pushed Pico from her. Sanga completely ignored the fact that she was naked from the waist up and powered up even further. Pico was surprised by Sanga’s strength, but turned on as well, there was nothing like raping a confident, powerful warrior. Pico charged once more, delivering a punch to her abdomen and blasting her point blank with his demonic energy.

    As Sanga flew back she regained her balance and got back to her feet to prepare a counter-attack. She was terrified to see that Pico was still continuing the attack, and put up a full-body guard with her arms. Pico swooped down and delivered an uppercut, rendering Sanga’s block completely useless. Sanga was flung up from the blow and Pico finished with a jumping roundhouse kick straight to Sanga’s stomach. She flew back from the impact and tore through nearly 4 trees before one finally stopped her. She opened her eyes just in time to see Pico’s face again as he delivered an incredible blow to her face, causing the ground beneath them to crumble.

    Sanga was thrown onto the ground face-down by the impact and Pico came down to her and rips off her jeans. Sanga yelped out in surprise. “AGH! GET THE HELL OFF ME!!!” Pico let out an insane and maniacal laugh and ripped off Sanga’s skimpy little panties.

    “Ooh. You’re so wet already.”

    “NO! YOU’RE LYING!!!”

    Pico took his huge cock and prepared to insert it in Sanga’s tight ass.


    Pico laughed at Sanga’s protests and pushed his huge cock inside her ass, his size stretching her ass far beyond its normal capacity. Sanga let out a scream in surprise and pain.


    Blood began leaking from Sanga’s ripped ass as Pico pulled himself in and out. As her ass was ripped from Pico’s cock, her blood covered grotesquely massive member.

    Sanga’s Super Saiyan energy flashed, making it seem as if he were raping her in broad daylight.

    “GET IT OUT OF ME!” Sanga yelled. “RIGHT NOW! OR I’LL. AHHHHH!!!”

    Pico pounded away still.

    “STOP… IT!!” Sanga screamed. “NNNNG!”

    Pico pulled out and released a huge load all over Sanga. A huge crimson blush appeared on Sanga’s face.


    Pico licked the remaining cum and blood off of his own cock and walked around to Sanga's mouth, still pinning her arms behind her back.

    “Huh?” Sanga said, confused. “HEY! NO WAY! I am NOT taking that in my mouth! I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE!” She closed her mouth as tight as she could. Pico prodded her closed mouth with his cock and then forced It in.

    “MPH!” Sanga tried to bite Pico’s cock.

    Sanga gagged as Pico's cock went deeper into her throat. He pushed it in until she had the entire cock in her mouth.

    “NNG!” Sanga gagged. “MPH!” She choked and coughed as Pico slammed his cock back and forth inside her mouth.

    Pico began to skull fuck Sanga, and felt her throat tear a little as it began to bleed. Sanga bit his cock as hard as she could, but it was too hard to puncture. Sanga began to cry as she realized that there was nothing she could do against this monster. Pico fucked away at Sanga’s throat. His balls slapped against her chin as he forced his huge cock in and out of her throat. Tears streamed down Sanga’s face as she cried hysterically. A large crowd formed around the two, watching as the Super Saiyan was raped. Pico laughed once again, and pulled out of Sanga’s mouth. He released another huge load all over Sanga’s face.

    In the excitement, Sanga’s body wouldn’t allow her to get out of Super Saiyan form.

    “AGH!” Sanga spat out the cum that had gotten into her mouth. “YOU DISGUSTING FREAK!” She coughed. Pico laughed once more and threw Sanga onto the ground into a Spread Eagle Position. He jumped down and inserted his cock into Sanga’s pussy.

    “AAAGH!” Sanga yelled as his large cock penetrated her. Sanga was both thankful for and tortured by her Super Saiyan form. It made the embarrassment and pain so much more intense, but if it weren’t for the transformation she would have been completely ripped apart. Pico’s cock stretched Sanga’s pussy to its limits, making it bleed.

    “AHHHHHHH!” Sanga screamed in agony, “GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT!” Pico shoved his fist into Sanga’s mouth to stop her from yelling. She began to cry again. People everywhere were watching the scene.

    Pico pushed his whole cock into her already strained pussy, and began to fuck it as fast as he could. His balls slapped against her ass as he pounded away. Sanga screamed out in pain as Pico’s cock stretched her body. She could feel it inside her straining her pussy.

    Sanga tried to move her legs to kick him away, but Pico pounded away, throwing blood everywhere as he rammed back and forth. Sanga’s arms were still bound by the chains of energy he used. Pico laughed maniacally and punched Sanga in the stomach as he fucked her.

