Helping my friend move

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    Just a story.
    Helping my friend move, I ended up being squeezed in the narrow stairway with his GF.
    I find her a treat to look at although I'm not sure if I would want her as a GF if she was not taken.
    Couple of times I had a nice boob rub as she went by me, even when trying to take less space.
    Sorry but, in a way I ended taking more space due to a hard on the second time.
    On the second time, it was as if she was taking more time to keep her boobs on me, looking in my eyes.
    Then she said "don't even think about it"
    Then a while later she turned her back, no boob rub. But as a consolation, it was her ass that I love looking at in those jeans that rubbed on my cock because she was carrying something that forced the contact.

    She clucked her tongue, annoyed because I stood still and made a sound, I was quite surprised it even happened.
    After unloading big items, my friend asked if we wanted something, coffee, sodas, snacks. That way I would be able to unload smaller items. After his GF and I gave our orders, she decided she was going with him.
    Excellent, I thought I would take care of my situation privately in the washroom.
    After hearing the door closed I went to business in the washroom, full hard in no time.
    I closed my eyes at times to visualize what had happened in the stairway, without the sensations unfortunately, and fantasizing she pressed her ass and rubbed my cock while I took her boobs in my hands, other things happening too.

    Then I felt a breeze, and heard her gasp. She walked in on me, eyes wide open, hand on her mouth quickly closing the door saying "SOOO sorry!"
    She had forgotten her debit card in the kitchen and was going to use the washroom before going back
    with my friend get the order.
    I talked across the closed door telling her I would let her go in, she needed it more, and after a pause
    she said she would appreciate.
    "Okay I'm coming out"
    "Your pants are back up?"
    I wanted to tell her I was going to keep them down to let her see my hard on, but I said YES.
    When I got out we had a very short glance at each other and we saw we were both red in the face,
    again her hand on her face and this time we just laughed. Tension removed.
    I used the time to bring more stuff from the moving truck (rented) and when she was done,
    she told me this time she was really leaving: "And you can take care of your nice cock in peace this time"
    I thought of asking if she has a horny female friend who could come over, but again using my filter.
    Instead, I just thanked her, causing her eyes to glance below a very short time.
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    After my friend and his GF left, well, I was no longer in the mood to take matters into my hands,
    so I just continued taking stuff out of the truck, then I got interrupted by a phone call, The display showed it was my friend.
    "Hey what's up?"
    Him: "mmmm, ironic you ask that way" laughing.
    "Yeah, she was not supposed to come back"
    "Don't worry about it. Hey listen, instead of bringing small stuff, how about I get supper for all? ...... pizza?"
    "Sure, and a ginger ale for me"
    "I knew that. Right on, okay let you go, we will go order and head back."

    I continued emptying the truck, thinking about the WHAT'S UP question. Nice timing, silly me.
    Maybe 40 minutes later there was a text. Food and company arriving in 5. Perfect, I was getting hungry.
    I almost dozed off when the door opened: "Pi-i-i-i-i-zza here!, and company."
    In they came, a warm aromatic box of pizza leading the way through the door, and they came in.
    Door was left open, so the GF called: "Come on, get in" and in came a cutie, looking shy.
    She made the intros, introducing me to Sarah. When I shook her hand, she brought it to her mouth, giggling after I let it go.

    I was getting a bit of a complex until she told Jen "you're right, did you see his eyes. the way he looked at me."
    Jen: "Shhhh, not so loud" even they were ahead of the guys going in the kitchen.
    When we got there, we al sat on the floor around the pizza box. Jen and Mike sat across each other,
    leaving me to sit across Sarah who managed to smile when I looked at her.
    Then I spotted her eyes roaming and she bit her lips - that looked sexy on her - then she looked at Jen.
    Well, now I figured they told her what happened, especially when Mike elbowed me and winked.
    "All cool man, bon appetit" and giving me a fist bump.

    Jen was chatty about her day, grabbing the attention, but occasionally Sarah and I caught each other looking at one another.
    Sometimes her eyes would look elsewhere than my eyes and face. Jen obviously told her a good story she could not forget.
    After the truck was empty, finishing it after supper, things were put away. It went faster with Sarah around.
    Jen told me not to be in the stairs at the same time as Sarah, winking at me when we were alone. I had no comeback to that.

    The work all done, we chatted a while, now sitting on chairs around the table reassembled, and at some point Mike said he felt like something .... tea or coffee. "Anyone else up for it? My treat."
    I didn't want anything, Jen wanted tea, Sarah just water.
    Mike: "you guys stay here, my treat. Be right back" then the girls went to the door - then it closed.
    I was left alone ...... no ..... Sarah came in: "I guess they wanted to be alone. (Right? maybe wanting us to be alone?)
    So I started chatting Sarah, breaking the ice, and not wanting to ignore her like some anti social idiot.
    Sarah: "they will be out a while"
    "Oh, okay, we get to watch the place by ourselves" nothing I couldn't deal with.
    "They won't be here is a while" then looking down at the floor.

