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    This summer, I had some interesting adventure happen to me. I was hiking in the mountains and when I came out, my car wouldn't start. I called the friend I was supposed to meet afterwards, explain the problem, and by some wild luck/phone calls, one of her husband's coworker, a lineman, rough guy, could pick me up in that area and bring me back to town. Well, what happened then was pretty exciting and I put it in a story. Read on...

    The radio came on with a male voice asking for some code name, and he interrupted his discussion with me to answer. They were talking about something technical I didn't understand. He had had to pull over and write something down, and I enjoyed observing him doing his work. He would glance at my legs here and there while talking. After a minute or so of radio exchanges, he hooked up the handpiece and scratched his head thoughtfully. He turned to look at me and simply put his right hand on my knee, and slowly, inching up, let it slide up my thigh. It was so unexpected and bold that I froze. My heart was beating fast, suddenly. I didn't dare to move, and stared back at him. He had the hungry stare of aroused men. His hand felt rough on my skin, and very warm, and I derived a certain pleasure from it.
    "Your skin is bloody soft" he whispered with a contained voice. I didn't want to stop him, but I didn't know if it were smart to let him act, right here.
    His hand reached ever so higher. I felt desire overcome me and threw his hand away from me.
    "What are you doing?" I blurted out.
    "You seemed to like that" he answered slowly.
    "... I can't say I didn't but..."
    "But what? I won't hurt you, I just find you fucking sexy." he said fast, this time.
    "We better get going." I replied as a distraction. I felt a pull and push feeling, wanting him to touch me again, and resisting the idea too.
    His radio spit out again the same scratchy voice. He picked up the handpiece again and answered without a look at me, and talked for a brief while. He then said we had to get going and that he had to stop for a moment in a couple of miles. I tried to calm down, and sat up, pulling on my skirt, but it was short. He had a good reason to feel excited.

