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    Hi, we are a happily married couple looking for some fun in life. She is 1.70 cm (5.6 feet) and 59 kg (130p), 35 years old, originally brunette but changes her style frequently. She is really sexy and has a hot body. I am 1.86 cm ( 6.1 feet) and 86 kg (190 p), am 39 years old. I have an athletic body. We both have university education ( both with MA) and have good jobs. We want to meet nice, good looking and educated couples for webcam fun and later for swinging. So far, we have no experience, but we do really wish to experience this. We live in Turkey. For the time being, I(the husband) is San Antonio, Texas for 6 months. She will be attending me in USA in December. I (the husband) want to have some experience before she comes to San Antonio. She really want me to have this particular experience before she actually tries. If any couples are interested, you can contact me through removed or removed. We are both straight, don`t do drugs and social smoker and drinkers. As for sex, we are open to adventure.
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