Hunting the older woman

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    Remember People This is fiction. Please don't take it seriously:)

    Young Jesse wasted no time, Taking his step Moms advice. The following week, He was with his Father. Meeting with his constituents. Congress man Bill or locally known as Billy Renyolds the 3rd. Was a carer politician. He ran on the platform,As a right wing conservative Republican. To serve the people of his district, Of the Magnolia state.

    But once he made it to DC. He joined the Good old Boys club. Cutting deals with the leftest of the Left, Making himself millions. But be in so slick, at talking the Bull shit, The ignorant voters voted him in, time and time again.

    They walked in to the door, of the Real estate office, where my wife was siting at her desk.

    " Hey Congress man Bill. " She said cheerfully, as she crushed out her cigarette in to the ash tray.

    " Hi Misty. Is your Mom here? " He said, looking down the front of her purple dress.

    " Yes sir she is, But she's in a meeting right now. It shouldn't take much longer. "

    " Misty Have you met my son Jesse? "

    " No sir, But it's a pleasure to meet you " She extends her hand to him. She starts looking him over. Her thick bra less nipples, poked through her dress. Her panties became damp. She licked he lips, Thinking " I bet a young stud like that could fuck me all night long. " There was an awkward silence, As she wanted so bad to pounce from, behind the desk, strip the young stud down, and give him what he really needs. But with the Congress man there, She restrains her self.

    " Do you boys want some coffee? " She asks braking the silence.

    " Sure. " Bill said. Misty rolled her chair out from under her desk. The men watched as she slid her hosed feet in to her sexy high heels. She confidently strutted across the office, toward the coffee pot, shaking her plump ass.

    " Look at those sexy legs son. " Bill said at a whisper. Misty return'd with the coffee The three of them continued to make small talk. About 3 or four times, They could here a man moaning, from behind Misty's Moms office door.

    " Is everything okay in there? " Bill asked concern'd.

    " Oh yes, everything is fine. " Misty assures him.

    Truth is though, Things were not fine. A business partner named Hillary convinced her to invest in to the White water Real estate scheme. The deal was falling apart, people were going to jail. And she was the next to be indited.

    Knowing this Deb had to act fast. She called the only one, That could clear her name. And unfortunately it was a former lover. Liberal Trial lawyer Big Jim Jack Off. Deb was top less and on her knees, Sucking Big Jim's dick. She comes up for air.

    " Jim Why does your dick taste like it has been up a mans ass? "

    " That's none of your business Deb. "

    " Your a Queer Jim! That is why I dumped your sorry ass. "

    " I'm not a Queer! I'm Bi sexual! And just for that, I'm altering our deal. "

    " What? "

    " Yep Drop that skirt, And bend over that desk! "

    " And What if I don't? "

    " I'll call the DA. in Little Rock, Tell him everything I know. Your little sexy ass will be behind bars before dark."

    " This is going to be the last time! " She says as she stands unzipping her tight skirt. Pushing it down,along with her panties. She bends over, across her executive style desk.

    " Go a head, Get it over with ! " He shoves his big dick inside her pussy. " She lets out a loud squeal, That is heard out in the lobby. The Congress man, His son and My wife, Just listen'd to the sexual encounter as it unfolded. Misty looked to the door Nervous and hoping no one else would walk in. And not knowing what else to do, Misty shakes a cigarette from her open pack, Offering it to the Congress man, which he declined, She fired it up for herself, looking at the clock, as her Mom got her pussy pounded.

    Finally Big Jim pulled out. He then shoved it up her ass.

    " You Bastard ! " Deb yells. Big Jim holds her tight He pumps his spunk deep in to her rectum As he pulls out, She spins around and slaps him. But being the low bred piece of shit, that he is, He slaps her back, Knocking her to the floor. He puts his finger right in her face.

    " Bitch Next time, You call me begging for my help, I'm going to fuck your sexy daughter out there.. "

    " Get out of here NOW ! " Deb yells at the top of her lungs. Big Jim Pulls his boxers, and trousers up, watching her as he tucks his shirt in. He puts his coat and hat on.

    " It was a pleasure doing business with you again. " He walks out, Shaking hands with the Congress man, On his way out the door. Misty grabs up the phone.

    " Mom The Congress man, and his son, Have been waiting! "

    " I Know...I Know ! Stall them just a little longer. "

    More to come.
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    Deb dressed as quickly as she could. Just having the just got fucked look, She fixed her hair and touched up her makeup.

    " Okay Misty, I'm ready. " Deb said in to the intercom.

    " Follow me Gentlemen, " My wife leads them, to her Moms office. As they walk in, she rubs Jesse on the ass, She then winked at him, and licked her lips. She gave his cock quick squeeze, before walking out and closing the door.

    " Bill What can I do for you today? " She asks with a smile.

    " I'm here to pay off our mew house. "

    " But you just financed it last month. " Bill takes his check book out.