    “MGH!” She let out a muffled cry as the hit made contact.

    Pico laughed again, and came inside of her.

    “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Sanga yelled out as Pico pulled his fist out of her mouth. She involuntary squirted all over his cock as he pulled out. Finished, Pico stood up and forced Sanga to lick all of the blood and cum off of his cock. Sanga cried for a bit, her spirit almost completely broken. When Sanga was finished, Pico picked her up and threw her into a nearby wall, making debris fly everywhere.

    “AGH!” Sanga grunted as she hit the wall. She looked at him with fear, tears streaming down her eyes. “Please!” She pleaded. “STOP! NO MORE!” Pico just laughed once again and charged forward, punching Sanga in the gut. Some of Pico’s cum squirted out of her pussy as the impact resounded through her body.

    She let out another whimper of pain. “P-please.” She pleaded again. “I can’t take anymore.” Pico did not consider showing mercy, but instead decided to have more fun with her. He began to titty fuck her, forcing his cock in and out of her mouth.

    Pico titty fucked Sanga as hard as he could, and her tits began to bleed from how hard he was squeezing them.

    “AGH!” Sanga cried out, “PLEASE! STOP! IT HURTS!” Sanga’s screams for mercy only increased Pico’s sick pleasure. He continued titty fucking her until he came for the fourth time right into her mouth. Pico held her mouth closed and forced her to swallow it. She tried to resist for a few seconds, but couldn’t breathe when he closed her nose with his fingers. She was forced to swallow every bit of his cum. She nearly choked to death from how much there was. Sanga tried swallowing multiple times, but it only worked on the fifth.

    “AHHHH!” Sanga gasped for air as Pico released her nose and mouth. She panted, wondering what would happen next. Pico’s cock was still hard as a rock from watching Sanga swallow his huge load. He contemplated what to do next. Looking around, Pico realized that a huge crowd of people had gathered to watch their ordeal. He grabbed Sanga by the hair and dragged her into a particularly large crowd.

    “AGH!” She cried, “Wait! What are you doing?!” Pico only laughed, and threw her to the ground. She tried to crawl away with her legs but Pico grabbed her and shoved her onto his cock in a reverse cowgirl position.

    “AAAGH!” She cried out as he penetrated her once again. “STOP! PLEASE I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! JUST STOP!” Sanga’s Super Saiyan energy illuminated the area. Holding her hips, Pico rammed Sanga up and down on his cock. He laughed at her pitiful cries for mercy.

    “AAAAAH!” She cried out to the crowd of people. “PLEASE! DON’T LOOK! AAAAAAGH!” Pico switched positions, and began to fuck Sanga doggy style. The force by which Pico fucked Sanga caused her tits to swing back and forth, almost slapping her in the face. She cried harder, now having almost completely given up hope. Pico slapped her ass as he pounded with inhuman speed.

    “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” Sanga cried out, tears streaming down her face.

    Pico leaned down to Sangas ear ad whisered "Because I can..." Sangas eyes widened in horror and Pico laughed again. Sanga’s slimy cum-covered face turned red as she faced the crowd. They stared in horror, and some even laughed. A man tried to come up to help Pico, but he obviously didn’t feel like sharing. He slaughtered the man by first tearing out his eyes and then shoving his hand down his throat, all the while still fucking Sanga.

    “AAAGH!” She cried out once more. “PLEASE! STOP! WHY WONT YOU STOP?!” Tears kept flowing, and began to mix in with the cum and blood that already covered her face.

    Pico felt the familiar sensation for the 5th time, and came all over Sanga once again. Sanga involuntarily came all over Pico again.

    “So you secretly like this, do you little girl?” Pico said in his evil voice. He liked up some of his own cum off of Sanga’s back.

    “NNG!” She shivered. “Please! Stop it!” It was true though, she knew. Sanga loved being controlled in sex, but before she was only playing. Now she genuinely had no say in the matter. Pico prepared to fuck Sanga again, but was thwarted by a newcomer’s boot to his face.

    Breacher stood next to Sanga, horrified by what he saw.

    Anger surged through him, and he attacked Pico.

    Tears fell from Sanga’s eyes and mixed with her own blood. Pico got up, and with an odd stance that made it look as if his arms didn’t work, he launched himself forward at the oncoming Breacher. They exchanged blow after blow, but Pico had more strength. He shoved Breacher into the ground headfirst making rocks and debris fly into the air.

    “Why are you doing this?!” Breacher yelled, as he got up from Pico’s deathly attack.

