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    Constance and I have known each other for what seems like ages, when in actuality we have only known each other for seven years now. We’ve shared a whole lot together, but ironically were never interested in each other romantically until just recently. I suppose it has just been a matter of coincidence, really. When I met her, I was involved with someone. Soon thereafter, she became involved with someone. When I broke up with the person I was with, she was still with her boyfriend and when she broke up with her boyfriend, I’d managed to find someone new. It continued on and on like that until this past spring; when we both ended up… single. It was then that we started spending time with each other and not too much longer after that, it was one fateful night that we’d spent taking in an outdoor concert that led to an inevitable first kiss. But, it’s not that night that I plan on to relating to you. You see, in the interest of taking things slow, it wasn’t until one cold winter night that we finally shared a night of intimacy with each other.

    The rumbling of the exhaust pipes on my truck always alerted Constance to my arrival. The cold air caused my watch to fog over as I checked the time – about six. I’m a little early, as usual. As I approached the door, to her townhouse it slowly opened and her face appeared. “I’ll be ready in just a moment” she said. As I came inside the door, she turned and scampered back upstairs to her bedroom. The towel wrapped around her showed off her curvaceous body and I remarked “What you’re wearing is just fine”. She turned her head and gave a sarcastic “Ha” as the neared the top of her stairs. I could see well up her towel, but not far enough to see everything. Her delectable thighs gave me a twitch in my groin. Fifteen minutes later, I was comfortably watching the news on the couch as I heard her at the top of the stairway and turned around. It seemed like the stairs were made to show off an outfit. As her goddess-like figure seemed to glide down from above, I first saw her chocolate nubuck boots that came up to her knees. Then the crème coloured leggings that gave way to a chocolate coloured skirt that fell right below the middle of her thighs. Then came the crème coloured turtleneck sweater that graced a torso that I couldn’t wait to wrap my arms around. As her exotic face appeared, a light breeze seemed to tussle her feathered brown hair. I immediately got up to meet her at the bottom of the steps. As she reached the bottom step, I reached out to take her hands in mine and kissed her. I admired her for a moment before helping her down the last step and escorting her over to the coat closet. She reached for a dark brown leather sports jacket that matched the boots and skirt she was wearing and I helped her put it on. As I opened the front door for her a slight breeze came in and as she stepped over the threshold, our evening began.

    I always escort her to the passenger side - partly because my parents taught me to always do so and partly because it allows me to spend a few more moments at her side. The three inch lift on my Yukon warrants that even with her three inch heels, she still needs a little help getting in. After assuring she is secure, I hurriedly hop in the truck and begin out trek out on the town.

    Our night out on the town is nothing short of magical as is the usual. There is plenty to do in Louisville, and we try our best to take in as much as we can. That night, we attended an unveiling of an art exhibit downtown, and then took in an excellent dinner with a live show on the banks of the Ohio River. Afterwards we proceeded back downtown, for a nice stroll to take in the seasonal lights that turned the Downtown of the Derby City into a winter wonderland. As we walked along the busy streets, I could see her look up at me with admiration from time to time… as almost to think to her self “Wow… I can’t believe this… this is amazing!”

    We finally ended our stroll and I safely returned her to her townhouse in Prospect. As I helped her from the truck, she customarily asked me to come in for some coffee, and (as usual) I obliged. As we came inside from the cold, I helped her take her jacket off and put it in the closet as she went upstairs. She came back downstairs barefoot, but still wearing the rest of her outfit and we both walked into the kitchen after I finished taking off my own boots. While she made hot chocolate for herself, she prepared a cup of coffee for me. She added sugar and crème until the coffee much resembled her own complexion… just like I like it. Then we curled up on the couch and she turned on the TV. In between sips, she remarked about what a wonderful evening she had. When she finished her cocoa, she curled up closer in my arms, but waited until I finished my coffee to pose one more request.