    " Now Deb I'm not taking no for an answer. " He writes out the $ 600.000 check, Like it was nothing. The two of them discussed some land, He wanted to lease, For hunting the next fall. Jesse just stood there, with a teased erect cock. He found the middle aged woman to be sexy as Hell, Even though she was as old as his real Mom. Deb is the one he wanted. She got up, from her desk, and walked to a file cabinet. Jesse's eyes glued to how the tight fitting skirt, molded to her sexy ass, His big cock throbbed, as his eyes moved down her shapely smooth legs, down to her sexy black pumps.

    " And Deb This is my son Jesse...He has got a scholarship next year for Football, Down at Mississippi State. "

    " Well Way to Go. Young Man. " She said to him.

    " He is going to need a place to stay. "

    " When your ready, You just come see me. I'll hook you up. " Jesse wanted to hook up with her in other ways.

    " Thanks Deb. " Jesse watched as his Father put his arm around Deb, for a friendly hug.

    " By Jesse " My wife said to him, as he walked in front of her desk. She watched his cute little ass, as he walked out the door.

    " Mom What do you think about him, for a boy toy? " Deb watched as her daughter reached in to her desk, for her Rabbit vibrator. She spread her legs, Pulled her panties to the side, inserting the rabbit. It started the buzzing noise. Deb looks out the window, as her oldest daughter pleasure's herself.

    " Do I need to remind you, that this is a place for work. "

    " Seriously Mom? After what you and Mr. Jack Off was doing? "

    " That was Business! Now put the vibrator up, and go get us some lunch. "

    " Okay Mom. You all ways have to take the fun out of everything. "

    " That is my job. You know. "

    Congress man Bill, dropped Jesse off at home. Step Mom Beth was gone shopping. Jesse went right to his room, He stripped down and Jerked off 4 or 5 times, Thinking about deb.

    Beth returned from shopping. Jesse told her all about meeting Deb.

    " Deb Jones will brake your fucking back, And that's just what you need. Go get her son. " Beth said egging him on.
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    Saturday night.

    Jesse was out hunting for Deb. There were several beer joints around town. Most were geared for the young hip crowed. He went to them all, looking for her car, Checking each one of them off, In his mind. And then there was the last one. The old Fuzzy Duck Bar and Grill. It was just outside of town, Over looking the river.

    Then he spotted her old Coupe deville. He drove past the place 4 times, Getting his courage up. The old place had a bad reputation. But what the Hell, He walked inside. There was a slow sad song, playing on the jukebox. The thick cloud of cigarette smoke, nearly choked him. On one side of the room was a group of outlaw bikers, along with one old drunk chick, shooting a game of pool

    On one side of the bar was an old Farmer. He was nursing a frosty mug of Draft beer, On the other end, was Deb. She was on her 5th. Bud Light. She had a plate of Nacho's and cheese, A burning Marlboro Menthol lay in the ash tray. She was drowning the misery of life

    Jesse noticed how sad she looked, sitting there. But the truth was, Most men in town knew better, Than to get involved with her, On a personal level. Professionally she was sharp as a tack, But her private life was like a train wreck.

    " Hi Mrs. Jones Do you mind if I sit down? "

    " No not at all. " The bar maid walks over

    " Sunny I need to see some ID. "

    " He is with me, Get him what ever he wants. "

    " I'll have the same as you. " The bar maid opens a cold bottle of Bud Light.

    " So Jesse, What can I do for you? "

    " I was wanting to know, If you would like to go out on a date with me. " Deb all most chokes on her beer.

    " Are you serious? "

    " Hell Yeah ! I'm serious. "

    " You know my daughter has the hots for you? "

    " No she don't, She;s dating my best friend. At the High school."

    " Not that one, The one you met at my office."

    " Oh I thought she was married ? "

    " They have an open relationship. "

    " What the Hell is that? " Deb laughs.

    " It's not important. You don;t know much, Do you? "

    " I know I want us to go out on a date. "

    " You know I'm old enough to be your Mother? "

    " Lady Your the Mother I want to Fuck! " Deb looks at him again. Then her eyes go right to the bulge inside his Levi Button fly 501 jeans. She gives him a good squeeze..

    " Oh what the Hell...Why not? " Off there bar stools, They lock arms and walk toward the door.

    " WHOOO....HOOO Look at you Deb! " One of the bikes yell out

    " It Looks like she got herself a young stud! " Another biker agrees.

    Outside The Fuzzy Duck. Deb fires up a fresh cigarette.

    " Okay lets get one thing straight, Since you got me in the mood to fuck. Don;t you tell me in an hour or two, You have to go home to Mommy and Daddy, If your going to fuck me, Your going to fuck me right. Do you understand? "

    " I won;t let you down. "

    " You better not, Meet me at the Budget INN Motel. "

    She gets in to her old Cadillac. Jesse follows in his pickup truck.
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    They arrive at the Motel. Deb acquires her usual room, with her she brings in an 55th. Of Ever Clear. Jesse appears to be tense.

