Making surprising amends

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    This is a story, written by myself, I posted on another website about two years ago and on my Tumblr just last week:


    I don't drink alcohol, ever, and my wife therefore had never seen me drunk.
    Well, last night I was royally off my tits intoxicated. The little slut had spiked my orange juice with vodka, just so much that I wouldn't notice the difference in taste. I drank a lot of orange juice yesterday, and then the alcohol hit me a like lorry at full speed. I was completely out of it. And to be quite frank, I was really pissed off when she told me what she had done. She had to agree that she didn't like me drunk, at all, and will never do it again, but promised to make it up to me. This had better be good, I thought.

    She did and it was.

    'I'll be out for an hour,' she said around 3 pm this afternoon. 'When I get back I'll do my best to make amends.'

    She kissed me softly on the lips and drove off. She came back around 4.15 pm, quiet like a mouse she slipped into the house, up the stairs and into my study. She dragged me to the bedroom and started to kiss me with a vengeance. She slowly undressed me. Standing there naked she gently took my cock into her mouth and gave it a few tentative sucks, until I was completely hard, before pushing me onto the bed and tying my hands and feet to the bed posts. She sucked on my cock a few more times and stood up.

    'I will go into the bathroom for a few minutes,' she said while blindfolding me. 'Try not to lose that erection.'

    About 5 minutes later I heard footsteps and then felt the soft brush of a feather against my balls, then my shaft. The feather tickled my arsehole, quickly being replaced by tongue. Her hands spread apart my butt-cheeks and the tongue circled my anus, flicking against it. Then her tongue went deep into my arse, her head bobbing against my scrotum as she thrust her stiffly held out tongue in and out of me. The thrusting stopped.
    By the feeling of it, two fingers went into my arse, pushing against my prostate, soft lips sucking on my balls and her other hand stroking my pole.
    The second hand and the lips exchanged places. Her lips closed around the head and my cock slid slowly into her mouth and down her throat as her lips touched my pelvis. She sucked on my cock furiously, her hands working my balls and arse, taking it full length with every stroke. As I began to writhe in pleasure the sucking stopped and the hands were removed.
    I was straddled and one hand grabbed my cock. She gently brushed it against her smooth labia, her clit, and back down her pussy lips again.

    'Do you want more?' she asked. I nodded almost immediately. 'I can't hear you.'

    'Yes, please,' I said.

    Half a moment later my cock was plunged into blissful oblivion. Her hips ground forwards and backwards describing circling motions reminiscent of a Samba dancer getting her groove on. Her pussy grabbed and released my shaft as she went up and down on my pole. I have never heard her groan so deeply. As I started to arch my back I felt a sharp slap on my balls.

    'Not yet,' she moaned. 'Restrain yourself. There is more to come.'

    At the slap I nearly lost my erection, but I was still hard. I felt the bed move and my cock slid out her pussy. She leaned with one hand on my left thigh while planted her feet at my waist and took hold of my cock again. As I was pushed back into her the sensation was much more intense, I was in her arse. Her hips went up and down, slowly at first, but getting faster. As she went faster the moaning grew in volume and intensity.
    I felt her lower body spasm in pleasure as she came, slumping forwards supporting her torso with her hands on my chest, her hair brushing against my face and her pussy oozing her pleasure onto my pelvis. But her hips still moved up and down.

    'I think it's time you regained your sight, don't you?'
    'Yes,' I gasped in response.

    My blindfold was removed. That's when I saw it wasn't Sophia at all riding my cock with her arse, but her gym partner Helen, a pretty and tall blonde, with large firm breasts, a small waist and a perfect arse. Sophia was sitting in a large wicker chair next to the bed, watching us, masturbating, the bite marks on her upper arm that stifled her own moans clearly visible.

    'Helen will take care of you for now,' she announced with a smile.

    I always wanted to fuck that woman, ever since I first laid eyes on her. I didn't know where to look, at Helen or Sophia masturbating, but I had a smile on my face.

    'Just ignore me, my Prince,' she said.

    Helen slumped onto my chest and buried her face in my neck as her hip movements picked up speed. She convulsed again as Sophia untied me. I took advantage of that freedom of movement. My hands slid down Helen's back and grabbing her arse I pushed my torso upright, lifted her up, got to my knees and threw her on her back. Now it was my turn to slump forward. My lips found hers. Our mouths melting into a long kiss while I pushed in and out of her. I broke the kiss and found her neck, caressing it, biting it.

    I pushed my torso up a bit to take in the view of Helen's tits bobbing up and down to the thrusts of my cock. At that moment Sophia gave a cry of pleasure and showered both of us in her pussy juices, the brunt of it landing on Helen's face and tits. I couldn't ignore that. My tongue found her face, lapping up my wife's juices off the woman I had never even spoken to.
    My tongue traced her neck line and the valley between her breasts, my hands grabbing both of them, massaging them, teasing her nipples with my fingers. My lips found her right nipple, licking, sucking, my teeth softly biting them, my other hand at her throat softly choking her, just the tip of my cock going in and out of her arse now. Her screams of bliss ringing in my ears.

    I was close to shooting my load again, but this time I wanted to restrain myself. I pulled out and slowly pushed myself down, my lips and tongue following the curves of her body.
    I wanted to taste her. Softly planting a kiss on her mound I pushed three fingers into her cunt and one into her arse. Easing my fingers in and out. I plunged my tongue between her soft lips, licking them, playfully flicking my tongue against her aroused clit, sucking on it. She started to shake all over again, her pussy and arse squeezing my fingers in orgasm.

    I removed my fingers, got to my knees and eased her legs onto my shoulders, grabbing her upper thighs with my hands and pulling them against my body. I wanted to fuck what I just tasted and thrust my dick into her welcoming cock holster. She threw back her head and started to tremble yet again in a fit of pleasure. I pushed further in while she was still trembling and moaning loudly. In and out I thrust with increasing ferocity, my balls slamming against her still slightly gaping anus. We were both moaning loudly now.

    'Shoot inside her, baby,' Sophia gasped, still working her pussy sitting next to us.

    At this I fucked her even harder and harder, Helen's tits bouncing up and down with each thrust only making me wilder.
    As Helen's little cunt squeezed my hard cock yet again in orgasm accompanied by an ear shattering scream of utter pleasure, I released my load deep into her pussy, my cock throbbing violently with every gush of cum I shot into her.
    Helen's legs slid off my shoulders and I slumped forwards breathing hard into her neck. We lay like that for a while. Finally I rolled off her, lying down next to her.

    Helen leaned over and softly sucked her juices off my cock, making me hard again. With a twinkle in her eyes she began to suck more demandingly and started to massage my balls ever so gently, again taking my cock full length into her mouth. After a few minutes I arched my back and released my second load, this time down her throat. She milked me for every drop.

    Sweaty and panting, with my seed oozing out of her pussy, Helen extended her right hand.

    'Hi, I'm Helen. Nice to finally meet you.'

    I took it and shook. I couldn't help but laugh.

    'Hey, I'm Liam. Nice to meet you, too.'
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