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    So, this is my random post...

    My bf and I both used to have Bettas... His was blue with red accents, mine was red with blue accents. Their names were Rupert and Bernard, respectively. Mine died tragically when the heat went out last winter. The apartment (and therfore his water) got down to the 40s and he froze to death. We tried to rewarm them slowly by putting them on the cooktop and turning the oven on so they warmed with radiant heat. Rupert came out of his lil mini coma, however Bernard did not.

    So, since then Rupert has been living a life of solitude with no betta bowl sitting next to his. But, he only had that little betta bowl...maybe 20oz bowl tops. And it was in the office, a room we barely ever use. So, his life was a pretty miserable one, he got fed about every 3rd day and his water only got changed when you could barely see through it. (Yes, I admit we neglected the poor little guy)
    He barely ever swam around he just sat at the bottom of the bowl and he was starting to lose all of his color and one of his fins didnt move anymore.

    So, 2 weeks ago we decided to buy him a new home. We went out and bought a1 1/2 gallon tank with an attatched LED lamp and filter and everything. Its got a lid so he doesn't jump out (his old bowl had a scratched CD over the top) and pretty blue marbles on the bottom to accent his color. Also it has plants and everthing. To top it off we put it right next to the couch so he gets to watch tv with us every day. He's so happy now!! His color has come back to its vivid blue/red/purpleyness and he just swims around and up and down and hides behind the plants all day long. Plus he gets fed 3 granules of food 2 times a day ...my bf said this morning its like Applebee's for him "eatin' good in the neighbor hood"

    And with the filter his water wont get gross nearly as fast. He's such a cute lil fishy I'm glad he didn't die :)
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