Making Friends While Swinging

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    The Risks of Making Friends While Swinging

    Many of you know me as the guy who posts racy and tasteful photos, but tonight I have an inquiry of the soul. (sounds so melodramatic doesn't it ;) )

    I have long been in the swinging lifestyle both as a single man and as the male half of a lifestyle couple. To date I have always been of the mindset that I value connecting with other lifestylers as friends first and sexually second which provides for a potentially more enjoyable true FWB situation. However today I find myself in a lifestyle relationship which has just passed its one year mark and I find myself with a delimma that is testing my past mentality regarding friendship and swinging.

    It's not uncommon for relationships to end and when they do friends tend to go one way or the other. In the swinging world everyone covets the single female which is the on-ramp to my issue. My girl and I have met the first couple that we both really enjoy outside of the bedroom as well as in it, and I'm having trouble with investing in the friendship and with feeling that I am equally valued in this couples friendship because of the way I've seen friends follow the way of / side with the female because perhaps even though they may have enjoyed being with another couple to a degree they may have placed greater emphasis and value internally on the female because of the generic sentiment "who doesn't want a single female to have as a friend and to play with."

    This has brought me to a place where I am weighing the value of casual play within the club environment that doesn't follow you out into the real world over the friendships with benefits that do become part of life outside of the sexual environments. I would be hurt to lose all of the friendships I had invested in because they followed the girl.

    Does anyone have insight based on their own experiences to share with me? I'll take it all with a grain of salt,but I'd value your truthful and experience based input.
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    san jose
    We have discovered about 2 years ago that visiting a swingerclub spices up our marriage. We met then on vacation a couple with which we became friends, they enjoyed sometimes the swingerclub...and they introduced us to this we enjoy it as well and have fun together while visiting such a club about 3 times per year.
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