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    I walked through the door after a long day at work. My wife was on the phone, she looked at me with a strange look and said “here I’ll let you talk to James” I took the phone not knowing what to expect. On the other end it was Anne. Anne was one of our renters. She was a 27 yr old hottie. Blonde, blue eyes, and an ass that was epic. We had become friends with her, on platonic basis. I had no idea how naughty she was. Apparently her boyfriend was out of town and she was in the mood and called to see if we had any single friends that she could bang.
    This conversation went on for about 10 minutes and I really couldn’t think of anyone on a weeknight that I could send this little beauty to for satisfaction. Finally I said “why don’t you come up here”. My wife was in listening distance and she didn’t respond. Anne asked if that was ok with my wife and I said she is sitting right here and she isn’t saying no. With that she said that she would be up in 20 minutes. I hung up and looked at my wife. My wife wasn’t openly bi, she had played with women before but was hesitant. We got up and went to the bedroom to prepare. We showered and got dressed about the time Anne pulled in. We were both incredibly nervous, and I was beyond excited. Anne walked in with her typical confidence. I led her to the bed room and she sat down near my wife. I didn’t really now how to start this and the girls started talking about work. They both worked for the same company. I was left out of the conversation and decided to go down on my wife. It was awkward for several minutes, me licking my wife’s pussy while they talked shop. I could tell my wife was a little tense and didn’t know what to do I began to think everyone was too nervous to do anything. And then I heard my wife give in. She let out a moan and fought of making too much noise with her first orgasm. That broke the ice and Anne made a comment about how hot that was. I crawled into bed next to my wife and suggested to Anne that my wife licked a nice ass and that she should show us hers. Anne stood up and slowly pulled her sweat pants down revealing an ass that I had only seen through jeans. I am an ass man and I had a small, tight, thong clad ass in our face. I went down on my wife again and Anne laid next to her and started to play with my wife’s perky tits. Anne’s perfect body was only inches from me but I focused my attention on my wife. After a few moments my wife used her foot and nudged me toward Anne, giving me permission to touch her. I grabbed Anne and rolled her to her stomach. My tongue went straight for her ass. I placed my hands under her hips pulling her pussy into my mouth. She had a beautiful, small, pink pussy. Shaved with a small landing strip it was beautiful. My wife slid beside her and assumed the same ass up position. There I was with two beautiful women asses up and cheek to cheek. I’d lick one, than lick the other. I stood and fingered each girl, now on there knees. It was a sight that I will never forget. Curling my fingers hitting their G-spots. My wife had 3 kids and was several years older than Anne there was a considerable difference in how tight Anne was. I wanted to slip my cock inside of her, I knew she would feel awesome. But I figured Id wait.
    I moved to one side and Anne moved to the other of my wife. We both started touching and kissing my wife. Anne moved down toward my wife’s pussy. I couldn’t wait to see her mouth nibbling on her clit. She spread my wife’s legs and started to finger her. I waited to see how my wife would react. She had her eyes closed and didn’t do much as Anne worked her fingers in and out. My wife was wet but made no noise. Anne picked up the pace and got a little rough, my wife started to bite her lip and let out small whimpers. I knew she was enjoying what Anne did. Soon Anne had had her arm moving fast, working her fingers in and out of my wife’s increasingly wet pussy. I was kissing my wife so I couldn’t see how many fingers Anne had inside, my wife started to move and grind her hips toward Anne’s arm trying to get more inside. My wife reached her second orgasm and squirted all over Anne’s arm. Anne jumped, she didn’t expect, and she had never experienced a squirter. Anne said,” Wow,” and my wife apologized for the mess. Anne said that that was hot and she wished that she could cum like that.
    My wife was ready for some cock so I laid down and she climbed on top and I directed Anne to climb on to my face. There I was with two gorgeous women sitting on top of me. I couldn’t see what was going on I was blinded by a beautiful ass. Apparently as my wife rode me Anne played with my wife’s perky tits. It wasn’t long before I shot my load into my wife and I played it off like I didn’t cum because I didn’t want this to end. Then Anne’s phone rang and she climbed off. I didn’t know what to do next, I didn’t want to be too assertive and piss off my wife so I didn’t grab Anne like I wanted and plunge my dick into her tight pussy. I figured that this would be the first of many nights to come.
    After Anne left my wife admitted that being with a girl wasn’t so bad and she actually enjoyed it. She said she kept waiting for Anne to eat her out and next time she wanted to taste Anne’s pussy. It has been several years now, and we stay in touch with Anne. Hopefully this summer we will meet again and seal the deal.
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