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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by notsure53, Jul 9, 2007.

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    First some background, I'm 53, still like to have sex and am married. My wife of 31 years is getting kind of so-so about sex. She seems to care less whether we do or don't, and I kind of get the "will you hurry up and finish" vibe most of the time. I don't want a divorce or anything but would like a little spicy sex once in a while. I'm considering going on the websites to look for a woman. What I'd like is someone older (at least 45) who wants some occasional extra curricular action also. Am I asking too much to want an exclusive relationship? I really don't want someone who is sleeping all over the place. I'm thinking to not get carried away and screw like rabbits, but to just get together maybe a couple of time a month. Would this appeal to any of you? I'm thinking a secure single woman, or someone married. Would this appeal at all to any of you gals? Anyone have any experience with hooking up online? Which sites do you recommend? Oh and one other question, I know that us guys like looking at you naked in your online ads, but does a picture of a guys cock do anything for you when you are "shopping" online?
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