[W4W] in need of slave/sub/sissy/crossdresser

Discussion in 'Adult Personals' started by Dommehere, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Dec 4, 2013
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    I will not read a few pages on the internet, have a look through a book and then declare myself an experienced Domme with many years of experience and several "trained submissive" under my belt. I have taken the time and trouble to attend workshops and seminars and have perhaps had lessons from or sought advice from other Dominants more experience than myself.

    I care about the people around me, and though I can be authoritarian and powerful, I have the utmost respect for others and a high level of care and consideration.

    I take responsibility for my submissive/s in my life. I control and dominate them, but I am empathetic to them and sympathetic to their needs, understanding that for any submission to give their best, they must be secure and confident in their submission.

    I don't have to demand respect, I gets that anyway. I doesn't have to announce to the world who I am , because my reputation and the respect of my peers precede me.

    I does not say "My way or the highway" but more " My way, but we can discuss it and I will explain it so that you understand what I am asking of you."

    And I don't have to blow my own trumpet!

    Approach me if you are interested in me.
    *email deleted*
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    'Stralia Mate!
    Welcome and I am not looking for a Dom but just to mention that you have posted in the wrong section.
    It should had been in the "Adult Personals" and secondly you must remove that contact address or risk getting banned from this site.
    If you are actually advertising sex services then also know that it is not permitted on this forum
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