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    I've had an easy day and decide to leave the office early. I pull into the garage and find her car. I didn't expect it; I wonder why she’s home. I walk into the kitchen and past the stairs. I hear her. I realize what’s she’s doing and I go up the stairs, to our room.

    She’s on our bed, legs spread wide, rubbing her clit. She has her butt plug in. The room smells like sex. She looks at me, smiles, and keeps stroking. A wave of lust rolls over me, and my cock stiffens. I strip off my jacket, my tie, kick off my shoes and unbutton my shirt. I look at her again. She looks into my eyes, then at the bulge in my pants, and giggles.

    I sit at the end of the bed and watch her. She knows I like to watch. She wants me to watch. She keeps rubbing; circling around the sides of her clit, then rubs her hood. She cries out and her hips buck. She slides two fingers into her pussy and rubs her walls. She moves back to her clit and rubs faster. She keeps her eyes on me, watching me. I strip my shirt and socks off. I move a little closer, my eyes moving from her eyes then back to her pussy. She’s soaking wet, her fluids are running. Another wave of lust roles over me. I start rubbing my cock through my pants. She giggles again. She likes to tease me.

    She closes her eyes, tips her head back and moans. I rub my cock harder and faster. Her fingers keep moving. Circling and rubbing and stroking. She arches her neck and cries out again. She breathes faster and faster. Then she slows down and just rubs her pussy and clit with her hand. Broad strokes, up and down, her breath coming in pants. I’m so aroused I can barely keep from taking her. She looks at me again. I see pleasure and need and pain. My breath speeds up and becomes deeper. I want her. I want her. I keep myself from touching her. But, I want her.

    She starts stroking herself again. She tries not to move too fast, tries to make it last, but she can’t help herself. Her hand speeds up and she cries out. Soon, very soon, I’m going to take her. I stand up and strip off my pants and boxers. I sit back down even closer. I grab my cock, hard, and start stroking the top of the head with my thumb. She looks at my cock and what I’m doing.

    She closes her eyes and moans again, louder. Her hips start grinding against her hand and she rubs harder and faster. Her breath and cries speed up, and I know she’s close. She spreads her legs even wider and rubs faster. I’m almost out of my mind with lust. She arches her back, gasps for breath, and cums. She’s panting and moaning. I’ve waited long enough. I’m going to take her. I’m going to fuck her.

    I move between her legs and grab her. I’m not gentle. I kiss her hard and move my hips so my cock rubs over her pussy. I look at her face. Her eyes are closed. I kiss her again, hard, and push my tongue between her lips. She opens her mouth and our tongues rub and move. I pull away again and she opens her eyes. For a second, we look at each other, and then I kiss her again.

    I reach between us, grab my cock and rub it against her pussy. I thrust into her as hard as I can. She gasps, grabs my arms and hums in satisfaction. I grind my hips against her, and then start stroking, not too fast, but hard. She puts her arms around my neck and pulls me to her. I keep thrusting and thrusting. She hums again, louder. Soon, I feel her hips start to move. She moans again, and holds me tighter against her. I bury my face in her hair and keep thrusting.

    I feel myself getting ready to cum. I pull out, grab her legs, spread them wide and put them on my shoulders and arms. I thrust back into her and start stroking. I've lost my mind to lust and I pound her. She cries out again and tries to move her hips, to pump them, but can’t in this position. She’s wide open and can’t move. All she can do is take my cock and I revel in my feelings of dominance.

    I pound and pound and I know I’m getting close. She cries and gasps, and keeps trying to pump her hips. I’m closer and closer. She arches her back and shudders as she cums again. I feel my semen move within me and I lose all control. I thrust into her as hard as I can, feel my muscles contract and I cum. Semen spurts from my cock and I feel it as her pussy fills. It’s warm. My body is locked in place, rigid, as my mind starts to fade to black.

    Slowly, I come down from my high. I feel her hands rubbing my chest and sides. I breathe deeply and try to regain control. I lean back, sit and let her legs move down. She circles them around my waist. My cock is still in her. I rub her stomach and we spend time together.

    I pull out of her and slid up next to her. She turns into me and cuddles against my chest. I hold her close. She sighs. I think about her as my feelings of lust and primal need fade. I rub her back and feel her relax. Her breath evens out. I fade into sleep.
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    Great story.... I miss sex :-(
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