Hot Summer Day

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    Hi Everyone.

    This is the first erotic story that I have ever written. In a week or two it is going to be read on a podcast (not ours but another podcast that is doing a series on erotica).

    So, I'm going to record it soon and I'm looking for feedback so I thought I would give Sexual Forums my world premiere. :)


    Hot Summer Day

    One of the benefits of running your own business is that when your kids out of school and sleeping over at a friend's house, your wife may call you in the middle of the afternoon and ask you to "take a break". That's exactly what happened two days ago and I still can't get over how HOT of an experience we shared.

    "Can you come fuck me please?" Allie's voice was playful and she almost laughed but I knew she was serious. I shut down my computer, told our receptionist that I'd be back in a couple of hours, grabbed my keys and headed out the door. "You want me to lock the door when I leave?" the receptionist asked as I was half way out the door. "No," I replied "I'll be back in a few". Suzanne, our receptionist for the past 2 years, grinned and I think I heard her mutter, "yeah, right" as I sped out of sight.

    It's a short drive from our office to our home and I was smiling all the way. The smile soon turned to a devilish grin as I made my way inside and realized that Allie was nowhere to be found. She wasn't naked on the bed where I suspected I would find her with a vibrator deep inside her wet pussy. She wasn't lounging in the bathtub waiting for me to shampoo her hair. In the past, when she called me to "take a break" I had usually found her in the middle of some mischievously sexy fun. Hell, she wasn't naked on the kitchen floor with a can of whipped cream either! Where did she go? "Maybe she ran to the store" I thought. Then I saw the first clue she had left for me. The bag that we hide our sex toys in was on the kitchen table along with a note. It read:

    "Marriott Hotel. You know the one. Room 1537."

    Tucked under the note I found a hotel key. She was teasing me. I picked up my cell and punched speed dial as I gathered the bag and headed out the door. No answer. I think I called her at least 4 more times during the drive to the Hotel but she never picked up. There are several Marriott Hotels within driving distance of our home but Allie was right, "You know the one." is what she had written and I knew exactly where to go. It's a downtown hotel with an awesome swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Allie likes to lounge there but she usually has our kids with her. I drove a little faster than normal. I was on the end of a sexual hide-and-seek.

    Room 1537 was on the 15th floor. An attractive couple in their early 30's got into the elevator with me. They were at the hotel on business and as they discussed what I am sure was an absolutely boring business conference, I tried to conceal the hard-on that was growing in my pants. I turned so that my back was to them and pretended to adjust something in my bag. "Don't drop the bag, John" I thought to myself. Wouldn't it be funny if this bag accidentally spilled vibrators and dildos onto the elevator floor? That would liven up the conversation. DING! Finally, the 15th floor.

    Room 1537 was near the end of the hall and I fumbled with the hotel key until finally the little red light on the lock turned green. "Hey baby." Yes that is what I actually said. I know it may not be the sexiest thing to say but I was very turned-on and excited. But there was no Allie on the bed. No Allie in the tub. There was only a set of binoculars, a bottle of vodka and a few mixers on the table near the window. What in the hell is she doing to me? I grabbed the binoculars and started peeping into the windows of the rooms in the next tower of the hotel. "This is crazy," I thought. It had been a fantasy of mine to watch Allie with another man or couple but I admit that adrenaline was rushing over me. I was half scared. Half nervous. I was completely overcome with excitement. The binoculars were getting steamed up so I sat them down on the table. That's when I noticed a second note lying on the table. It read:

    "Did you look in the bag yet?"

    "She knows me too well," I thought to myself. No. I had not looked in the bag yet. So I unzipped our bag of toys only to find that nearly all them were missing. Instead, I found my swim trunks, a few condoms, some lube and a new sex toy. A strap-on dildo. "What is going on here?" I was now even more perplexed. At least I understood the swim trunks clue. It meant Allie was in the pool. The binoculars must mean she wants me to watch her in the pool. But what in the hell she intended to do with that strap-on, excited the hell out of me.

    I stripped out of my clothes. My hard-on was uncomfortable in my pants but it felt much better against the soft lining of my swim trunks. I poured myself a cocktail and again peered out the window this time setting my sites on the swimming pool.

    Allie is in her late 30's with lovely long blond hair. Her eyes sparkle with fun and I consistently catch men and women checking out her large natural breasts and curvy ass. She's slim and fills out her bikini very nicely. She was easy to spot once I knew where to look. She was sitting in the hot tub alone and just as I spotted her a young waiter brought her an exotic cocktail. She stirred the drink with her plastic umbrella then took a very seductive bite from a wedge of pineapple. As she leaned back in the hot tub I could have sworn that she lifted her drink to acknowledge that she knew she was being watched. "Cheers baby," I said aloud as I took a sip of my cocktail.

