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    last weekend, all had gone for the chapel service campaign and I was all at home and also my maid who was to cook me food till they returned. That night, I turned on the television and I was watching movies. My maid asked me to let down the volume and I agreed but did not. At about 2 at night, I turned on some rock music and made it unbearable for my maid to get some sleep. She came to the tv room and asked me to turn down the volume. I paid no shit to what she said. She got so furious and unknown to my knowledge. She came forward and switched off the television. I went mad. I said, "Turn it on you bitch." She came right upto me and slapped my face and sprang a kick on my groin and stood there erect like she was the winner. The pain made me to collapse and I went down holding my balls and fell on her feet. She said, "you ycalled me a bitch, now who is the bitch." Things started turning around and my fury wit her turned out to be a turn on for me. I crawled and let my face rest on her feet. She smiled and pushed my face away with her feet and said, "Who is the bitch." I said, "Im the bitch." she was happy. I again rose and let my face follow her feet. She noticed that. exclaimed, "Interesting." " So you like my feet huh." I said, "I love them, they way they are." She then said, "Kiss them like they are your ice creams." I kissed her feet deeply and sure it was deeper than to get her to dominate me. She wasted no time. She sat on the chair and began to play her feet on my face and I let her do that like a humble slave and indeed acknowledged her dominance by licking and kissing her foot. Then she pulled me up by my hair and said, "Where are you taking this to?" I said, "I love you very much. You are not the maid but the mistress of me." She said, "So you love me huh.want to make me the mistress of your world. That is interesting. So what is next. what is your idea of getting to do that." I knew what she meant. I said, " i promise to marry you and then make you the mistress of this home. I give you my life." She was still holding me by my hair. She spat on my face and laughed. She then said, "You must prove first that you love me. " I agreed. She said, "you must do whatever I ask you to.That way i want to have you in my control. " I replied,"yes im ready for that." She warned, "You can still back out. once you are in, then you will be there forever. I will be even recording few of our sessions and that will stand as evidence against you once you try backing off." i agreed to it strongly. She said, "Ok then, but first I will give you a chance to prove that you love me so much. I want you to beg me to kiss and lick my asshole." That was more enticing. I got on my knees and I held her feet and I began begging her to let me kiss her ass. I kissed her foot and licked her toenails and told her what a stupid loser Im and praised her for long. At last she let me. She stood up and she pulled down her panties and she showed me her beautiful butt and I kissed her ass cheeks fiirst and then as she separated her cheeks I let my tongue in her asshole and licked it. I cleaned her asshole of her shit and she was equally happy as me. She then removed her panties and asked me to wear it on my face. I did it and then she stripped me naked an took me to her room downstairs and made me sleep the night in the maid's bathroom. She said, "Tomorrow is the ultimate test. Be ready." and she closed the door and locked it from outside.
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