In annie's house

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    As soon as the door closed behind us, Annie wasted no time, dropping her purse and jacket on the floor,
    taking me to the bedroom pulling me by the cock.
    We finished stripping in the bedroom, well she only pulled her stockings down and I just got in position, getting behind her. Like I imagined, she was ready, I pushed inside and she pushed against me.

    As I slid my cock in and out I could feel her fingers reaching down, I think she was spreading her lips and
    from her noises I knew she was enjoying getting fucked.
    It didn't take long however for me to cum, my body spasming as I squirted inside her.
    When I was done Annie commented it was obvious I didn't have sex in a while and asked
    that I say inside her as we spooned on the bed, something she always wanted to try.
    We managed to keep it in as we layed down and she pulled my hand on her breast,
    placing her hand on mine and moving it the way she wanted to be touched.

    As I played with her breast we just chatted, I had in mind the next time I get hard again.
    That's what I told her when she asked what I was thinking about, only to be called a sex brained dog.
    I know it was not meant in a bad way since she said she looked forward to get it hard again.
    "will you need to drive me home more often now?"
    "We'll figure something out"
    "We will?" wiggling her ass, reaching behind to pull me closer. "You felt nice in there"
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    Annie telling me she enjoyed getting fucked from behind and can't wait for more,
    I couldn't wait to recharge for another round, and last longer.

    But since this was not ready I turned her on her back and started kissing her body, with a soft and slow caressing.
    "What are you doing?" but I don't think she needed to ask, she responded by letting me do whatever I was going to do.
    I started caressing my way down while kissing and sucking her breasts, But when I started going south with my lips
    she placed her hands on my head. When my lips arrived on her belly, her knees went up, legs spread,
    her belly fluttered in anticipation. All I could think of is when she told me it had been a while ...... like myself.
    I chose to approach very slowly and linger around, just so close, then I moved away.
    This playfully got me in trouble, with Annie gently pushing my head in her desired direction: "Oh God, you better do it, you got me all worked up for it"
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    After teasing Annie, she finally got to feel my tongue go over her clit after spreading her lips.
    "Yes, yes, that way ....." and when I pressed my lips around her clit to suck and lick,
    she wrapped her legs around my neck and lifted her ass off the bed trying to fuck my tongue or face.
    I expected a longer ride to orgasm but when she got close I moved elsewhere to extend things a little longer.
    Annie was brought close a few times close to it, my face was coated with her juices, she must have realized
    it was getting better by delaying it as she stopped urging for it.

    But when it came, she was moving like a wild ride again, I had to follow her as she moaned loud and pinned my face in harder.
    As much as I love doing this, I was glad when her orgasm was over, I was not able to breathe and she got even my nose with her juices.
    In between breathes, Annie said she needs more of that pussy eating too.
    To that I said as long as she doesn't kill me in the process, during orgasms .... "I'll try, it was so intense I didn't know what I was doing"

    I got my face back between her legs: "So soon?! Okay yes"
    This time Annie got three quick orgasms before I went back to the long ride to the O.
    When I stopped the first time Annie's belly fluttered: "OMG yes take your time"
    I took her ass in my hands and I and she placed hers on mine.
    When I'd bring her close she would dig her nails on the back of my hands, she stopped when I took her hands in mine.
    After a few close calls I started fingering at the same time. VERY wet inside! almost no friction.
    One more close to O and next it was time to keep going. This time Annie had her feet on the bed, knees up.
    With lots of pushing and wiggling her hips I had to move my arm with her so I would not end up with a broken finger.
    I don't know how I could have explained that to anyone.

    After letting her sensations go it was time to take a break, sore finger, tongue out of practice.
    When I pulled up beside Annie she looked quite satisfied even if I would have liked to go on longer,
    and besides she was probably out of practice too.
    And when she looked at my cock she remarked I was making a mess. Yep, precum dripping.
    Rolling on top of me: "You got turned on just doing that for me? eyes wide in appreciation and surprise.
    Then with her hand on my chest, her slippery inner thigh on mine, she moved her thigh on my cock, caressing it.
    When it got hard, she told me to stay right there, her leg off my cock, and her hand moved slowly down, down, down to my cock
    as she kept looking at me. When her hand was finally wrapped around my cock, she smiled and told me to stay here, she "will be back".
    Her hand didn't go anywhere, just that she went down, head on my belly looking at my cock for a few seconds,
    her brown middle length hair spread, light, smelling nice.

    Then she lifted her head and as I thought would happen, I felt her lips tentatively start caressing the tip of my cock.
    When I moaned low, she asked if I liked it. "Oh yes I do" Then with a stroke of her hand, she then licked my cock.
    "You taste nice" and she never spoke for a while, busy sliding her lips on my cock.
    When I started breathing faster, Annie stopped and moved between my legs and I saw it was because she wanted
    to watch me respond to her oral pleasures, giving my cock squeezes to feel its hardness.
    Annie was into it so I told her to slow down, stay slow, and maybe within a minute I felt I was about to orgasm.
    Annie giggled with my cock still in her mouth and looked at me, going mmmm-mmmmm", shaking her head that it was not happening.
    She denied me one more time before going for the kill.

