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    Ridding down the road in there SUV, he looked over at her with her golden hair blowing in the wind starring out the window. Her legs tucked under her as she continued to look out the side window. Reaching over and rubbing her thigh feeling the smoothness of her skin she touched his and moved it closer to her inner thigh. Pulling his hand back softly to his side. She lowered her legs and continued to rub her inner thigh further up her skirt, watching her bite her lower lip she. Watching her closely he realized she was now rubbing her clit pulling her hand away up to her lips licking her fingers. With a grin, you like he nodded a lump had formed in his throat.
    Close by the lake he found a pull off where they could see the lake and still have there privacy not knowing where things was going to go. Slipping on her wedge heels looking down slight wiggle in her feet to assure they was on. He walked around open the door; he took her hand and eased her out or the vehicle. Walking down a path as he lead he stopped pushed her against a tree. Raised her skirt up to expose her pussy kneeling down he took his lips and pressed against her pussy lips. Taking his mouth and forcing her pussy lips open running his tongue over her clit and down her inner walls. Rising to his feet, he began fingering her pushing her harder against the tree. Kissing her neck up to her ear and sucking on her lobe. To the bottom of her neck and to her chin sucking on her skin and kissing to her lips he found her tongue and his tongue joined vigorously in each other’s mouth. He slid another finger in her pussy that was now swelling and delighting his fingers fucking her hard.
    Pushing him back down on the ground she drops down undoing his pants hard exposing his swelled crotch taking it out of boxers and reaching it to her mouth. Driving his shaft deep into her mouth up and down sucking it hard as the saliva formed down his erection, she sucked it back in her mouth. Down to his scrodum sucking both his balls into her mouth and stroking his shaft with her hand. Back down on his shaft sucking the clear pre cum that had formed on the end of his cock.
    Pushing her off and lifting her to her feet propping her back against the tree. Ripping her blouse open exposing her breast sucking on her hard nipples small kisses down to her navel and back up. Sucking on her breast with no warning turning her to face the tree. She grasped the tree feeling the thrust of his shaft deep inside her. Grasping her hips thrusting himself in deep and pulling out to the tip of cock and thrusting deep back on the inside. Feeling her pussy tighten with each motion. Pulling completely out dropping down taking his tongue licking the wetness from her pussy lips and up to her anal and around in a clockwise motion several times. Back to his feet grasping her hips and shoving his dick in her hard she gasped as went deep. Her moans felled the air. Near his climax, he grasped her breast squeezing her nipples firmly; he began to release feeling her pulsing pussy with his cum. Slowly coming bring it down to slow steady motion. Pulling from her running his hand down his shaft, sliding his index finger in her mouth letting her taste the sweetness.
    Taking off his shirt he gave it to her to put on, She tied the bottom in a knot to make it someone what of a belly shirt. Picking up blouse and wadding it up in his hand taking her by the hand they start up the trail him in the lead. A man and woman was jus up ahead to have there fishing polls chairs and a few other items. As they began to pass the man asked how’s the fishing today"Oh she’s biting quit well" no reply the other woman looked at her with a grin. The couple went on to there SUV he opened the door kissed her one last time before he shut the door. Before they had started the SUV they both looked at each other at the same time as they could hear a mans voice ask what are you doing oh my. They both looked and grin as they drove off.
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    Thank you.

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