    “Because I can.” Pico replied, and smiled evilly. Pico’s eyes glowed red once again, and he attacked. Breacher unsheathed his swords and tried to get in a good hit as they exchanged blows once again, but to no avail.

    Sanga slowly got up, still dripping from Pico’s unholy juices. She glared angrily at him and tried to join the fray. Pico’s knee made contact with Breacher’s abdomen, making him crouch over in pain.

    Sanga stepped in front of Pico and splattered some of his own cum into his eyes. She smiled a little, “HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT JACKASS?!” She yelled at him, hatred in her voice.

    Pico yelled in pain and grasped at his eyes. While he is stunned, Sanga began to charge up a Kamehameha wave. Breacher stood up, wiping his mouth of his own blood. He punched Pico in the face to weaken him for Sanga’s attack. The punch sends Pico into the ground.

    Pico’s vision began to return to him, but only slightly. Sanga released her attack. Pico saw it, but it still hit him. He was able to avoid the full power of the blast. The smoked cleared and Pico was not there, neither alive nor dead. As Sanga looked into the crater, she smiled at her handy work. She turned back to Breacher and gave him a slimy thumbs-up.

    Breacher felt the blood rush to his face, and was glad that he had his hood on. Sanga walked around the park and deactivated her Super Saiyan mode. She gathered as much of her torn clothes as possible, but in the end managed only to cover her right breast. Still covered in Pico’s glistening cum, she walked up to Breacher.

    “Hey Breacher,” She said. “Can I use your shower?”

    “Uh…” Breacher muttered. “Sure.” Sanga nodded and began walking back in the direction of the cave. All of a sudden her legs started to wobble, and she fell towards the ground. Breacher caught her and was surprised by how much she weighed. He realized that he was holding a naked Sanga, and almost dropped her out of embarrassment. He put it aside, though. Breacher stole a glance at Sanga, covered in blood, tears, and cum. It was an awkward sight.

    “Hey Breacher.” She muttered feebly. “Can you carry me there?”

    “Yeah, of course.” Breacher muttered, and felt the blood rush to his face once again.

    As Breacher began to carry Sanga back to his cave, the agitated from of Pico appeared in his peripheral vision. Breacher scowled, and stopped walking. His clothes were burning from the blast, but he himself was completely unscathed. Pico stared into Breacher’s eyes with unimaginable anger that penetrated his very soul.

    “I.. Am not happy.”
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    Part 7

    Breacher stared in shock at Pico. Other than torn clothing and small patches of burnt cloth, he was unscathed. He looked down at Sanga, and couldn’t help but be embarrassed once again. He set her down against a wall, prepared to fight.

    “Breacher, wait.” Sanga spoke up feebly. “You can’t beat him.” She tried to be loud but all of Pico’s cum was still stuffed inside of her throat. Breacher turned to Sanga and lowered his hood, a sign of respect coming from him.

    “I may not be able to defeat him, but I can create a distraction. If I die, you must get out Sanga. You must live.” Breacher said, not looking at her. The two warriors spontaneously attacked, colliding in mid air. Sanga stared in horror. She didn’t want Breacher to die no matter what.

    “Sanga, go now!” Breacher yelled in the midst of the fighting. “Get out of here!”

    Pico landed a punch into Breacher’s face, but he recovered. Sanga reluctantly got to her soaked feet. She needed to at least honor Breacher’s dying wish. Pico spotted Sanga and disengaged from Breacher.

    “Oh, no you don’t.” He said, and charged at her. Breacher dashed in front of Sanga, his arms held aloft blocking the way. Pico landed an extremely hard punch into Breacher’s gut, sending him into a wall.

    “NO!” Sanga yelled. “BREACHER!” Pico turned back to Sanga, thinking that Breacher was out of the picture.

    “N-no.” Sanga whimpered as Pico drew nearer. A tear fell from her eye. “Please… No.”

    Breacher stood up, one hand holding his gut, and attempted to attack Pico. Pico shrugged him off, but became pissed and focused on finishing him off for good. He charged for the final attack, but never got the chance. As Pico’s hit was about to collide, a massive flash of light temporarily blinded everyone. There was the sound of a terrible collision and the vibration of intense powers colliding. When the light faded Pico was on the ground and a man stood where Pico was.

    Breacher looked up at the foolish human who had interfered.

    “You fool!” He yelled at the man. “Get out of here! You don’t’ know what you’re doing!”

    Zidane looked back and smiled. “I know exactly what I’m doing. Don’t worry, it’s no big deal.”

