[M4M] Looking for a nice boy to exchange fantasies and maybe even realize yours and mine.

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    I wish my boy likes to exercise. You'll be so sexy in nice sport clothes doing some hard exercise, eg. riding an exercise bike. You start really fast and I can see you are in good shape. In few minutes you start to sweat and soon your face is all shiny. I feel how strong you attract me. You keep exercising till your shirt is totally soaked. I take off your shirt and see rivers of sweat pouring down your sexy body. In seconds is my dick hard like stone. Take off rest of your clothes and start to pet and caress your body and also play with ur dick, slowly make you aroused and then reach the strongest orgasm possible. I love to hear you screaming in pleasure and cumming flood of sperm allover my face and body. You lay down, all tired but nicely satisfie and I start to masturbate. Feel such arousal watching sweat pouring from each pore your body and your orgasm aroused me as well. I'm so close, I moan louder and louder as pleasure in my body grows. Few more seconds and I'm all shaking in strong orgasm and cumming flood of my white juice allover your body.
    Some boy here likes this?