    A few moments after I’d taken my final sip and placed the mug on the table, she laid her head on my shoulder and looked up at me. She pulled my chin down and came up to kiss me. Then she softly said to me, “I want you to come upstairs with me.” I accepted her request with an “Okay” and as she got up, she took my hand and led me up the staircase, and down the short hallway to her bedroom. When we passed through the doorway, she turned around, stood up on her toes, and kissed me as she wrapped her arms around my neck. After her lips departed mine, she took my hands, and moved backward to her bed, where she sat down and pulled me down with her. Then we started kissing again. While my hands slowly motioned over her body, her hands snuck up behind my head. As she began to moan, one of her legs began to wrap around me. After kissing and groping for what seemed like ages, but didn’t feel like adequate time she leaned back, and took her sweater off. As her head appeared from the bottom of her sweater, she was surprised to see me already disrobed down to my pants. I went back to kissing her while her hands found their way to the fly on my jeans and my hands found their way to the zipper on her skirt. While I slid her skirt and her leggings down and off of her, she removed my pants.

    The touch of her smooth, soft skin sent fire through my veins. My kisses soon felt like a devouring session as I moved from her mouth and began to kiss and suck on her neck. Now both of her legs managed to find their position wrapped around me and the soft sensation of those thighs combined with the warmth of her pussy that I could now feel against my dick got an immediate rise out of me. As I began to grind in between her legs, her breathing started getting deeper. Her hands raced all over – from the back of my head, to her hair, to her navel, to gripping the sheets. When I started sucking on her collarbone, I suddenly felt her arch her back and then push her pussy into me. Her wetness started to seep through her panties as my hands when up and down her legs and finally to the clasp on the back of her bra. While I snapped it loose and removed the impeding object, my kisses and suckles moved their way down to her breasts. At a little bit more than a handful, they were perfect. I took one nipple into my mouth, and groped the other breast with a free hand. While the other hand stroked one of her thighs. I kissed around the breast I was sucking on, and then moved over to the other one. They were so soft and creamy, that I had to make sure I gave them both the proper amount of attention. I moved my way down as she placed her hands on my ears and started playing with them. It honestly didn’t turn me on - I think she was just looking for something to touch and couldn’t reach the rest of me. She has such a sexy navel. The way her panties fell around her hips only accented it. I cupped my hands around her ass while I kissed along the top of her panties, and past her birth control patch. Then I made my way down to the fragrant treasure radiating heat from between her legs. I kissed her pussy through the already soaking wet fabric and felt her shudder. I knew what she was expecting, but she wasn’t going to get it so soon. I nibbled at her clit making sure she could feel my breath and her lips started to contract. The passion in my veins wanted to give her what she wanted right then and there but I also knew that keeping it away from her for just a little longer would pay dividends in the end. I kissed my way up one of her thighs, lifting the other part of her leg up, so that it pointed straight in the air. Her toes fanned out and curled up as I way my way up her calf to her ankles. I lifted her other leg up and took one long, slow, lick from her ankle all the way up the inside of her leg to the top of her thigh. Her breathing became heavier while I started removing her last article of clothing and kissing her lips. Her fragrant juices were dripping out onto my face when I finally decided to French kiss her pussy. Her hands moved to the back of my head and pushed me harder in between her legs. The thighs began to clasp around me as my tongue went in and out of her and stroked her clit. My mouth focused on her clit and slid my fingers inside of her. I sucked and licked while my finger stroked her G spot. Her moans become more frantic. She became louder. Her body began to move randomly. The more she moaned, the faster I licked. The faster I licked, the more she moaned. My fingers started stroking faster. Her legs opened wide, and then they clasped around me. They opened wide again and once again her thighs crowned my head. Then I felt her muscles start to contract. She arched her back and started bucking and moaning and screaming. All I could think to myself was “For the love of all that is holy, hold the hell on to that clit!” She finally announced that she was cumming and let out a loud shrill moan. Her hands forced my hands slammed my head into her hilt. Her legs went wild. She finally began to calm down, but I was nowhere near finished with her.

