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    Hi, Author Georges Simenon, (Detective Maigret Series), claimed 10,000 different sexual encounters.

    Whether this is true or not, I guess only he knew. However my father, now over 70, when pressed has a rough calculation, 35 x 50 x 5 = 8750. This is 35 years in Asia x 50 weeks for easy calc x per week, (although this could have been as high as 15 in earlier years, so it's averaged. The years from 18 to 35 he does not count as he lived in Europe and thinks maybe only 17 x 50 x 3 = 2550. Also claims to number of different nationalities in 24 hours, only 4.
    Now whether or not these numbers are real and/or meaningless he is only flagging a little, his weekly score down to three minimum.
    Unfortunately he's not exactly happy, to quote him "I spend 90% of my income on girls, the rest I waste"
    He confesses that he'd like to see a lowering of his libido, as he can't imagine still running around the bars, (of course he only goes wth bargirls), at 80. He'd like to be a normal old couch potato.
    Both my sister and I are following in his footsteps, neither of us can get enough.
    He says when he first went to Asia and began his "adventures". lots of free stuff then, he went back to Europe and wrote a little piece for a weekly sex mag. They did not publish it. He called them and they said they could not publish it, as it was obviously true.
    What drives him most, he claims is an another parameter. He says he has knowingly only gone with teens.
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