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    It was New Year's Eve and we were 'seeing in the bells' (welcoming in the new year) at the home of our friends Charlie and Mairi. My wife, Siobhan, and myself arrived fairly early - too early considering how much drinking would be done! Siobhan, Mairi and I worked together and had been friends for a few years. Charlie was Mairi's husband. As the evening wore on more friends arrived and the drink flowed. A few of our musician friends and myself were making fools of ourselves as we tried to perform despite being a bit too 'relaxed'. The Bells (midnight) arrived and with it the usual celebrations started.

    I suppose that was when it began. Inhibitions were shed as we embraced friends and colleagues who we would normally only respect for their friendship. But was it as platonic as that between us? Of the four of us, Charlie was the most open sexually. Frequently introducing sexual and risqué topics into our conversations. Some which made me uncomfortable, let alone the girls. Anyway, the 4 of us found ourselves in hall of the flat. Waiting in the toilet queue - (been there?). Since we had shared a kiss and embrace with our opposite partners at midnight, Charlie found a way to pass the time as we waited for the queue to go down. Why not find out what we thought of each other's partner's kissing ability. Didn't seem much harm it - just a simple kiss. Siobhan was not so keen, being a bit shy, this would be a big thing for her and I knew it. However, I was beginning to get into this. Mairi was different from my wife. Slightly taller, a bit heavier, with larger boobs. Siobhan was small, slim and very coy. As couples we stood next to each other. I placed my hands lightly on Mairi's hips and we leant forward and kissed lightly. She was flushed with the drink and heat of the flat but she still tasted sweet. Just a simple kiss. I looked at Siobhan. Charlie and her had kissed too but Sio was clearly uncomfortable. She was averting eye contact with Charlie. However, he was still pushing on with this, encouraging us to try again. I think he believed that eventually Sio's resistance would weaken and she would get into it. I pulled Mairi towards me again, this time she clasped her hands behind my waist and we kissed. This time longer - and we held it there. We did not break apart. I glanced at my wife again. She was still uncomfortable. But I was beginning to drift. I could feel the heat radiate from Mairi's body as we stood together. We kissed for the third time. Closer, tighter this time. I felt her hands clasp tighter behind me. Our chests came together and then the barrier broke. I felt her tongue gently push between my lips. This no longer seemed an innocent game. The embrace became deeper, warmer. We pressed together tightly. I could feel her breasts push into my chest. I could feel her heat through my shirt. I pulled her hips towards me. I could feel her press into me and I am sure she knew how hard I was getting. As our tongues explored each others mouths, she rhythmically pressed against the bulge in my pants. We continued like this for a few minutes then Mairi suggested that we move to a room off the hall to see if there was an en suite toilet available. I'm not sure if Sio was suspicious of this but I followed Mairi into the room - it was dark. We grabbed each other. I think we knew that this would be rushed. We kissed again. Slowly, I slid my hand inside her top and up towards her breast. Their was no resistance. I'm not sure that I could believe this was happening. She pulled away from me slightly to allow me to cup her breast. Large, soft and warm, I ran my hand up and over it. We still kissed. She moaned slightly. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger. Again, she let out a soft moan. I ran my hand down her side away from her breast. As reluctant as I was to leave it, I was lost now.

    My hand slipped across her stomach and inched beneath the waistband of her skirt. I hesitated. If she did not stop me now, there would be no stopping. She did not resist, other than to pause in her kissing. She was anticipating the touch. My hand pushed lower. My mind raced. It seemed an age before my finger touched the fold that told me she was completely shaved. Softly I lowered my hand and my finger felt the lips of her vagina. One finger pushed underneath her to find her wet and warm. She gasped.

    We pushed into the small bathroom off the bedroom. I locked the door.

    We had broken apart. She grabbed the waste button of my pants and fumbled to release it. She managed it and lowered my zip. Slipping a hand into my pants she felt me. Harder than I had been for years. I lifted her onto a counter beside the sink, pulled her legs to either side of me and removed her panties. They were damp. I buried my head in her pussy. My tongue licked her from her pink anus, across her vagina and rested on her clit. She moaned and squirmed. I tongued her clit like that for what seemed like an age. She was holding my cock and although she was not stroking me, I could feel myself tighten in her hand. She was too focussed on herself at the moment to stroke me. Her breathing became faster, deeper, her neck was flushed all the way down between her breasts. I knew she was on the brink and this was to be my moment too. I held her legs apart, placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed into her. She was wetter than any woman I had ever experienced. I went in so easily and so deep that I could not see myself. Her head fell forward onto my shoulders as she shook. I thrust for a few strokes and I joined her as we came together.

    We kissed softly after that and realised what we had done. We looked at each other guiltily. We both seemed very sober now. We cleaned ourselves and went back to our partners. Both were now back with the other guests. Siobhan looked at me and held her gaze on me for a few minutes. I'm sure she suspected, but did she know. I've never asked and neither has she.

    Mairi and I found it difficult afterwards. The first time in each others company was awkward but we got over it and continued as friends - all 4 of us!

    Next week………..how Hamish found love on his single handed, non-stop, circumnavigation of the earth in a row boat!
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