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    We're in one of those exclusive huts in the Maldives, that jut out into the sea, with glass floors so we can see the colourful fish and coral below us. The 4 poster bed has cool white lace linen. One side of the room with views out over the ocean, has timber shutters that are totally open, letting the sea breeze ripple across our sundrenched bodies...

    The sun is setting and there is a stunning orange glow on the balcony, we step outside where there is a large white lounger where we relax sipping fruit cocktails. I'm wearing a gold bikini covered by a long white linen dress, buttoned up the front, you are wearing long white linen trousers and shirt…

    I'm resting my head on your chest whilst laying between your legs, both looking out at the blue skies and warm sea waters...You wrap your arms around each of my shoulders and gentle unbutton my dress whilst I rest my hands on each of your thighs… My bikini top now visible and glistening in the orange glow, you undo the strings from around my neck and expose my breasts, licking your fingers you rub my areola and pinch my nipples...My juices start to flow...I turn around and face you, beckoning your mouth towards my breasts… Holding your head as you lick my nipples I gently suck on your left ear lobe... I unbutton your shirt and let my tongue lead me to your nipples, teasing your sensitive skin with my lips I travel down to your trousers and undo your zip with my teeth… Licking across your torso I tempt a little reaction from your manhood... You remove my dress and top to gently caress my breasts as I kneel before you... I pull down your trousers revealing a slightly erect length, teasing you with my lips and soft hands I manage to lengthen you further by massage... Taking your full length in my mouth, I gently move up and down, exciting your most important erogenous zone... You become very aroused to the point of Climax, just as I feel your tension growing I pull away to allow you to come all over my breasts....

    You remove my bikini bottoms and carry me to the jacuzzi tub which is filled with warm soothing bubbles, you wash your juices from my chest and jump in behind me, I lean over so you can rub lime smelling body wash into my tanned skin, the juicy sweet smells dancing on your palate... I lean further with my backside enticing you in, you lightly kiss my spine working your way down from my neck to my nape, leaning over me like a pair of spoons... Your manhood aroused yet again, you gently slip your length into my engorged Labia, thrusting from behind with one hand on my hip and another vigorously rubbing my Clit you continue to work up a sweat... The friction both across my Clit and against my G-spot causing butterflies to flutter across my abdomen... Mini Orgasms, now in abundance make me moan with delight... My moans intensify playing havoc with your mind… not wanting me to Climax just then you towel me down and carry me naked to the white linen sheets on the enormous bed…

    My erogenous zones now well and truly excited, I push you back onto the bed and lick you from your toes up to the backs of your knees then to your sexy pert bum, around your waist ending up at my prize, after a little oral pleasuring I straddle you and engulf your large erect length with my tight wet brooding Cunt... I rock back and fo gyrating across your gorgeous hips, your hands on my hips pulling me towards you… The sensations send signals to my brain telling my skin to glow with a light misty perspiration… The passion intensifies and the prolonged moaning you find a complete turn on, the gyrating speeds up and the friction causes sparks across our sensitive nerve endings... The shared explosive Climax that ensues is so intense our legs shake with unease, our muscles stiffen and our Orgasms scream with exhilaration. I gently move to one side of you and lie my head on your chest and my leg and arm across your body…

    Tickling your arms and chest I send you to sleep x
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