Hot fantasy I wrote a while ago

Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by CosmicEye, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. CosmicEye

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    Jun 22, 2011
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    This is just to share for the hell of it.

    So as Im sitting here waiting for the next time you call me, I cant
    help but feel extremely horny right now thinking about you. I woke up
    on day 3 with a giant full cock n balls and rather disturbing sexual
    images going through my mind of you, and only your freaky ass. I was
    thinking about how your ass feels so good in my hands. I love smacking
    it and leaving marks while sucking your pussy juice out of
    you from behind.

    In my fantasy I was thinking about us being in the shower. I would
    start off usually watching you get wet. Then my favorite part of
    washing you myself with slick soap and squeezing your titties together
    while your arms are on the back of my neck. Shave that pussy bald and
    baby soft. Then I wanna get as fucking
    freaky as I feel right now. Tilt the shower head down and bend the fuck
    over bitch. I would suck that pussy from behind, smacking your ass and
    rubbing my thumb hard on your asshole. I know you secretly like the
    feel of that. The sound of my hand smacking a fat wet ass is so fucking
    hot. I might take the detachable shower head to good use. I would spray
    your ass and pussy and rub that dirty hole with my hand. Stay there
    while it takes no effort to drive my cock balls deep inside of you and
    take a couple strokes as a good tease while I reach around and pet your

    I cant take it anymore. We get out the shower, fuck drying off lets get
    to the bed NOW and kick the dogs out. Still dripping wet I lay down and
    watch you stand over me about to squat in my face. Here is comes,
    splat, mmmmm. Bend over and suck my cock hard while I lick your fresh pussy, smacking your soaking ass and spreading your asscheeks, watching that tight asshole tease me to death. I might even press my toungue on it hard while I rub your pussy juice around if you want.

    Fuck this I need to cum. Still laying down, you mount me cowgirl style.
    I mean real cowgirl style too with you squatting on your feet and
    fucking me like you've never fucked me before. Harder and harder while
    watching your tiities bounce. Harder and harder while I lift your ass
    up and take it right back down. Harder and harder until you start to
    shiver because your about to cum so hard that your pussy farts the cum
    around my cock. I hold you down from your sholders to make you take it
    like a woman as I fill you up bigtime with hot and gooey cum at the
    same time.

    Oh it can be dirtier too :)
  2. Moon

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    Jan 17, 2011
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    Loved that Cosmic, thank you love xx
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