How my wife and I make love with the kids at home

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    OK if most of you know me by now I'm a but weird. My sons are both autistic. I'm lucky because one of my sons take meds that out him to sleep by eight. He’s out. i mean i could have sex in his room and my wife could scream and he would never know,

    My other son who is also autistic is at the opposite end of the spectrum. I used to tell him to watch TV and give him a new app thinking it would keep him busy. Next thing i know he knocking on My door saying "hey whys the door locked" what’s going on in there. My wife and i usually start cracking up. Now I go to major extremes. The set up take a while but I get obsessed. I hate to do it I’m not going to tell my son that I want to bang my wife’s brains out. Even though that’s the truth.

    So I get some two by fours cans of paint and a few thing like my tools ect. I tell my oldest son who is 12 that daddy and mommy have to do little construction and the door will be locked. So if you her some loud noises don’t worry were good. If you need to talk to me and its an absolute emergency you can call me. However only call if you really need something because I might be in the middle of some "heavy building and I may not be able t stop So if you get my voice mail just wait ill call you back, If its an absolute emergency like you got hurt or something is wrong with your brother or the house come knocking. Believe it or not it works 90 percent of this time. It also makes things a little exciting with my wife. The rush is a rush.

    Her is the problem m wife is a screamer and a a squirted. She just started the squirting recently. I love t and she get me pretty good. However the release makes me cum in buckets but I try to save this for the main evernt. What a bonus that I can do this to her. I found her g spot an she has two. One is about two inches in her pussy. The best was is to flip her on her back and put a pillow under her belly. Then i enter her from behind and I fuck down in her pussy. I only go two inched and very slow but a nice rhythm. Every once in a while I push down once her ass with m hand and and i push in as deep as I can. Now instead of pulling all the way in and out I only fuck about two inches back and forth but i start slow then I go fast and hard, remember Im deep and I find that deep g spot I asked my wife if she liked that Gpot and she said yes. When shes Not sure she does not answer that way she says stuff like yeah i think. Or its good. But when I get the "yes I know im there.

    Now i have here two spots. I fuck her in both back and forth for about a half hour or close to it . Than for the grand faunally I flip her over and gab her legs underneath her knee’s. I push them back and I go nice and slow in and out. Then i pull out. I take two fingers and put them in facing down. I push done on her pussy almost like I’m putting pressure then I start to slow push my fingers in still fingers facing done. Now i start licking her, I star with her lips from the bottom up. Very gently and I enjoy the taste and softness. I make love to her lips with my tongue and she starts to squirm. Then I turn my finger over and I start in a circular motion rubbing her g spot. As I so this i gentility start sucking her clit in lillte spirts. I suck then stop. I also kiss it with my lip. By time she is squirming and before I know it she grabs my hairs and starts to wiggle and explodes all over my face. I don’t car what it is but I love it. It’s unreal. Such a turn on.

    That when she flips me over and gives me the blow job of my life. And she gulps down my cum. I love to her gulping it down. I dont know why but that makes me fall in love with her. I’m hooked after that and she has me right where she needs me. At that point I would do anything for her. This whole thing takes about an hour. My kid usually comes in about a half hour later and says what did you build. I look around and say we built some love and that’s about it. we may have to try again in a few days. He says okay… :)
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