    I have been a dumb slow brained guy before, I almost did it again, so I stood up, seeing Sarah watching me stand,
    then I reached with my hand: "Sarah?"
    She looked at me, and my hand, and took it. I pulled her up and stood close, heart racing:
    "okay well, I don't have a great speech ready here"
    "Then just shut up", taking one step closer to me.
    "You too shut up" I said, and she asked me to make her. It started with a slow and tentative kiss ..........
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    First kiss and jitters behind us, Sarah looked at me real up close, our noses touching. Next was a surprise.
    Her kissable parted lips became a smile then she pushed me against the wall, her hip jammed on mine,
    then her hand made its way down from my shoulder to the top of my pants.
    Oooh! Okay, I just let Sarah take the lead .....
    Her hand lingered there a bit, then she whispered she wants a nice cock, then asking if I have that for her.
    She didn't let me answer, pressing her lips on mine, her breast on my chest, and her hand going down very slow.
    I felt like fast forwarding it, but appreciating the anticipation.
    My cock was already hand when she arrived at the top of my pants, so when her fingers started at the tip of my cock,
    she had no doubt I was already hard. Then she continued kissing eyes open, her hand completing its trip resting
    on that erection yearning for more.

    I took my turn leading, holding her hand in place, undoing my pants, and sliding her hand in my underwear:
    "That all I got for you" Sarah said it will do, pulling my pants down, stepping on the bottom so I could pull my legs out.
    Then I told her it was MY turn to do the undressing.
    I stood close and looked into her eyes as I lifted her top, fingers grazing her sides. It gave her a little shiver and I felt her skin react.
    Next I started back down on her sides, up her tummy. I felt her desire in the way her belly reacted, her breathing changed.
    When I reached her breasts, I was pleased she was not wearing those padded cups.
    I took my time crawling from the undersides of her breasts, then feeling her nipples already hard.
    It was hard to resist the temptation to just go for them like a deprived undersexed animal, but I managed.

    When I started sliding the shoulder straps to the sides Sarah closed her eyes, stood closer and took my cock in her hands;
    one around the shaft, the other fondling the balls, kissing again while I unhooked the bra that fell to her elbows.
    It stayed there until she let my cock go, only when I started undoing her jeans.
    "Your nice cock is happy and jumpy for me" Sarah said, making me aware it was throbbing and leaking precum.
    When I hooked my thumbs at the waist band, Sarah turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck ..... WOW
    Once the jeans at her thigh level I used one hand only, so I could use the other to caress her belly, a bit of her breasts, repeating.
    Wandering lower, lower, I felt her heat. With my fingers teasing below and the other hand cupping her breast, I kissed her neck.
    Sarah's knees buckled a bit and she gasped, and she whispered to stop it. Not convincingly.
    More caressing, and next time I kissed her neck up to her ear, I also nibbled. Sarah stiffened her weak knees,
    turned around and pulled me down. The last contact on her neck was more than she could take (Mental note)
    Once on the floor, Sarah stripped right to business and straddled me, saying I found her weak spot, but not telling me what it was.

    Again holding my cock, she slid up close to it, rubbing herself on the shaft, pushing her clit on the tip, biting her lip.
    It took her 2 more times to go for it, guiding my cock as she slid herself down on it. Eyes closed, enjoying every inch
    penetrating her. When she reached bottom, there was some up and down sliding for a short time before she stopped:
    "You DO have a nice cock" and began grinding, her hands on my chest.
    I helped matters by caressing her sides softly, her belly and breasts, making the nipples hard again before fondling her flesh.
    they felt nice, and when I kept my fingers sliding up, Sarah stopped grinding when I reached her neck.
    She closed her eyes, her lips parted as she let a low moan. Again WOW, so sexy, so erotic.
    "I'm not telling you my weak spot", smiling and grinding again.
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    Sarah made herself orgasm on my cock, grinding.
    I loved the absence of sliding, I might have finished too soon, so once she did, I wanted to push myself deep.
    I took the lead and asked her to lay on her side, the leg on the floor straight, the other one bent, knee in front of her.
    I straddled her leg and while I would have loved to feel my balls rub her inner thigh, they were too tight for that.
    Once inside halfway, I went as slow as I could, feeling her lips crawl up to the base of my shaft while caressing her breasts.
    Once all in I just rubbed her clit, kissing her lips until I could tell her clit was taking her close. At that point I started cheating again, kissing her neck softly. Her skin and nipples reacted again, if I had 2 mouths I would use the other to suck her hard nipples at the same time!

