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Discussion in 'Sex and Relationships' started by DJ & TJ, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Hi All,

    A bit of our story......

    I (DJ) have been married to TJ for 10 years this year. Woo hoo!!!

    We are more in love now than at anytime in the past. We have 3 beautiful kids and a terrific sex life.

    Hope this hasn't made anyone puke yet....

    Anyway, I wanted to share with you that we went shopping yesterday and bought some fun stuff for the times when the kiddies are fast asleep and us parent types are a bit frisky.

    Firstly we got a new vibe. We already had one of those jelly type waterproof ones but we got the one with the revolving tip, the pearls which move around inside and the bit which vibrates off to the side which attacks the clitorus. I can't wait to use it on her and watch her use it on herself.

    We got a buttplug after much giggling and pointing in the shop. We enjoy anal sex occassionally and think that this should be fun. The scary thing is that TJ has mentioned a couple of times that she will use it on me. Not sure about that one yet.

    I bought her this awesome S&M outfit. We have not really tried S&M as yet, but this is a little red vinyl number with not much red vinyl but lots of little chains. TJ looks absolutely hot in it.

    To go along with the outfit, we got this little beginners pack. It's all black suede and has a mask without eyeholes, two ankle straps and a little hand whip thingy. We also have a pair of handcuffs with fluffy stuff around them and a small riding crop.

    Anyway we are looking forward to some fun times with our new toys. I hope I survive the experience.
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