    " You need to relax a little, You look up tight. " She mixes him a drink " Theirs nothing to be nervous about. She assures him. She turns the old black and white Tv. on, They watch the news, as the alcohol does it's job. Jesse starts to open up and talk more, Deb takes his drink.

    " If you get to drunk, You can't perform. Now you just let me take care of every thing. " She kisses him on his lips.

    " Your going to be just like opening a Christmas present." She helps the young stud out of his High school Letter Mans jacket. Then his tee shirt. She admires his muscular physique.

    " Your so strong, How much do you bench? "

    " 400 Pounds," He says proudly She runs her hands all over his muscular chest. He watched her as she knelt down, removing his snake skin boots and socks.

    :" Now lets see if you got a big dick, Like your Dad. "

    " You have done my Dad? "

    " Oh yeah ! We go way back, I worked for his first campaign. "

    " Really? "

    " Yeah. After your Dad was first elected. I went to DC. With him and your Mom. We stayed at the Water Gate Hotel. After your Mom fell asleep, He would come to my room, And we would fuck all night long. She then went to unbuttoning the button fly of his jeans

    " Oh yeah, Just like your Dad. " She smiles looking at the bulge in his brief's, She pulls them down, along with his jeans. His cock springs free, sticking straight up. He kicks off his pants. She spends lots of time, Giving him a hand job, She coddles his balls, In her other hand, Finally Deb goes down on him, for the first time. Up and down, She swirls her tongue around it.

    " Oh Deb...That feels good! " He runs his fingers through her long red hair. She picks up the pace, Sucking him harder. She then, takes it from her mouth. And pumps it hard in her fist. Until she sees a drop of precum. She then takes him back in to her mouth, Sucking hard.

    " I'm going to Cum ! " He yells, Holding her head he blows his load in to her mouth, She swallows every drop, Leaving no mess behind.
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    Deb stands back up And in a teasing slow way unbuttons her blouse, Jesse watches as she, drops the blouse. Then gets out of her bra, She holds her big tits up.

    " So Jesse does my fat saggy Mom tits, Not turn you off? " He steps closer to her, Feeling her big tits. They kiss again, As they kiss he hunts for the snap and zipper of her skirt. As the zipper comes down, exposing her naked ass. His hands explore and squeeze her ass, As the skirt falls. The continue to kiss, They move closer to the bed, She lays down, Her legs spread wide. His eyes get big, As he looks at her bald pussy.

    " You Shave...I wasn't expecting that "

    " I hope my fat, bald pussy, looks good to you. "

    " Lets make you more comfortable " Deb watches as he unzips and removes her high heeled boots He runs his hand up her her right leg To the top of her stockings, She gives him a surprised look, as he peels off her nude nylons.

    " Your legs were bare, the other day at your office, "

    " You like my legs? "

    He smiled as he massaged her feet and legs. He then started licking them, He even sucked on her toes. Deb was not sure how to take that, But she was not going to complain, He moved up both legs, With his tongue. Then at her pussy, he eats her out. She just lays back and enjoys. It had been a long time, Since a man really paid attention to pleasing her. She felt her orgasm building. She felt it climax. Her body shook all the way down to her toes, She locks her thick thighs, around his head,

    " God That felt good! " She releases his head,from her legs, He had a big smile on his face, Knowing he was doing something right.

    " And just think, I'm just getting started. " He proudly shows her his fully erect cock. "

    " Well then. Come get it Tiger! " He slid his long, thick cock in to her waiting and primed pussy. He starts out slow, gradually building up speed.

    " Oh...Ahh....Yes!...Yes! " Deb starts to moan. Jesse fucks her harder, Keeping a steady pace, An hour later, Knowing he won't last much longer. He grabs her ankles, folding her all most in half. Balls deep inside her, They cum together, and collapse in each others arms, She falls asleep, Her head resting on his muscular chest.

    The next morning, Jesse wakes up to Deb sucking his dick again. She climbs up on to him and rides him, As the early morning sun, Shines around the curtains, as he watches her ride him, for another long fuck.

    They shower together. The age gap was much to grate, for them to be a couple. But they did hook up often for sex.

    Deb arrived home that Sunday morning. I was out washing my old truck, When she parked her Cadilac.

    " Good morning Mikey. " She said to me, so happy, even with a smile. First time in months, I've seen her come home, Not drunk. She even had a youth full sexy glow about her, That I've never seen. She struts in to the house.

    " Good morning girls. " My wife Misty, and her sister Crystal, Looked at there Mom.

    " Why are you so happy? " Misty asked.

    " Cause I got Fucked last night! "

    " Please share Mom. " Misty added.

    " You remember that handsome young stud, That come in to the office, The other day.

    " The Congress mans son ? " Her Mom nodded. Crystal got a shocked look on her face

    " You had sex with Jesse? " Crystal asks.

    " I sure did. "

    " Oh My God! Mother It;s going to be all over school! Jesse is Fucking my Mom!" She hides her face in her hands

    " Next time can we make it a threesome? " Misty asked

    " Don't be encouraging her! " Crystal punches her sister in the arm.
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