Magic Box (morbid??)

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by Maverick, Jun 15, 2011.

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    There once was a man who lived in a land
    Filled with riches that could baffle any man.
    Riches that would grant any wish you could dream
    even when those dreams would make you scream

    Twilight gave way to night, it is darker then night
    A man walks through the woods, drunk and looking for a fight
    He stumbles across a small little box, beckoning him to open it
    As dark becomes darkness, the man has a little fit

    Well, what do I do, he muses, with this magic box?
    Do I open it and shake it and rub it, set it against some blocks
    or do I smell it, lick it, taste it and put my finger through the hole?
    And thus he does, putting his finger through, feeling what seems to be a mole

    Out from the hole pops a quaint little pussy
    Rub me hard, get me wet, stick your cock where it's mushy
    Thrust hard, spread my lips far, penetrate me deep
    Better make it fun and great, or your dick I will keep.

    The man made a move, but the box had his dick
    it grabbed his dick and stuck it through with a stick
    Early form of piercings, says the box, pleasure intensifies
    The man cry's out in pain, tears drop as he begins to cry

    The box starts to eat the mans dick, little by little
    Just like giving a boy a stick and knife to whittle
    Till the Box hits the motherload, a load of precious man cum
    The box is angry now, give me the big mother load, bum

    The man pushes in his cock as hard as he can, letting out a massive groan
    The heat intensifies on his cock and suddenly he hears the Box moan
    A quaint little poof, a sound gone in brief time
    The man is finished, and so is this rhyme.
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    Sep 24, 2006
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    Morbid or just plain scary!:eek
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