    It wasn't long before two men joined her in the hot tub. The guys appeared to be in the military with short haircuts and rippling chests. I could see Allie smiling. Her head tilted to the side as she captively listened to whatever lines these guys were feeding her. One of the men moved to sit a little closer to Allie but as soon as he sat down in the tub, Allie lifted herself out of the Jacuzzi and wrapped a towel around herself. She was heading away from the men and towards the main pool. It seems that I wasn't the only man that Allie had decided to tease at the moment.

    I watched her walk to a nearby lounge chair and then struggle to open it so that she could sit upright in the chair. A redheaded female wearing a black one piece bathing suit motioned to her husband (boyfriend?) to help Allie with the chair. He was an average looking guy with large muscular arms and he seemed happy to help Allie unfold the chair. I watched as they started conversation and wished I could hear Allie speaking to this couple. Was she flirting with them? Was she waiting for me to come down there? Was I supposed to stay here and watch? Had I missed a clue?

    The swim trunks! Duh. I had been so excited watching her that I completly forgot that she left me the trunks! She must want me to join her! I tore off my shirt took a long drink from my cocktail and was just about out the door when I saw that the man who was with Allie and the other woman suddenly get up and leave. He walked toward the rest room while my wife and the other woman headed to the hot tub. They were giggling and it wasn't long before I saw Allie's hand disappear into the water. It was difficult to discern what was going on but it appeared that Allie had begun to gently caress the woman's thigh under the water. Her hand was running up and down the woman's leg and both women seemed to be enjoying it as they leaned back with their heads nuzzled together.

    I'm not sure if it was the water bubbling around them or my turned-on state, but I couldn't really tell what their hands were doing. I could see both women were busy at work under the water but it was difficult to tell who was doing what to whom. And then the hubby returned. He stared for only a moment then quickly got in the tub next to Allie. Now Allie had a man on one side of her and an attractive redhead on the other. I felt my hard-on starting to bulge in my trunks and I knew that I either needed to take out my dick and start masturbating or get down there soon. I chose the latter as I forced myself to look away, closed the door of my hotel room and entered the hallway.

    As I sauntered down the hall a cute blonde whispered to her girlfriend and they both glanced at my crotch. Now, I've done a lot of wild and crazy things in my life but walking down a public hallway with a raging hard-on is something that I know is probably not appropriate so I ducked in the stairwell and decided to take the stairs the rest of the way. I could feel my cock slowly lowering itself as I made my way down 15 flights of stairs.

    When I reached the ground level, I popped out of the stariwell and into the garden area where the pool is located. I grabbed a towel and headed over to the hot tub. The sun would be setting in a few minutes and I was eagerly looking forward to having some hot tub fun in the dark. I saw the two military guys now in the tub but no Allie, no redhead and no other guy. I checked the bar. Not there either. What the hell? I'd never been so teased in all my life. Okay, I thought. She's either in one of two places. Our room or their room.

    I took the elevator up to the 15th floor. Walked down the same hall where I had been 20 minutes before and approached the door. It was open. Not wide open but propped open by a the inside lock on the top of the door. I slowly pushed the door open. The lights were out, the drapes were closed and I could only see shapes inside the room.

    "Close the door," I heard Allie whisper. I leaned close to her and told her, "I was watching you down there and then I went down....." She pressed her finger to my lips. "Shhhhh. Go in there but don't say a word." She pointed to the bathroom. "Have a seat in the tub."

    She didn't have to ask me twice. I walked in to the bath area and fumbled around in the dark until I felt the edge of the tub. It was filled with hot water and although I couldn't see anyone in the tub I could feel their presense. I slipped off my shoes and swim trunks and got into the tub. I heard giggling then I heard Allie get into the tub next to me.

    "Can I suck his dick baby?" I heard the other woman say. "Do you want me to suck a strangers cock for you?"

    "Yes," I heard the other man say. "Suck him now."

    Without saying a word, I stood up in the tub and after a second or two of fumbling, I felt this woman's lips take all of me inside her mouth. My dick grew hard fast. She blew me, sucked me, practically engulfed me. It was as if she had been waiting to suck cock for years and was finally getting to dine on some forbidden fruit. My head was spinning and then she pushed me down onto the side of the tub and I didn't think it was possible but she deep-throated me even faster. Finally she came up for a breath and announced, "He's got his fingers in my pussy baby. He's got me very wet."

