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    After the economic collapse of 08. I lost my construction company in bankruptcy. Between the house payment, Car payments,Credit cards. Private school for both the kids. And the IRS. On my ass for years of back taxes. I was broker than broke.

    I found another job, But it just don't pay enough.

    I needid help and fast. I had to lay down the law to my spoiled wife Misty. She had not worked since the early 90's. I told her she had to find some kind of job.

    And to my surprise she took the challange, With a good attitude. She did her research and crafted her first resume. It did not consist of much, But it was better than nothing. She e-mailed it out to every place she could find.

    Friday night.

    I come home exausted, After working the grveyard shift, And the day shift. I come home with my case of beer, And collapsed in to my recliner, Watching a baseball game and half way drunk. Misty turned from her computer desk.

    " Mikey how would you feal about moving to New York? "

    " New York...Why? "

    " A job...Right here Fox News is hireing Journalists. "

    I guzzle down my beer.

    " Honey what do you know about being a journalist? "

    " Nothing but they hire the most butifull women, And I think I would fit right in among them. "

    " Okay send them a copy of your resume, If they offer you a job, We will talk about it. "

    An hour later.

    " Mikey!!!Mikey!!! Wake up!!!" She's shaking me awake.

    " Whats wrong! "

    " I got an interview Monday morning! "

    " Way to go! Who with? "

    " Burns Industries. "

    Ahh yes Butch Burns, Self made billionare. Owner of oil and gas companies, Coal companies, Steel mills, Chemical companies. And logging companies.

    At the time I was working at one of his plants.

    " Whats Mr. Burns interviewing for? "

    " It says right here an intern. " My hart sank.

    " Mikey what is an intern? "

    " Thats someone who works for free. "

    " People really do that? "

    " Yeah usually college kids, Trying to get experence, It suppose to help them out later in life or something. Don't waste your time on it. "

    " I got a good fealing about it, I'm going to check it out. Hey do you have any cash?...I need to go shopping."

    " Shopping?...You know better than that. "

    " I need a new dress. "

    " You got a whole closet full of cloths. "

    " I need to look like a profeshional business woman. "

    " You better find it at the thrift store. "

    Saturday morning

    Misty gets up and walks outside. Her Lexus had ben repossessed during the night. In my front yard I had my Harley Davidson, Bass boat, Camper and my GMC. Yukon all up for sale. Misty comes in to the house and grabs the keys to the gas guzzleing GMC. She drives it 75 miles to Memphis, Where she has acess to a real mall.

    She strolls from store to store, In her halter top, Mom jeans and flipflops. Not finding what she needs she stops by a Star Bucks for a Swiss Moca Latte, With2 shots of expresso, She walks out to the patio. Where she can smoke and go on line with her i-phone, Looking for coupons and sales. Unaware she is being checked out by 2 young studs.

    Chris and Mitch. Both in there 20's Mitch just got out of the Marines and was working retail. Chris was buying his mom a birthday present.

    " Damn! Look at the tits on that! " Chris said.

    " Mmmmm...I give her something better to suck, Than that nasty cigarette. " Mitch replied.

    " Wonder if she's a horny house wife. "

    " No way!...Got to be a divorced cougar. "

    Misty finishes her coffee and crushes out the cigarette. She walks back toward the mall, Her hipps swaying back and forth. She finally makes her way in to Macy's. And there it was a Navy blue dress, On a manican. She stands there pondering it. It was similar to the one Monica Lewinski was wearing, When she was sucking Bill Clintons dick.

    " Miss can I help you? " It was Mitch, From the Coffee shop.

    " Yes do you have this in a size 12? "

    He leads her to a rack.

    " Right here is one. "

    " Great...You have a place I could try it on. "

    He leads her to the changeing rooms. She walks in and closes the door. He steps away far enough to see under the door. Her pants fall, He watches as she steps out of them and her flipflops. His dick gets hard, He walks back to the counter, Where Chris was.

    " Hey that sexy lady we saw in Star Bucks is here. "

    " Cool. "

    Misty comes out of the dressing room, Wearing the dress. She walks up to the counter.