    Zidane looked at Pico and smiled. “Hey Pico. Long time no see.” Pico stared at him with a stoic expression. How to assess the situation?

    “Well Pico, don’t know how you feel but actually I’m not all that happy.” Zidane said. “Now c’mon. Give up now and I won’t have to kick your ass. Okay?”

    “Give up?” Pico asked in an amused tone. “Do you not know me at all? I NEVER GIVE UP!” Pico charged Zidane, who easily blocked a flurry of blows using one hand.

    “C’mon dude. Just give up and stop embarrassing yourself!”

    “I told you already! I don’t give up!” Pico replied.

    “Okay! Fine!” Pico is knocked back by a particularly hard punch by Zidane.

    “Okay Pico.” Zidane says. “Last chance.”

    Pico knew he couldn’t beat Zidane. His ear twitched as he heard two humans who thought they were hidden. He had noticed them before, but now a plan began to form in his mind. Pico laughed and rushed into the place where the young couple was hiding. He ripped out the young man’s heart, and followed up by grabbing the girl and holding her close to him, a threat to Zidane.

    “Oh, c’mon man!” Zidane yelled as he realized what Pico was doing.

    Meanwhile, Breacher crawled over to Sanga. He coughed up blood and looked at the hand that was holding his gut. Blood covered it. His vision began to blur and he passed out in Sanga’s lap.

    “Breacher.” Sanga said. Her eyes drooped wearily.

    Pico held the girl out in front of him as collateral. “See what you’ve done now Zidane?”

    “Well I’ve seen what YOU’VE done!” Zidane replied facetiously. Pico laughed, and to show he wasn’t joking, he shoved his fist into the young girl’s ass, making her scream as blood poured out.

    “AGH!” Zidane said, “PICO! STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!”

    “Now you see that I am not messing around, Zidane! GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!”

    Zidane looked at Pico quietly. “I really fuckin’ hate you man.”

    “Likewise.” Pico replied, an evil smile on his face.

    Zidane let out a sigh. “Well it’s been a good run Pico. I’d like to say see yuh in the afterlife but we probably won’t.” He kneeled down and leaned his head forward.

    Pico extended his hand, and a spike protruded from the ground and floated in the air.

    “Any last words before you die?”

    “Just one.” Zidane said. “SUMMONING JUTSU!” He pulled out a scroll and opened it in light speed, pinning it to the ground with one hand.

    Pico was taken by surprise, and made a motion with his hand sending the spike flying towards Zidane. He dodged it with ease.

    Bahamut himself flew from the ground under Pico and struck him, completely missing the girl. Pico stumbled back and grasped at his shoulder which was bleeding excessively. He laughed a little as he looked at his blood. He turned on the spot, and ran. Zidane let Bahamut chase after Pico. He had more important things to deal with for now.

    He walked over to the dying people and used his powers to heal the man whose heart was torn out. It was a very hard procedure, but Zidane had mastered the art of white magic. He next went to Breacher and Sanga.

    “Ahh, man.” Zidane said. “He got them good.” He used his white magic on Breacher first.

    Breacher regained consciousness. His vision was very blurry at first but he blinked rapidly and it came back to him.

    “Hey, what’s up?” Zidane said, crouching in front of Breacher.

    “What happened?” Breacher demanded as he regained his senses.

    “Well remember that guy from before? That was Pico. You might have heard about him on the news or whatever.”

    “I knew that already!” Breacher said aggressively. “Did you kill him?”

    “Whoa, whoa.” Zidane said, making a motion with his hands. “No need to be so hostile dude. I’ll tell you the whole situation. And no I DIDN’T kill him.”

    “Where is he then?” Breacher looked around, as if expecting to see Pico.

    “Well…” Zidane smiled a little. “I really don’t know.”

    Breacher said nothing, but waited for Zidane to heal Sanga. “Is she okay?” He asked, genuinely concerned.

    “Oh, yeah… sure.” Zidane replied. He let out a little drool as he looked at her boobs in detail. Breacher scowled at the man, disgusted.

    “Just heal her, damn it!” Breacher demanded.

    Zidane shook his head and looked at Breacher. “Most of the damage is going to be psychological, but I can heal the physical stuff.”

    Zidane reached down and touched Sanga’s slimy form, healing all of her wounds.

    “Ewwwww!” Zidane said, shaking his hands. “Pico spunk!”

    Breacher punched Zidane for making a joke out of Sanga’s misfortune. He looked back at Sanga. The cum on her body had disappeared and all of her wounds had been healed.

