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Discussion in 'Adult Personals' started by anne49, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Jun 15, 2011
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    I've had relationships only with men so far. Pleasant ones, but I always felt I was missing something: Being playful in an erotic way.

    So I do this alone sometimes - there are times I do it more frequently.

    An example:
    I like to expose my private parts at locations where it is not done. And for the only purpose to turn me on. I don't want to get caught, and actually have not been caught so far. This can be very distressing, so that my relief will be later at home. I thought of sharing this with a woman. In this situation I'd also like to hear comments... Could be very direct to rude or vulgar. (I absolutly have not humiliation in mind, though.)

    All this works for me only in the right atmosphere. And I always wanted to share this with women only - not with men. I've given up to find someone "in real". I've almost given up to find a friend for email - still I do.

    BTW, I have no problems to undress in normal situations like sauna, etc., nor does it turn me on. The thrill is this forbidden thing, or "this is not done".

    If you are a woman in the same situation - to share things you have to do on your own - then contact me. I'd like to email. I don't care for ages or looks, but will give a description of me if wanted. I am not interested in picture trading, porn, or meeting in real. I'm not interested in "cyber" - not afraid of masturbation in any way, but this is not the first thought. It's more about finding a "companion in crime".
Thread Status:
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