    Her orgasm gave me one of the biggest hard-ons I’d ever experienced. It almost felt like my dick was about to jump out of its skin. I slid my fingers inside of her once more while I kissed my way back up her body. When I got to her collarbone I started using the tip of my dick to play with her clit. Her legs spread apart farther in anticipation of letting me inside her. Her hands moved to my back as I began to kiss her lips. When I started sliding my dick inside of her, she gasped into my mouth. Her fingertips began to rake across my back. As my dick went deeper inside me, her legs began to wrap around my waist. I felt the back of her uterus as my dick finally made it all the way in. Her kissing became deeper and her nails started digging deeper into my back. I started grinding against her and moved my lips down to her neck. As the started telling me how good my dick felt inside of her I started pulling out and sliding back in slowly. As I sped up, her moans got faster and louder. Her scratches started leaving bruises. When I got into a pretty solid rhythm, I pushed her legs back and put my arms behind her knees, and began fucking her hard. She begged me to fuck her harder and I could only acquiesce to her request. Her moans turned me on even more. I wanted to hear them, so I fucked harder. After a few minutes of routing her pussy, her mouth got dry and she could barely catch her breath, but was hardly out of energy. I cupped her head in my hands to kiss her and in doing so, gave her the perfect opportunity to gain an advantage. Her legs wrapped around me tight, and she flipped me over on my back. I was turned on and caught off guard at the same time.

    She started out on me like I started out on her. She was grinding on me slow and deliberately. Her juiced dripped down my dick as she moaned with enjoyment. She stroked her clit while I played with her breasts. I loved seeing the look of sensual enjoyment on her face. She had her way with my dick, and I liked it. The sped up and slowed down as she liked it. I could see her powerful thighs flexing and she rode on top of me. I tried to rise up to meet her, but she pushed me back down again. She leaned over and started kissing me and riding me. It felt so good to be completely engulfed by her. Her body surrounding me, her lips caressing mine, and her pussy surrounding my dick like it didn’t want to let go of it. She sat back up and began having her way on top of me again. Seeing her in such ecstasy turned me on even more. I finally had the chance to sit up, so I did. I wrapped my arms around her and sucked on her collarbone while she moaned and begged for more. She finally stopped grinding on me and looked down at me. She took my face in her hands and kissed me. She finally dismounted me and asked that I dominate her from behind.

    She bent over on her hands and knees, and it seemed like her ass blossomed in front of me. I couldn’t wait to feel it pounding against me. I came up behind her and placed my hands on her hips, once again I took some time to play with her lcit with the tip of my dick. I firmed my grip on her and slid myself inside. I started taking slow firm thrusts inside of her. Each time, there was a slight jiggle in her ass. I started speeding up and fucking harder as she started asking and begging for more. She buried her head in a pillow and braced herself to get fucked harder. Each time my hips met hers, there was a clap. By the time I got up to speed, it sounded like people clapping while a bluegrass band was playing. But this was far from being a bluegrass concert. I felt her muscles start to tighten around me again. Her juices began dripping out from around my dick. She lifted her head and begged me to cum inside of her. She wanted us to orgasm at the same time. I fucked her harder as she urged me along and her pussy tightened around me. She announced again that she was about to come. As I felt her muscles begin to contract, I couldn’t hold on any longer. My dick started to twitch and as her screams started to unleash themselves and her juices flowed around my dick, I felt myself blast inside of her and I groaned. It was a long cum and her pussy felt wonderful around my dick as I did it. As my dick finally stopped moving, and her screaming subsided, I leaned over her, and kissed her on her back. I pulled out of her and she rolled over onto her back. I joined her and wrapped my arms around her. Her head returned to its earlier position on my shoulder. She soon fell asleep with the look of satisfaction on her face.

    I think the only think I like better than the sex, is admiring the glow on her face as she sleeps afterward.
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