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Discussion in 'General Sex Discussion' started by huntvirus, Mar 31, 2008.

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    hi frnds. i am male with over whelmed sexual mentality.. i wanted to have sex day n night and whomever i see.. recently when i read a paper in my language there was a news stating this is a mental disease.. i couldn find the name of the disease in english.. so if anyone happen to no it tell me.. i need to get cured from this shit soon.. i think the name starts with S.. but not sure.. or tell me the link to find these types of disease name.
    i have already sent this..

    got a clue to be as SATRIYASIS.. anybody knows abt this..

    see even if i see my cousin sis i get tempted.. moreover i have kissed n hugged them with their permission.. in our country these r wrong behaviour or bad minded.. tats y i needed to know whether this name Satriyasis is got up to me..
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    None of us is a doctor or a psychiatrist and therefore none of us can really tell you whether you have satyriasis or not. You've already posted a similar thread:

    A number of us responded and said that from the limited amount of information you provided that you sounded perfectly normal. Did you read the replies to that thread? If you did, I'm not sure why you posted this one. What more do you want us to do for you?

    I assume that since you have a membership here that you have access to internet search engines. If you really want to know about satyriasis and whether you might have it then why don't you look it up?

    Here's a start:
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