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Discussion in 'Sexual Foreplay and Techniques' started by Honeyz23, Dec 22, 2004.

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    Dec 22, 2004
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    Hi everybody, I came across this forum while looking for more sexual positions on the internet.
    I have a great partner and we both enjoy a good sex-life, always looking for new ways to spice up our physical side.
    But there is one position I'm always having problems with : Woman-on-Top!
    I dont know how to move my pelvis once I'm on top of him! I'm rather inflexible with my hips. When I watch films or blue movies the women always seem to be very agile!
    How do I give my man the best ride of his life?
  2. Logger

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    Dec 6, 2003
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    One strategy I enjoy, is to hold contact with the pubic mound and the area above the penis. I enjoy gentle grinding. The woman can arch her back and jiggle her breasts and swipe her nipples through my lips.

    Another working strategy is to embrace, teats against teats, and create stroking by sliding up and down, attached at the chest, and the movement coming from between the skin and the chest muscles. I like to hold the woman's buns, and control the limitations and speed of the movement.

    Another nifty maneuver is to clasp each other, chest to chest, and then have the woman hold her hips up with her knees, and move side to side, keeping just the tip inside. Sort of a knob job, with the shaft of the penis out of the action, excpet getting bent side to side.

    Usually, I do not climax being underneath, but I really enjoy my woman on top for a while. I like to climax grinding, with me on top, pushing down. I usualy stat out on top, and then grab my woman's buns, and roll over and pull her on top of me.

    Maybe you could just try different strategies that seem comfortable for you, and just ask if your partner is ready to switch , and ask what would bring pleasure next?

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