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    So, we were empty nest as my son spent the night with his grandmother. My wife and I decide to go out to a local watering hole for a few drinks and a bite to eat. I tell her to go ahead and take a shower and get ready. I had already cleaned up a little while ago.

    She takes her shower and I walk into the bathroom as she's starting to get ready at the sink. She's still naked and as I pass by on the way to my closet I give her ass a little pop with my hand. She stops what she's doing, leans over the sink, and starts puts her ass in the air.

    I stop there and give her a few caresses and then several sparks till her ass turns a nice pink. My cocks hard as a rock now and when I reach between her legs I can feel her cunt is soaked.

    She leans over further pushing her ass a little higher into the air. I pull my now engorged cock out through my zipper and slowly push into her. I bury into her a the way to the hilt and just hold still there.

    I can see her face in the mirror and she smiles as I feel her clamp and unclamp her pussy on my cock just squeezing me as I just hold deep into her for a few moments. I then start stroking in and out gradually increasing my pace.

    I reach around and find her clit as I'm thrusting and rub her till I hear her moan and feel her shudder with orgasm. I release my grasp on her pelvis & clit, grasp her hips and start thrusting with ever increasing ferocity. Her orgasms are in auto pilot now, just rolling into one after another and I continue until I bury my cock as deep as I could and pour my cum deep into her. My orgasm was so strong that I became light headed and I had to finally withdraw and take a seat to steady myself.

    We finished getting ready and go out then. We eat a little something and have a few drinks. We wind up at the bar. She's talking with a few folks on one side and I'm on the other visiting with some friends. I get a text from her and I can see her smile coyly at me from across the bar as she's still in conversation with several people. The text read:
    "Just want you to know I can still feel your cum dripping from me and it makes me want your cock in my throat."

    I return a smile and we both go back to our drinks and conversations. It pleases me and turns me on to know that she's not only in a mess with my cum soaking her panties in public, but she's enjoying it and letting me know about it.

    After a little while we decide to make the short trip home. We walk in and make it to the bedroom. I grasp her by her ponytail, give a deep kiss, and then pull her down so that she's bent over the bed. I then pull off my belt and and give her a sharp rap across her ass in those tight jeans she's wearing.
    I ask her if she can still feel my cum in her and she says "yes, I'm just a mess". I give her another pop with the belt and she then just lays completely forward across the bed in full submission.
    I work her boots and jeans from her and slide her soaked panties down. I run my hand into her ass and to her cunt. She is in a complete mess. Just sticky and still oozing cum from being fucked a few hours ago.
    I tell her to roll over and I grasp her thighs, raise and spread them and then bury my tongue in her cunt. I just lap at her enjoying the naughtiness of that sticky wet pussy. I insert a finger, then two, then three and begging pumping against her gspot while my tongue is now focused on her clit. In just a few moments her hips buck, I feel her cunt clasp my fingers and she cums hard with her hips thrusting into my face.

    I tell her to roll onto her stomach as I undress and walk around the bed. I reach into the bedside drawer and find her bullet vibe. I hand this to her and as she's lying flat on her stomach she reached underneath to hold the vibrator against her clit.

    I climb onto and mount her sliding my cock into her and begin fucking her from behind. At this point she's back to riding multiple orgasms just one after another. She's cumming so hard that she's pushing my cock out of her cunt with contractions. After a good ten minutes I cum deep into her and simply collapse on her.

    I rolled her over so that were in a spooning position, my cock still firmly implanted in her. We lay there as I soften and I feel my cock just slide out of her well fucked & cum filled pussy.

    We lay there in a wet & warm embrace, then finally get up to clean ourselves. We fall asleep and sleep hard.

    That was a good night and just wanted to share. We've been married almost 16 years now and no, it's not always like that, but it's those nights that make all the rest worth it to me.
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