    As Sarah started squirming and brought her arm around my head, I also oved my lips around to her ear, shoulder.
    I found her neck just below her ear was her sweet spot and I waited a bit before going back to it.
    Sliding my cock in and out but staying deep, the motion brought the tingling sensations quicker than I expected,
    Now there were 2 persons moaning and I kept my cock in motionless until I got what I was looking for.
    It took maybe 2 more minutes at most, not sure, but when she started tilting her pelvis and lifting her leg to give me
    better access to her clit, I started kissing her neck again, working up slowly until I reached close to her ear.

    I was not able to see, but I imagined her nipples all hard. As she started bucking I pushed my cock in harder.
    She loved it: "OH YESSSS!" and as I bit her earlobe I felt my orgasm arrive, too slow but it got Sarah hers.
    I felt like I was at the rodeo - riding a horny orgasming woman being the thing - and after she was done I was able to have my turn,
    sliding. It took 3 strokes and when I started I reached for her breast, her nipple still hard, again wow.
    I let out a louder moan and even Sarah did as I fucked her hard and deep.
    Feeling my cum rise in my cock and then spasming as I came inside her, I kept going until it got too sensitive - not very long after.
    When I stopped I became aware my knees were hurting from the hard floor, but I was satisfied, like her at least.
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    After cleaning up a bit and getting dressed, I had the sense of opening the back door and windows to air out the place,
    then I sat on the floor close to where something nice happened. Sarah asked if I mind she sat beside me.
    I smiled and patted the space next to me, and when she sat she snuggled. I didn't expect that but I liked it,
    and then said it was nice, fun. When I said I enjoyed, Sarah got my arm around her neck, letting her brown hair rest on my arm.
    Then Sarah said she didn't expect to think that she likes me, that we should do it again, running her fingers through the hair on my arm.

    When I didn't comment right away Sarah pulled away a bit to look at me, and after running that through my head a couple of seconds,
    I said I like her too so far, and if that was a proposition to get to know each other better, I was open to it.
    Go figure, go all the way on a first date before getting to know a potential girlfriend.
    Sarah probably read my mind as she said she didn't have that it mind either at first, but feeling "something".
    "you too?" I said, and to that Sarah moved off. This time to kiss me after saying we should not rush things. (Not rush??)
    Back to the snuggling, we chatted about this and that, and when we heard the door, Sarah started getting off me but after a quick hesitation she got back where she was, holding my arm around her neck.
    When Jen and Mike walked in on us, Sarah said we just fell asleep and she got cold a bit.
    "You liar!" smiling at Sarah. "you wasted no time getting acquainted", winking at Sarah.
    "You gave us no choice, leaving us alone too long"
    "well, ....., we had some things to go get too, never mind"

    Later on Jen whispered to Sarah she could tell we had sex, and that she knew that she's like me, maybe more than she expected.
    Sarah told me later about the conversation, and that she could not hide anything, that we would see where things go.

    Well, I dated Sarah for 2 years, and life took things in a different direction, no more dating Sarah.
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    No more dating Sarah like I said, but a few years later I get a text. Sarah, yes.
    She was asking if I would be home, needing to see me after work, accompanied by a wink.
    Absolutely, I was looking forward to seeing her that evening.

    Well she did arrive late in the evening. I made sure she would find the house appealing, no dirty dishes and laundry, you know.
    When she arrived, I was ready, waiting for her and opened the door, helped her out of her coat (thinking about out of other things too),
    and she did notice that I kept the place clean.
    Then Sarah stood there looking at me, it's been a short few years, and still desirable, asking if I missed her.
    I didn't tell her Yes or NO, but I kissed her and led her to the living room.
    Being thoughtful, I started massaging her feet, she came with high heels which she wore at work.
    "Oh my god! don't stop, I just love your touch", laying down, feet on my lap.

    After switching feet and taking my time massaging it as good as the other one, the mischievous mind came alive.
    After caressing her legs and feet I tickled the bottom of her feet. She pulled her feet away and squealed then put her hand on her mouth:
    "You are making me scream, stop it ....."
    "You're right, I won't do that again" and she put her feet back on my lap.
    As she nudged my cock with her heel we looked at each other with a smile, but things changed:
    "mommy, daddy" a cute copy of Sarah walking in on us, clutching her teddy, hair dishevelled.

    Sarah: "Oh sorry honey, your daddy made me wake you up? come here for a little bit" now sitting and letting her sit between us
    after hugging her mom. "How was your day honey?"

    Like I said, I am NOT dating Sarah anymore. :)
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