    " I need a mans opinion. What do ya'll think? "

    " Oh yeah!...Sexy! " Chris says.

    " Your butifull! "Mitch tells her.

    She turns arond and shakes her ass at them.

    " Ya'll really think so ? "

    " You got me hard! " Chris anounces.

    Misty licks her lips at him in a teaseing way. She then looks at herself in the mirror. Glanceing down at her bare feet.

    " I need shoes. "

    " I can help you with that to. "

    Mitch leads her over to the shoe department. She looks over all the shoes and finds a pair of Navey blue pumps.

    " Do you got these in a 6? "

    " I'll be right back."

    " You a sexy lady...You know it? " Chris trying to flirt with her.

    " You know like...I'm old enough to be your mom. "

    " Nothing wrong with that. " Looking down her dress.

    Mitch returns with a box of shoes. Misty notices the head of his cock, Poking through his pants. He slides a stool over in front of her. She uncrosses her legs and places her foot, Right on to his cock. Her toe on the head of it.

    " You got a big dick. " She says softly. Licking her lips. Mitch looks aroud, Wondering if anyone heard her besides Chris.

    " I'm single. "

    " You wouldn't be for long, If I was your age."

    He opens the shoe box, She notices the let.ers U.S.M.C. Tattooed on to his arm.

    " Your a Marine. " She says slideing her foot in to the shoe he is holding for her.

    " Yes I got out about 6 weeks ago. " She slides her other foot in to the other shoe.

    " Thank you for serving our country. " She stands and struts her stuff.

    " My dad was a Marine. "

    " Really? "

    " Yeah he got shot down over Vietnamn. "

    " Oh I'm sorry. "

    " It's okay, I was a little kid back then. I barely remember him...You boys really think I'm sexy in this dress? "

    " Yess ma'mm. So sexy! "

    " I'll take it. " She retrieves her purse and clothes from the dressing room. She meets them at the checkout counter. And presents Mitch her Visa card. It was declined. Her Master card, American Express and Discover cards were also declined.

    " I'm sorry miss, Your going to have to leave the dress and shoes here. "

    Misty burst out crying.

    " Miss please don't cry. We have severall of those dresses and shoes in stock. Just come back, When you have the money. "

    " No you don't understand. I got this job interview Monday, And I don't have anything nice to wear. "

    She steps arund the counter. And grabs Mitch's cock, With Chris watching.

    " You think we could work something out? "

    Mitch leads Misty and Chris back in to the back of the store, In to the brake room. She kisses Mitch, Feeding him her tongue, She unfastens his pants and takes out his cock. Chris is reaching arond Misty, Unbuttoning the dress, She reaches in pulling her tits out of her bra. Chris gropes her double D"s.

    She lifts her dress and pulls her panties down. She then Kneals and takes Mitch's cock in to her mouth.

    " OOOOHHHH!!! Never had a custemer do this."

    Chris lifts her dress and inserts his cock. He goes in and out kind of slow. He gradually builds up speed. He soon pulls out and slips his cock in to her tight asss. Not expecting that, She lets Mitches cock go, She lts out a squeal, She finally loosens up and enjoys the ass pounding.

    She pulls Mitch in to the floor. She pulls away from , Chris's cock. And lowerews herself on to Mitch. Chris was right behind her. With his cock, Putting it back in to her ass. She moans and cums, For the first time. They both tear up both her holes for the next 10 miniutes.

    With her years of experence, Knowing they both were fixing to cum. She bails off both cocks, She quickly grabs them and strokes them. They both explode covering the front of the dress. With there hot cum.

    " Oh my! Look at the mess you boys made all over this dress. I think I deserve a discount. "

    " I can't let you have it for free...How about 50% off? "

    Misty looked in to her purse and found a fifty dolar bill.

    " That will cover the dress. Are you going to come back for the shoes? "

    Chris returned his moms birthday present, And paid the other fifty dolars.

    " Thank you both verry much. " Misty said with a smile

    " And thank you for shopping with Macy's "

    Misty returned home, She put the dress in to the washer. She got back on her computer, To study up on how to prepare for an interview.:)
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