If her Daddy only knew.

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    That’s what she kept thinking as her dream was finally to become a reality. It was a dream that haunted her and she was obsessed with seeing it through. It was so dirty, so taboo, so forbidden but she had no choice. She had watched too many videos, had too much late night cyber sex, read too many accounts of other women who had done it and the joy they experienced. She needed to big, black cock. She could barely thing back to the time when white cock had aroused her. Her fascination with black cock, with being a white slut for black cock, brought her to making arrangements to fulfill her wildest fantasy.

    She selected four well-hung men she had met on the Internet to fuck her senseless. If she was going to do it, she wanted to go all out. Actually, each man had been hand selected and interviewed by her husband. He was equally aroused by the concept of seeing her take as many loads of hot black cum as she could handle in one night.

    They surrounded her with their enormous pricks, leaking cum and anxious to see how much the little white girl could take. Between the four of them there were over 42 inches of Black meat to fill her mouth, pussy and asshole. They fucked her all night; constantly telling her that she was now a white slut that lived only to service superior Black men. They kept her filled and at times they weren’t able to keep up with her insatiable need. The second one pulled out of her mouth, she was begging and screaming for more.

    Exhausted and drained, the men left her covered and dripping with cum. Her pussy and asshole were raw and swollen and her tits were bruised and sore from being pulled and pinched by strong black hands all night. They left her there . . . a slut for black cock. She would never be satisfied with her husbands little white prick again.

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