    Cupping my balls, I'm sure she felt them get tight like I did. Annie said she had not had anything in a while,
    but it didn't feel like she was out of practice. After feeling the pressure and the tingling build up it finally let go,
    and her talent made me scream, curl my toes.
    It must have been when I started ejaculating when she gave me a soft and satisfied "mmmm".
    She kept sucking me slow and steady and I could see a smile as she watched me looking at her.
    Just .... WOW! When I was done she just kept my cock in her mouth and stroked, milking the shaft.
    Then it stopped, and when Annie removed her lips off my cock she commented I taste nice and sweet,
    and "oh my, you had lots"

    After swallowing and commenting on my "gift" she kept her eyes on mine, cock in her hand pointing up,
    then with a nasty grin she went back on it. This time she just sucked me just for the fun of it carefully for a while,
    then she said "my turn". Then she switched to torturing my cock, sucking mercilessly.
    Since I knew from her warning I was somewhat prepared. the only times she stopped was when she laughed,
    her lips unable to stay in contact with my cock. At times she stopped and knew she was giggling while sucking.
    OMG my cock was hurting after a short time and when I thought I was going to die from a BJ she stopped.
    Still on my back, Annie crawled on top of me and back herself on my cock, impaling her pussy with it,
    then laid on top of me, wiggling her hips. "Did you like it? I did"
    when I asked which part, she said "Everything. The moment it went in my mouth, feeling your cock squirming"
    Now ..... will you let me do this to you if you are to get a blowjob?" meaning the torture.
    "OMG, I guess yes. I enjoyed it in a perverse way. Yes you can torture me as well."
    Then she propped herself up: "I noticed you love this" placing my hands on her breasts.
    I caressed them all the time she stayed on me, that made me grow full hard for not long enough to my liking.
    When it got all soft she made a mock pout and said I better have more, wiggling herself on it.

    YOU BET I have more Annie.
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    Since that first encounter at Annie's house, she told Queenie she rather walk or take the bus, not wanting to take too much of my time, and thanks, I appreciate.
    "Suit yourself" was all Queenie said, she didn't care one way or another as long as she was safe.
    But in reality, both knowing when Queenie worked late was convenient. And technology too!! Annie would text me as I waited 2 blocks away but picked her up when she was out of sight from the store. I became her personal bus driver, it turned out.

    One evening as we drove, Annie told me all she thought of at work was my cock and after a silly glance to check traffic, she shamelessly reached for it. She HAD to feel it. I happened to have no underwear so when it got hard it grew freely along my inner thigh.
    Feeling it grow, Annie said "sorry" with a giggle and continued playing with it.
    With the anticipation I had, I was already aroused and got precum rather early in her handling. It was obvious she was aware of it from the way she felt the wet spot and she exclaimed she is flattered.

    Instead of just rubbing, Annie started stroking through my pants, squeezing, stroking.
    She was good, that took me close in a short time and told Annie to stop, about to cum in my pants.
    "Really? You will cum for me?" and didn't stop.
    Well as I started tingling and breathing faster I found a place to stop so I could enjoy the moment.
    As I was creaming myself, Annie was rubbing and stroking, and looking at me. "Feeling better now?"
    "Yeah, but now I can't use it for you right away?
    "I KNOW, that's the plan!"
    "You conniving perv ...." To that Annie laughed, saying "You got that right .... I will console you for the rest of the drive"
    She did so by not leaving my cock alone. that made the mess worse but since it was already messy, so what.

    When we arrived at her place, Annie kept us in the entrance and pulled my pants down, kneeling in front of me.
    Before taking me in her mouth, Annie told me to put my hands on her head and make her do it.
    I did as she wished and as my almost soft cock grew again she was no longer able to keep her lips at the base of the shaft.
    As she pulled out then she licked the mess on my leg and cock, saying she probably should have done a BJ driving.
    When all done licking the mess, Annie got up and with that look in her eyes, she asked me if I was better.
    Not waiting for the answer, she turned around and grabbed my hands, placed them on her breasts as we walked to the living room, pulling me by the cock.

    When we arrived at the couch, Annie placed my hands on her hips and told me she was not wearing anything under.
    Then she spun to face me and kissed hard.
    As I caressed her ass, I took the lead and got Annie on her back on the couch, lights still off.
    I was not too sure who took the lead, seeing she was taking me through a plan she already had.

    We both worked at getting her naked while on her back and she wasted no time pulling my face on her chest with one hand,
    the other one guiding my hand to rub slow and soft. As my finger tips reached her lips, even with the soft caresses,
    I felt her wetness. Sucking her nipples and biting them, I reached inside with my fingers while trying to keep in contact with her clit.
    I didn't have to work hard for her first as I was just getting started: "I wanted your touch so bad all day, now it feels better"
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