    “Okay, one last important part.” Before Zidane went on, he looked back at Breacher. “Just so you know, this isn’t a perverted thing. If we don’t’ get Pico’s cum out of her, the sperm cells will eat her from the inside out.” He looked back down and put a finger inside of Sanga’s pussy.

    Breacher looked away, not wanting to see someone doing such a thing to Sanga.

    “Just gotta touch a certain part and…..” Zidane twitched his finger a little and Pico’s cum came pouring out.

    Zidane quickly retracted his cum covered hand in disgust. “Ewwww! THIS IS DISGUSTING!”

    Breacher held his temper. He stood up and dusted off his clothes. Zidane did away with the remaining semen and materialized traditional turtle-school clothes for Sanga.

    “All right.” Zidane said. “Now with that done..” He got into a dramatic pose. “I NOW DECLARE THIS AREA SAFE!”

    Breacher ignored the childish man, and bent down to pick up Sanga.

    "HAHAHA!" Zidane said. Breacher looked back at him.

    “Hey, Zidane.” He said.

    Zidane looked over at Breacher. “Yessssss?”

    “Thanks.” Breacher said, and began walking away.

    "Huh?” Zidane said, a confused expression on his face. “What? What for?”

    Breacher ignored him and kept walking.

    “C’mon man!” Zidane nagged. “TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!”

    “Look, you got a thanks out of me... that’s all you’re going to get.

    Zidane crossed his arms and pouted like a child. “Fine then. I’m off to defend the world against evil! See yuh!” Breacher looked back and Zidane was gone. He shrugged, and continued walking back to his cave.

    When they arrived, Breacher put Sanga in the only bed and the only blanket that he owned. He began to walk towards the door.

    “B-Breacher.” Sanga said feebly. Breacher is startled by her spontaneous dialogue. He looked back at her and walked to the side of the bed.

    “Breacher.” She said again. “Please… D-don’t go.”

    “What is it?” Breacher asked, concerned.

    “What happened?” She asked. “Is Pico dead?”

    Breacher considered lying to her, but couldn’t bring himself to do such a thing.

    “I cannot lie to you, Sanga. Pico is not dead. Only wounded.”

    Sanga stared at Breacher, fear in her eyes. A tear fell from her eyes.

    “Breacher…” She said once again.


    “I’m so scared.” She said, sobbing.

    Breacher tried to think of something to say, to make her stop crying. Nothing came. She continued sobbing.

    Sanga looked up at Breacher.

    “I’m sorry Breacher.” She said. “I wasn’t able to protect myself, and it got you hurt. It’s all my fault.”

    “No, Sanga.” Breacher said. “It was I who failed you. I should have been there to protect you in the first place. For that, I am sorry.”

    Sanga looked up at him for a few seconds. “What… What if he comes back?!” She asked, and continued sobbing.

    Breacher looked at her. “Then I shall lay down my life to protect you. You have more to live for. You should live, not me.” For the first time since he was a small child, Breacher was crying.

    Sanga sat up and hugged Breacher. For a moment, she thought of kissing him.

    “It’s not true.” Sanga said. “You have plenty to live for.”

    For a while Breacher said nothing. “You do not understand… My whole life has been spent torturing and killing innocent people, and for what? Revenge? And what after I get it? My whole family is dead, I have nobody.” Breacher let his tears fall.
    “You have me…” Sanga said. “I don’t want to lose you, Breacher.”

    Breacher thought for a minute, and then released Sanga. Why should she have to suffer because of him? He walked towards the door. “You should get some sleep.”

    “Don’t leave me… Please.” Sanga said.

    “I’ll be here.” Breacher said, and exited the room. Sanga began to cry again, letting her tears be absorbed by the pillow. She cried herself into a deep sleep.

    Breacher stumbled down the hall, blinded by tears. Breacher willed himself to lie down on the stone cold floor and let himself be taken away by the dream world.

    The End
  4. Sanga

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    Mar 2, 2008
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    Planet Vegeta
    Okay this was made for our Anime RP forum instead of here, so it may seem a little different. Tell me what you think.
  5. johnnyangel694u

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    Oct 30, 2006
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    WOW!!!!! It was very interesting. I never read anything like that before. I enjoyed it. I don't think too many people around here will enjoy it.
  6. Sanga

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    Planet Vegeta
    Yeah that's what I thought. It's very anime-esque. More fighting than fucking for sure. If you want I can keep you updated with the next few parts. (In the next major part of me and Breachers story thing I got pregnant with his baby. This one will probably span roughly 3-7 parts. Usually we update roughly uhh... once every two-three days.)
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