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    the painter and the girl

    It was Monday morning when the painter turned up to do 3 days work
    for Mr & Mrs windows, as he went up to the door to introduce himself
    to the couple and said that he will get his tools out of the van.

    Mr & Mrs windows are a couple who are both 30 years old, have no
    children, Mr windows works whilst Mrs windows does not!

    Anyway, the painter named John gets his tools from the van and as he
    prepares himself, Mr windows says "right" I have to go to work now, so
    he goes out the door leaving Mrs windows whos name in Mary in the
    company of John the painter....

    As John starts doing the painting mrs Mary asks John if he would like a
    cuppa tea, or coffee, John replys yer thanks tea will do fine...Anyway
    Mary comes out of the kitchen with a cup of tea and starts sipping it
    taking a break and starts talking to Mary, " arrr he gasps" lovely cuppa
    Mrs windows.....In aswering Mary sighs and says chuckling, please dont call me
    Mrs windows , call me Mary, so he says oh ok I will, lovely cuppa Mary.

    As they start chatting in Johns break Mary says have you got a lot of work on
    John, and John says yer fair to middle thanks Mary, but I did lose some work
    when my wife left me....Mary said oh Im sorry to hear this John, John replyd
    no dont worry Im over it thanks...Anyway they both carry on talking and there
    talking about Marys husband and Johns wife that was etc, then John says to Mary,
    "please dont take offence Mry" but Johns a lucky man to have you, and blushing
    Mary became said oh thank you...

    Anyway after they chatted John carried on painting and Mary said that she is going
    to have a shower and that will he be ok working...He said yer no problem..

    Later on John had just finished the room, Mary walks in after having her shower with
    just a robe round her and say how are you getting on John, John looks round,
    with a sudden silence and says yer Ive just finished the room. Mary realises that
    John was surprised to see her in a robe, and they both smiled.

    Mary made another cuppa for John and they sat opposite each other,on different settees
    still Mary in her robe, John noticed her legs were not crossed and she seemed
    quite comfortable with herself in Johns company, but John felt slightly
    embarrassed as he could see Marys trimmed pubes, Mary realises and says you
    ok John you seem a bit uneasy....John said to Mary, please dont take this the wrong
    way Mary but I cannot help seeing your you know under your robe but didnt want to
    say anything......Mary apologised and said oh I had not realised John, sorry
    if it offended you, John said no not at all Im just being a gentleman about it,
    but you are attractive Mary.....Mary replied smiling so are you, they both smiled
    and then as John seemed to be more at ease Mary opened her legs more so he
    could see not only her trimmed vagina but could see her gaping moist fanny.

    Mary said to John, do I embarrass you John, John said no not at all, but he said
    you are making me horny, Mary said I thought you might want to say that...

    Mary then goes on to say to John, do you want to see more.John put his cuppa down and paused
    for a moment, yer he gasped, Mary tood up and all of a sudden opened her robe and then let it
    drop, Well John knew straight away where this was going, as John put his cuppa down
    he start to go towards her then he kneels down so he is at her waist height, lifts her
    leg up over the settee and then starts to lick her gaping moist pussy, she
    brings her head back and sighs with sheer delight, he sucks on her pussy licking
    slow fast in round motion, he then throws her onto the settee and strips off
    my oh my she sais you have a wopping big cock on you, he said you think so, she
    said oh yes, So she brings her head to his cock and starts to suck on it.
    He starts to show his enjoyment then she lays back on the settee with 1 leg
    over the back settee whilst the other on the floor, he starts to place his cock
    inside her wet pussy, slowly penetrating her, she gasps, then he thrusts hard
    in her and then faster, then slower, he then turns her round and then starts
    fucking her doggy style, she starts to yell with enjoyment, as he fucking her
    he places his index finger up her arse, she is in total zest of enjoyment.
    After that he feel as if he is going to cum, so he quickly takes it out
    and cums all over her lovely face,......
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    Liked your story! Very nice!
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