    When she first said that I felt like the kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. I had parted her one-piece bathing suit to fit two fingers in her wet pussy.o I was relieved to hear the other guy say, "Allie has my dick hard. I'm eating her pussy and touching her breasts. God I'm so turned on."

    "Can I turn the lights on?" I heard Allie say. "I want to watch him cum all over you."

    I never heard the answer to this question. My eyes were closed tight and I was in a different world. Suddenly the lights came on and I saw Allie's hand on the light switch. She was seated on the other side of this large tub with a man between her legs. He had both hands on her breasts and he was licking her just as wildly as this woman was swallowing my cock. I love watching Allie cum. Her back arched and her mouth rounded to form an O. She took both of her hands and placed them on the guy's head and she pushed him into her as she moaned very loudly. Her eyes met mine and I knew in an instant that she was cumming.

    I looked down into the woman's eyes and she knew she had me right where she wanted me. She whispered "Cum on my face. Cum all over me." She stuck out her tongue and I in an instant, I came and came. She took my load all over her face but most of it shot well over her head. She wiped my cum off her lips, smiled and said, "Hi. I'm Bernadette. That's my husband, Paul."

    We chatted for a few minutes and got to know them a little better. I learned that Allie had met this couple online and that while the three of them were not complete strangers it had been a fantasy for Bernadette to suck off a stranger while her husband watched. Now, I'm not sure that I counted as a complete stranger since Allie had set the whole thing up, but who was I to argue? I'd just received a mind blowing blow job.

    We dried off and headed to the bedroom. While I was busy pouring all of us a drink, the girls and Paul wasted no time. I turned around to see my wife and Bernadette giving Paul a blow job. They were kneeling on the bed and their sexy asses were slowly swaying back and forth. I felt my cock begin to rise. I kneeled between them and started to run my hands down the length of their legs. With Allie on my right and Bernadette on my left, I slowly teased their pussies and wondered which one would be the first to be wet enough to accommodate my fingers. I probed Allie first, she was dripping wet and I sank two fingers into her pussy. Bernadette was arching her pussy toward my fingers and as soon as I felt her, I knew she too would welcome my fingers. I began to slowly finger fuck both women as they continued to go down on Paul. We stayed in this position for a very good time. The girls traded kisses as they took turns putting Paul's cock in their mouths. Paul was loving the attention that he got as the women alternated between sucking his cock, his balls and kissing each other with his dick between both of their pressed lips.

    Eventually Bernadette announced, "Do you want to fuck me baby?" At first I thought she was talking to her husband but then I realized she was staring into Allie's eyes. Allie didn't skip a beat. She got up. Tightened a strap-on harness around herself and got between Bernadette's legs in a missionary position. Paul and I ran our hands over both girls breasts and everywhere else we thought needed a little caressing as Allie began to pound Bernadette with her strap-on dick. Bernadette slipped Paul's dick into her mouth and Allie began to passionately kiss Paul as she fucked his wife. I took this as my cue to move behind Allie and see if I could slip my dick into her. It was a challenge at first but I managed to move the harness straps to the side and slowly enter her. I pushed into Allie. Allie pushed into Bernadette. The four of us were comfortably locked together.

    I had gotten so turned on that when I suddenly felt a warm pair of lips on my balls, for a second I thought that a fifth person must have joined our group. I looked down to find Bernadette sucking my balls as I continued to thrust into my wife. Bernadette had slid under Allie's legs and was now massaging Allie's clit and sucking my balls. I looked up to see Allie stretched over Bernadette's body and she and Paul were having a good time going down on her together. This is my absolute favorite position to be in with another couple. One woman on bottom. One woman on top. My cock in one pussy with another woman's lips giving us both pleasure. Soon Paul got between Bernadette's legs and I watched Allie suck his cock then guide it into Bernadette. This looked like such a sexy act that I just had to try it. I pulled out of Allie and placed my dick into Bernadette's mouth. She sucked me then sank my cock back into Allie. This went on for so long that now when I look back on it, I wonder how I lasted that long without cumming. In and out of Bernadette's mouth. Into Allie's pussy. Back to Bernadette's warm mouth then deep inside Allie's hot pussy. Fingers, hands, all over my body. The scent of sex was accompanied by moans of pure pleasure. Crescendos, Decrescendos. Exctasy came in waves until it finally overcame us all. Then there was silence, smiling faces and bodies at rest.
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    No offence intended here :)

    But wow thats one long story...I will get to read this in time...
    (( Maybe done in small bite sized posts in this thread would have been better i think ))

    But from what i read it seemed pretty good...i got a ways to go bfore i finish it though....

    But good luck on the read out on air...i hope it does brilliantly
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    That was an EXCELLENT composition. I couldn't stop reading.
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