    We didn't say anything for the two miles we drove. He pulled over on a short dirt road that led to an open area surrounded by trees. A backhoe was there, and another truck like his, idling, with a trailer, with two men in it. He made a big swerve and parked so that he could easily speak to them and just stepped out. I took the opportunity to get out. My heart was still beating from his move. I felt that I was in a bit of a situation, and not sure what to do if he tried again getting closer.
    I leaned my back against the truck, soaking the sun in, relaxing. I could hear their voices discussing some matter on the other side, and a laugh a couple of times. I didn't want those other men to see me. But the other truck started moving and eventually drove slowly away.
    And there he was, coming from the back of the truck. He stopped when he saw me and squinted as if to gauge me. I had my eyes in a slit, so he didn't know I could tell. He lit up a cigarette in a deliberate manner and came closer to me, yet remaining at a safe distance.
    "Man, you're a hot babe." he commented with a grin. "You always hike in this clothes?"
    "Well, it keeps me cool, and I don't usually get rides back, this is unusual."
    "Hey, I don't mind, believe me." He held out the cigarette to me and I shook my head.
    "You ain't used to smoking, right?"
    "No, not much, I used to, but it's been years, so I'll pass."
    He took a look inhalation at it, thoughtfully, and held the smoke in for a second before it came out slowly. I had always been fascinated by the process and stared at the smoke billowing and disappearing. There was a light tension in the air.
    He then simply threw the lit up cigarette on the ground with an expert flick of fingers, crushed it with his heavy work boot, took a step towards me and put both hands around me, flat against the truck. His face was close to mine. I could see his chest through his open shirt, and his smelled vaguely of oil, and metal. I felt paralyzed, partly by sudden desire again, and by a bit of fear. Yet I didn't attempt to move away and stared boldly into his grey eyes. He was staring at me too. I could see the wrinkles on his face, making him look like a nordic sailor. He was breathing a tad faster, and I knew he felt aroused too.
    He bent closer towards me and his mouth, still smelling of the cigarette, landed squarely on mine. I didn't push him away, I just gave in. He became assertive in his kiss in a split second, took his hands off the truck and just wrapped them around my hips as we kissed. I was becoming more excited and pressed my body against his.
    "Atta girl." he said, pulling away for a second. His lips took hold of mine again, and I closed my eyes in rapture. He was a great kisser, which was a surprise.
    I could feel his erection between us, a hard object, warm, tempting. My hand went down and found it, and just caressed the fabric of his pants.
    He stopped kissing me and started breathing very heavily.
    "Oh god." he whispered with a raucous voice, "don't stop, but if you don't, I'm going to fucking rape you..."
    As he said this, he reached under my tank top and up to my breast, which he then caressed a bit roughly. HIs calloused hands excited me wildly.
    I wasn't even afraid now. My hands knew what to do. I swiftly moved us around so that he was leaning against the truck, now. I undid his belt, wrestling some with the buckle, but I wasn't timid and got to the button, undid it, then the zipper, which I slowly drew down. He moaned some as I lightly felt for his penis. His eyes were squinting at me and he was starting to enjoy himself.
    I personally was on fire. I felt wet, excited, and wanted him, now. I barely knew him, and found that such a turn on.
    His boxer short was no obstacle to me, I unbuttoned it and let my hand run along his shaft. With the other, I ran along his belly, his chest, and I could see the effect. His veins were bulging a little on his neck, and he was restless.
    "Man, you know what to do, don't you?" he whispered with a raspy voice, and that aroused me even more. I knelt down some and simply put his penis in my mouth. At that point, he was loosing control of himself. He was moaning heavily and put his hands around my head. His panting increased fast, I could tell he was having fun. And he tasted great, on top of it. I let my mouth run up an down slowly, and enjoyed that very much, until he lifted me off my feet.
    "You gotta stop that, it's too much." he blurted. His face was a bit reddish, his eyes wild with excitement. He put his hands under my skirt and let his fingers run along me. That was too much for me... "I want you so bad." I whispered. His face looked macho and tough, and his hands and arms were strong when he pushed me over insistently towards the truck seat. I leaned back and brushed my hair away from my face as he opened his shirt and lowered his pants some, just enough to have a bit more freedom.
    And then it happened fast, as we were both amazingly turned on. He leaned towards me and holding his penis, just entered fast and hard into me. I moaned with pleasure and I could see the satisfaction in his eyes, along with a wild feeling. He was very strong, and large, and it felt awesome.
    He moved with heavy bold strokes and I could see the pleasure building up on his face. His hands had grabbed me under my hips and were scratching me, which felt really good. I was highly aroused myself, and sensed that I would come very fast if he kept that rythm going. He did.
    I started breathing faster and faster, so did he. His eyes were now open wide, and I loved seeing his intense gaze on me. He pulled up my tank top to reveal my breast again, and stroked it with sensuality.
    "I can't last, I can't last, this is too good..." I muttered in my breathing.
    He didn't answer, but I could see the excitement stronger every second, on his face. He slowed way down and his movement just became a gently slide. It was excruciatingly good but didn't last as he thrust himself into me with force again. And so I came, and yelled and held on to his arns and lost it. It felt like such an electrical wave, I wanted it to last for ever.
    It didn't take him long to do the same. He breathed harder and harder, and his raucous voice let out a few sharp blows and moans, and he came hard into me.
    Then it was over.
    He bent his head lower, and held onto the seat, still panting hard. His torso and forehead were wet and glistening from sweat. He moved again a little but soon I felt his penis slowly retract and regretted it fast. I closed my eyes as he withdrew from me, and rolled out onto his back against the truck side. I closed my legs, but I wanted him again.
    I got up from the seat and looked at him. He was staring away, aloof.
    "You happy?" he asked sideways.
    I hated that awkward moment when it was all over, and he had to be a man, and act as if he barely knew me. I felt a million miles between us and yearned for a gesture from him. He pulled out the cigarette pack from his pocket and proceeded into the classic ritual of a smoke after sex. I commented on it.
    "Well, if you smoked, you'd know how good life feels when you have sex and a cigarette." he answered flatly.
    I got up and turned to him, took the cigarette from his mouth, where it was resting on his lips, and brought it to mine, and inhaled slowly. His interest perked up and he smiled like a wolf.
    "Girl, you ..." but he didn't finish, just stared at me with head tilted.
    I blew the smoke out right away, and it did feel good. Looking at him, I saw this sexy man, to whom I'd sucomb any time now, anywhere. He looked rough, and I loved it. His shirt and jeans were dirty from the day's work, he wore heavy Red Wing boots, and his hair was tousled in the most natural way. His shirt, with a few opened buttons, revealed a strong torso. Very sexy.
    He grabbed me by a wrist and pulled me to him. I felt his warmth all over my body, and his smell, of metal, of sex, of cigarette. I was surprised to feel a strong desire come so fast over me again, and knew at once that he felt the same.
    "We've got to get going..." he said reluctantly, "I'm already late." And as he said that, he took my head in one hand and started kissing me again. I didn't want this to stop, I wanted him more. Our kiss was becoming more of one every second.
    But he stopped and just stepped aside.
    "I've gotta get going." he simply repeated, and walked to the other side of the truck.
    "Get in, would ya?"
    I did, and sat against the door, comfortably.
    He didn't say much the rest of the drive, about forty-five minutes. He would glance at me once in a while, one time winking at me, another reaching out to me but I stayed away. He would look at my legs here and there. At some point he blurted out: "I can breathe again; you were amazing, girl." He looked at me with lust in his eyes, and I knew that he could do it all over again, right now, right here.
    When we got close to town, he spoke up.
    "Listen... " he hesitated, "I really want to spend time with you."
    I was surprised as I thought he was more or less done for the day.
    "I don't know if it's a good idea." I replied hesitantly. As amazing as the sex had been, I didn't know that I wanted to be in a room with him. See his house, or apartment, his clothes, his empty beer bottles. Why did I just assume he was a slob?
    He looked at me again and said "Because I'm married?".
    I jolted upright. "You're married? God, Spencer, you could have said something! What does that make me? You bastard!"
    He smiled slowly. "Whether I'm married is none of your business, really. I do what I want in my life. So will you meet with me?"
    "Hell no!" I retorted. I felt he had cheated on me, taken advantage of me. He probably did this to all women he picked up. So I let it out and told him. He got to a traffic light and punched the breaks.
    "HEY, STOP!" he shouted indignantly. "STOP NOW!" The car behind honked its horn loudly.
    "First, let me tell you that you're the first woman I drive in this truck, even my wife's never been in it. Second it's the first time I do what we did. And I want to see you again. Can you do that?" His eyes were riveted on me.
    I was calmer, his words had sunk in fast. And I said "Yes, I will see you, when and where? Not at my place, I have roomates."
    "In two days. You got a cell? I'll call you with details."
    I gave him my number, well aware that I was going deep into this now and contributing to an adulterous situation. Yet somehow I coudn't resist the idea of private time with him.
    He drove directly to my door as he seemed to know exactly where I lived. That was odd, but I learnt that he knew most of the area by heart because of his job. When the truck stopped, I sat up, and he took my hand.
    "You're one hell of a sexy woman. I look forward to seeing you again." And he leaned towards me, and kissed me slowly. I felt as if I were melting. It was time to go.

    I'll leave it at that,
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    sounds amazing andelin.
    what a love/hate relationship though!!
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    Holy smokes, that story was so hot, I think I need to go have a nooner with myself. Good job!
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    tacoma, wa
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    That was really hot!
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