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    I recall living around the NE side of Indy and at that time, I was putting in lots of long hours on my job. I didn't go to bars mainly due to the smoke and all the jerks. So, one night while eating at Hooter's, I came across a local newspaper there called Nuvo. I read through the articles and then found the classifieds. Due to my long working hours, I was all tensed up and I looked through the classifieds for anything...anyone to relieve my stress. Nothing..there was just nothing there that drew my attention. As I turned the page, I noticed an ad from an older guy that gave massages for several hours at the surprisingly low cost of $40 and he traveled at no extra cost. I quickly jotted down his number and called him as soon as I got home.

    Crap! He was out on an appointment so I left a message telling him to call me. Several hours later, the phone rang and it was John. He sounded very polite as we discussed an appointment for later that week.

    Days flew by and then suddenly, my doorbell rang. It was John! I was nervous as a whore in church. I wasn't gay and I always thought I was straight. As John entered my apartment, I smelled his faint aftershave...rather...his perfume. Mmmm...he smelled delicious. We talked awhile then he asked me if I wanted him to talk or to give a massage. I nervously stated that I needed a massage and then he told me to go to my bedroom and strip and lay down on my bed, on my stomach, and if need be, to cover myself. As I stripped, I noticed he had entered my bedroom and watched me stepping out of my clothes. My boner was apparent to him as it dripped in eagerness and then I laid onto my stomach and waited patiently for him.

    John asked me if I wanted oil, powder, or nothing at all and I told him to do as he felt. Within seconds, I felt some hot oil dripping onto my backside. Mmmm, this was wonderfully relaxing. John's fingers were magical as they melted away my stress and tensed muscles. I felt very comfortable around him and told him so. We chatted about everything including sex. I was so turned on by this time and I know that he knew it too. Suddenly, he asked me to spread my legs apart so he could massage my ass. As I felt the hot oil dripping onto my ass, I felt it sliding so slowly..into the crack of my ass. Mmmm! His fingers taunted me...teased me as he slid his fingertips slowly across my cherry pussy. My cock was on-fire and throbbing as I felt his hand sliding under my balls...lightly grazing the length of my cock. John then asked me if I wanted him to stop or to go on and instead of saying something, I raised my ass off of the bed and then I spread my legs further apart, giving him total access. I was in awe of his magical fingers. Without any notice, I felt one then another finger sliding into my virgin pussy. Mmmmm, I asked him for more and as he slowly finger-fucked me into oblivion, I began begging him for more fingers or his cock or both.

    I felt the weight of him getting onto my bed and then I felt his hot cock touching my rosebud...tapping it...teasing me...making me beg like a slut! I deliriously wanted him to fuck ram his hot throbbing cock deep into my virgin pussy and fill me with his seed. I begged him to fuck me. I was so turned-on that I would have pulled a train for him if that would have gotten his cock in me. John then pushed me back towards the bed and I felt his weight and then his warm molten nibbles as he kissed me lightly all across my the back of my neck. He rubbed his cock slowly across my ass. I was almost to the point of rolling him over and then sitting on his cock but I then felt this mysterious deep warm glow deep within my ass and realized I was having the hottest, the longest, the most intense orgasm of my life and all without cumming. His fingers were massaging my prostate as he teased me into fits of orgasmic bliss. Just when I thought I was going to launch, he rolled me over onto my backside. My cock was dripping like an out-of-control waterfall. He looked directly at me then he smiled his knowing grin. Gracefully and patiently, he slid his magical fingers all over my neck, my arms, then my legs and toes...avoiding my cock but dabbing it from time to time just to keep me in-tune.

    I was his slut..his wanton slut and he knew it as I begged to suck his cock. I had never sucked a cock in my life but I knew right then and there that nothing else mattered to me, I wanted to taste his cock... to suck it... to lick it... to let him cum in my mouth. I felt desperate as I slid my face closer to his bobbing cock. Without warning, John's cock was tapping my lips. I slithered my tongue all over it... tasting his deliciously sweet precum. Opening my mouth, I slowly engulfed his hot cock. As it went into my hot thirsty mouth, I licked it from side to side... wanting... needing to taste all of it. John then grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth... calling me his wanton slut. I sucked his cock like my life depended on it. I wanted to satisfy him. I wanted him for my own. Moans from him began to get louder and louder as I felt his cock twitching inside my hungry mouth. His cocktip suddenly swelled and it twitched uncontrollably in my mouth as I felt and tasted his sweet hot tasty cum. John continued to ram his cock in and out of my mouth as he kept blasting his sweet cum down my throat. I pushed him part way out of my mouth as I felt another hot glob land on my tongue. Mmmmm! His cum was delicious. It was far better tasting than I had ever imagined.

    John's cock quickly wilted. Then as he bent over to kiss me, I felt his magical fingers stroking my aching cock. Within seconds, my cock was spurting that hot delicious cum all over his fingers. John continued to milk my cock then as he brought them to his mouth, he pulled me closer to him and kissed me..letting me taste my own cum. I licked his fingers clean as he grinned. I was definitely hooked! From that time to now, I've become a cum lover.
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