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    Okay this is my thought with wifey. 1st long term gets a Little tough to keeps the sparks flying but i have some good tips that may help or people from this site can build upon or agree or disagree. I feel as you get older each partner starts to get maybe a little turned off because things change bodies change etc. So here is the key. It seems to work. First you have to be aware that the longer your together there is more of a chance your gonna start to drive each other a little nuts. Now I can speak for guys. One thing I noticed is that when guys get older they think because they have been around for some time they feel they know everything. Once they come across something they don't know they start to bitch and complain. Then they do this a lot and most times it becomes an everyday thing. I don't think this turns women on. I don't remember ever being in bed making love to my wife or even before that and the girl going .. Come on fuck me and bitch and complain while you fucking me.
    Okay heres is another tip. Nose hair ear hair long toe nails long finger nails, carpet back eyebrows that have now become eye bushes. It take seconds to trim these tings up. Now clothes. Okay now your body may not be what it was years ago and wearing close that a 20 year old wears will look like your going through a mid life crisis. Dress sharp, I like Black. My hair is rusty blond in the summer and brown in the winter. I wear black jackets nice shoes nice pants that fit. Mostly black and nice shits and sweaters. My clothes are always clean and not wrinkled. When i sleep at night I always change and put on a clean pair of boxers a T shirts or nice Pj's. Now take care of your self. Try to eat foods that are not going to make you have gas problems. Not for nothing but I highly doubt your wife or girlfriend think the smell of whats in your intestines gets them turned on. I do know that there are probably some that may like this and for those few hey I'm happy for you. The next thing don't complain about pain. Be a Man and suck it up. Okay that one depends on how bad the pain is. However if your just complaining about normal aging pain suck it up. If you tell you wife my back is killing me and my feet keep falling a sleep I don't think fuck me are going to be the next thing that comes out of your wifes mouth. Now stop talking so much. Women I think like mystery. Don't tell them everything. I like to drive my wife a little nuts and when she asks me stuff like are there a lot of girls hitting on you at work, even though shes kidding I leave a bit of that window open. Sounds dishonest and it is a little. However I'm doing it for her. So that she feels like their is still competition and it keeps the spark going. Don't tell your wife your gonna do something and then not do it. If you have a project you know she wants done and she asks you when your going to do it just say i have to look at my schedule. Then do it when shes not home but don't say anything about it when she comes home. Act like it was a cake walk. If she asks if it was hard just look at her and smile.
    So heres a cheat sheet
    1 Don't bitch and complain every day.
    2 Clean up , shave trim clip and clean.
    3 shower everyday
    4 use Cologne when you go out
    5 dress sharp but you don't have to spend a lot
    6 football is everything so this rule never changes
    7 don't fart belch and discreet anything in front of them on a regular basis
    8 Don't act like you know everything
    9 if your wife is saying something thats important to her listen
    10 always figure out new ways of having sex , fucking and making love
    11 Don't just use missionary.
    12 use toys jells movies props in some cases other people but that could cause issues
    13 don't worry about stayng hard. Some nights it just may not work. For what ever reason its not your fault. Thats why god gave us tongues lips finger hands toys and other fun things.
    14 if things have gotten so bad but you both love each other but time has taken its toll shut the lights off turn the music up and go to town but think of the way things used to be. If you cum you cum if not who cares.
    15 The most important is never stop or think its to late to turn things around. A little imagination, coming to this site for some good ideas. Making some small changes and taking your long term girlfriend- wife to new and different places will keep the sparks going. Get off the couch and out of the house. Every once in a while fuck or make love in a really weird or nice spot. For example the back of your car or on the beach.
    16 Live and love life. go on a lot of dates and call them dates. give little gifts all the time. Have nights wear you say your going to make love but no penetration. This way our get reminded and can have the time to re explore each others bodies. Get off without penetration. I do this to my wife a lot and I have given her mind blowing orgasms because she not waiting for me to use my cock. Only once in a while because I a from believer that women need cock.
    If any women want to comment or add or correct me I'm more then open. I want to keep things fresh with my wife. She was very Conservative you should have seen her face when I pulled out the Rabbit vibrator. You should have seen her face when I use it on her. That next day she could not keep her hands off me and she had horny thought sex on her mind. Since she liked it so much all day she kept thinking about it and that made her really horney.... Thats when you know its working... Please add tot he list or make corrections if you feel I'm wrong.
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