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    hi i'm new here.. and actually i joined because i have some unanswered questions just running around in my head lol. i have a gf and we've been together for a while.. just a while ago we decided to take each other's virginity.. we felt it was the right time blah blah no regrets. we've had sex a total of 4 times now.. and it's so hard for her to orgasm! on the very first time, she almost did [i think] because her legs were shaking uncontrollably. anyways.. the first time we did didnt hurt her that much [i think i popped it previously trying something lol].. 2nd time we did it.. kinda hurt her a lil .. more than the first time.. for about 1 min.. 3rd time.. hurt more than the 2nd for about 1 min.. and the last time.. hurt even MORE for about 1 min.. I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO THE OTHER WAY AROUND? lol.. hurt less as u do it more. anyways anyways.. i had this friend who told me that she had more fun riding a rollar coaster than having sex.. until they did it about 8-9 times.. is this true? because she doesn't enjoy it nearly as much as people say they enjoy it. and i dunno how to make her orgasm other than to keep going for a long period of time.. first time we did it.. it went on for like an hour no jokes. 2nd time was an hour as well.. then we bought these new ULTRATHIN condoms and now it goes for about 20-30 min. anyways any help would be nice..! to sum up the questions i have:

    1) suggestions on how to make her orgasm.. [she's never had a vaginal orgasm nor been given a orgasm by anybody before]

    2) will she enjoy it later as much as people say they enjoy it? or will this 'it's fun.. but other stuff is more fun' continue? some experiences would help answer this question

    3) why does it hurt her more for the first 1 minute than it does each previous time? makes no sense!
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    Question 2) Unless she is very, very different from other humans she will.
    Question 3) I would guess that it is all in her head. I would think that it is making her nervous. The more she worries the worse the experience. Then each experience re-enforces her fears.
    Questions 1) Perhaps decide to spend an evening just on 'finding out what pleasures her'. Decide that intercourse is optional and that you can jack off later or in front of her afterwards. Once the worries are set aside, get the candles lit, the lights low, the music on and the clothes off. You may find this experience to be rewarding for the both of you.
    Also if you want some good 'how to please a woman' tips - try I found a couple nifty things that makes my wife scream for joy!!!
    Good luck to you both
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