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Discussion in 'Sex and Relationships' started by armylife, Feb 3, 2005.

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    My post is going to be long but I hope someone can give me some advice.

    I am a male and I have a girlfriend that I have been with for 7 years we are High School sweethearts. I love my girlfriend very much but my problem is that the last time we had sexual intercourse was in January of 2004 we have oral sex quite often most of the time it is her performing on me, because I get frustrated about not having actual sex so she does it to quiet me down. I have an understanding of the fact that she is scared of getting pregnant but she is on the pill and I also use a condom we use a condom for oral sex as well, about 41/2 years ago she was like a nympho but now there is nothing no drive on her part at all. I have tried alot of things we have visited sex shops together and when she is in the mood she will watch porn while I perform oral sex on her . She is only interested in watching two girls getting it on though she will not watch any hetero scenes . I have asked her in the past what her fantasies are and shyly after coaxing it out of her she admitted that she would like for another woman to go down on her, but all the while saying that she is not lesbian. I understand that a it is not uncommon for a straight woman to fantasizde about another women, and I don't expect her to actually act on her fantasy but she will not even have sex with me . Is it possible that she is in denial of her own sexuality and keeps me as assurance that she is not lesbian. She has said that she is afraid of my penis , I'm not bragging but all of the girls including my current have said that that I am large , but I don't understand how it can actually pain her so much that we don't have sex. She has just recently let me penetrate her vaginally with a vibrator but when I ask if she would like to do it again she avoids it at all costs , even to the point of fighting so that I will drop the subject.

    I love my girl , I just want to be able to share all aspects of a loving relationship with her.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    You don't mention erotic massage. Search this forum for Erotic Massage, as erotic massage is different from regular massage. There are some DVD's I have the Tanrtic Massage DVD, and recommend it.

    Here are some of my compromises. I am large and my Wife is not that intersted in sex, maybe once a month. Also, when I go deep with her, she enjoys it at the time, but has problems later on, and blames a urinary tract infection my my deep penetration, a month or so ago.

    So if you do get vaginal sex, I have been trying to stick to the G spot area, 2-4 inch insertion.

    Did you ever hear of a dry fuck? Well you get a lot of lubricant, baby oil works ok, and run your dick between her legs. I like to suchmy wife's nipples from that position. I can come that way. It is satisfying for my need for hip movement. I need to have sex, moving my hips every three weeks or so, or I really become driven.

    I cut my wife's pussy hairs, with a comb and sissors, leaving 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch long hairs. I lube her hairs with vaseline, you might want to use Ramses Lube for a condom, and I use Astro Glide on my tip, and I just have her keep her legs together, I put my balls on her knees, and I work my tip into her lips. Moving my tip very short strokes, I squirt the moth of her pussy.

    I am envious that your GF likes to watch porn with you, and Two Women on tape is fine with me. I just try to enjoy what I can, and make the best of it. I would not worry too much about what porn GF refuses to watch. My wife doe not like me to go down on her, and when she does let me, she is arrogantly difficult to deal with aftter I go down on her. I really enjoy licking my wife and jacking off. But I don't do it, because she is too hard to handle afterwards.

    So I am also envious that your GF seems to enjoy being licked.

    I also like to lie on my back and have my wife lie down partly on top of me, my light teat touching her left teat. I like to jack off and haver her cup my balls, or cup my tip, with lubricant. I suck her teats, or kiss, or kiss her forehead. I squirt her teats.

    As you finish reading this post, you will realize that I really don't have definitive answers to the questions you asked. Is GF Gay? How can I get GF to come across with vaginal sex?

    I did a search for sex therpists, Sexologists, etc. Maybe one in your area would be willing to work with you. Maybe take a time when you can listen to GF in a nurturing manner, and let her talk about your penis. Avoid being judmental or laughing, and just let her talk her way through whatever might be bothering you. TAke notes afterwards, and then lead her with furhter questions next time you can talk about your dick.

    I am going to ask my wife to talk to me about my dick.

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