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    It was around 10:00 on a Friday morning. I was at the gym working out. Done did my cardio,Made my way around all the different machines. I stopped to take a brake before going on to the free weights, I questioned myself. Why? Whats the point? In my early 4o's,My body was turning in to pure shit.

    As a young man during the 80's I chased a dream. The dream of being a pro wrestler. Flair,Steamboat,Hogan,Hart and VonErich,I wanted to be like these people. I injected sterioids,Pumped big Iron and lived out of a beat up Honda Civic. Traveling the mid and lower south,From one cow town to the next,Trying to move up. The goal was to be a Horse man in Ric Flairs stable. But the deck was allways stacked againest me.

    Finally reality set in,Lacking the carisma,The body and the gimick. I moved back home to the wife and to the run down trailer park I grew up in. I took a $6.00 an hour button pushing job at the chicken plant. The wife really set in on me.

    *I thought I married a winner!...Wheres the big money at?...I thought you was going to get me out of this Hell hole!*

    On and on She was worse than my parents

    *You got to be a winner!...Second place is the first to loose!* Dad would yell at me,Nothing was ever good enough. Then the cell phone rang. It was my Mil. Debe

    *Good morning Deb,What can I do for you?*

    *Mikey you want to come have lunch with us?*

    *Sure I guess.*

    *Be here at 12:00*

    *Okay bye* I finished my work out and hit the shower. I then went to my Mother in laws RealEstate office. Something did not feel right when I walked in. There was this sexy young blonde sitting at my wifes desk.

    *Can I help you sir?* She asked cheerfully.

    *Hi I'm Mikey Misty's husband.*

    *Oh I'm Jenifer. I've heard so much about you.* Debe come to her office door,Something was a miss with her also. At work she was allways a verry profeshional executive type. Her long red hair was down,Her white blouse was half way unbuttoned,Showing off a generous amount of cleavige, I caught myself stairing at her new store bought boobs, She moved up to a 42DD about 4 months ago. A snug pair of black derss pants,Tan nylons and a sexy pair of black fuck me pumps,The ones like my wife usually wears completes her look. My cock bulges from my sweat pants. She walks over to Jenifers desk and drops a $20.00 bill on her desk.

    *Take a whole hour today.*

    *Thank you Mrs. Jones.* She follows Jenifer to the door and locks it behind her.

    *Hey I thought we were going to lunch?*

    *We are In my office.* I follow her

    *Where is Misty?*

    *I promoted her. She is out showing houses.*

    *She aint got no license to do that.*

    *Don't ya'll talk?...She got hr license allmost a year ago.*

    *Did you give her a raise?*

    *Ofcourse If she keeps doing what she's doing,She will make over 100 grand this year.*

    *Oh The little bitch is going to get a spanking tonight!* Debe walks to her bar and fixes me a Rum and coke. I can't help but stare at her sexy ass,At allmost 60 years old she sure got a good looking body. As she turns around her blouse is completely unbuttoned,Her tits out of her bra. She sits next to me,And hands me my drink.

    *Well?...What do you think?* I guzzle the glass of Bourben and just stare.

    *Ugh.....Ugh...Okay.? Kind of an ackward moment,She takes my glass. She then squeezes my cock.

    *Mmmmm!...Nice and hard...Let me get you undressed.* Debe stripped me down and started giveing me a blow job. It had ben years since I had touched this woman sexually, As a teenager and while my wife was in jail I would fuck her. I was not expecting this today.

    *Ohhh....Deb...You a hot momma today!* She let my cock go, Then squeezed her big boobs around my cock.

    *See now you can titty fuck me like you do Misty.* I fuck her big tits, She soon goes back to deep throating my cock. She plays with my balls. It was not long I cummed in her mouth,She continued to suck and stroke me,Keeping me hard, Obviously she wanted more.

    *My pussy needs serviced,You feel like doing a 69?*

    *Oh Yeah!* She smiled and stood. When I was young she had a real hairy pussy, I watched her wondering about it. I was siting on the coutch watching excited,Eye level at her crotch. She quickly shed her blouse,bra. She kicked her high heels out of the way and slowly in a teaseing way unfastened her belt and pants,Her tan pantyhose and white panties comes in to view. Her pants fell, Unable to controll myself I pulled her pantyhose and panties down,Discovering her freshly waxed pussy. We got down on the carpet and I snatched her pantyhose and panties off,Just like a present on Christmas morning. We asumed the 69 position. I fucked her mouth and ate her pussy untill we both cummed again.

    She was still wanting more.

    *Oh Mikey I got to feel your cock in my pussy!...But you can't cum in me!* I was surprised to hear this.

    *Why is that Deb?*

    *I need the protein.*

    *Okay* Not sure where she was going,I was allmost spent. But she stroked and sucked me back to life. She got up and went to her desk and brought back one of those bands that go around your balls.

    *When a woman gets my age she learns how to keep a man hard.* She puts the band aroud my balls,Strokes me a few times and lowers herself down on me.

    *Don't forget I need your cum in my mouth.* She rides me for allmost 20 miniutes.

    *Okay Deb I'm fixin to cum!* She flys off my cock like a rocket. And comes back to suck, I fill her mouth once more.

    *Oh that was so good.* She coments

    *Deb you wore me out...Ya know I do have a wife to perform for tonight....After I whip her ass.* She walks to her desk and takes out a bottle of Viagra.

    *Take a couple of these you will be fine.* We begin to get dressed.

    *Whats up with all the cum swallowing?*

    *Oh I read about a new diet on the internet...I got that young stud that lives across the street comming by for my breakfast,If you keep comeing by you can be my lunch. I stop at Wendys for a salad,Then to the bar to suck some of them guys off for desert. I'm through eating for the day after that.*

    *How much weight you lost doing this?*

    *About 20 pounds.*

    *Your looking good.*

    *Thanks.* Theres a knock at the door. It was Jenifer returning from lunch. We say our good byes, I was in such a better mood after having lunch with my sexy Mil.
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    Everyone needs their protein.

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