Hairy legs/leg shaving

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    When I was growing up in London though most women had shaved legs it was also quite common to see some with hairy legs- especially certain groups of women- hippyish, intellectual types, arty, European visitors,feminists. That was back in the 1970s + these days it's difficult to see any hairy legs on women.

    However this certainly affected my sexuality +I found I really liked natural earthy women. Going to Uni there were many women unshaved + my landlady- a married woman in her 30s with 3 young children had fairly hairy legs. Then one evening about a year after me being there + I sat on the sofa to watch the TV she came in in her dressing gown + I suddenly noticed her legs were now hairless- OMG she had shaved them.

    Part of me was a little disappointed as I did find her shapely fuzzy calves a turn on. Now I've never understood why every image for lady shavers always bizarrely shows a woman shaving already hairless legs- you never see a pair of hairy legs being shaved. So I began imagining my landlady in the bath actually shaving her hairy legs + suddenly realised that I found this imagery pretty erotic. My right hand was busy that night!

    Move on a few months and in a flat share with some other students. Again a couple of the girls sported some leg hair. One day one of the girls decided she was going to shave her lower legs + announced to the rest of the flat, inviting all to come into the bathroom to watch (first shave in 2 years!). She came into the bathroom in a bikini-a solid body but not fat. She was also pretty hairy with some thick dark hair under her arms, a lot of hair escaping from her bikini onto her thighs, fine hair on the rest of her thighs and some more heavy growth on her shins.

    Have to say by this point I was already incredibly aroused with an uncomfortable bulge + wet patch! Loved seeing the patterns of her wet body hair and then watching her soap those fuzzy calves.In what seemed like an eternity she then ran a razor from her ankle to her knee- a clear stripe of skin appearing behind with a forest of dark hair either side. As she reached the knee the razor was choked with long hairs. I think by this point I'd already come in my pants. So it continued as the hairless skin dominated over the remaining hairy bits.

    It was a fascinating contrast to see one shaved leg against a hairy leg + then she continued with the other leg. Afer she'd finished I was really aroused by the contrasts of her smooth legs, some fine thigh hair + her massive bush spilling out. That evening I couldn't stop wanking over the spectacle of her shaving her hairy legs + the hairy bits left- I don't know why but it just so turned me on.

    To this day I still love earthy hairy women yet the thought of a woman shaving hairy or very stubbly legs really excites me ( regular shaving doesn't have the same impact- want to see decent stubble or long hair shaved)- I love the whole process, so a woman who grows out during the winter before a spring shave is manna from heaven.

    Anyone else here also find this erotic, or any guy who has shaved a woman's legs or woman shaved by a partner? Anyone else who finds hairy legs sexy? I do love the look + feel of body hair but the occasioanal shave adds some spice. Also like running my hands up bristly legs.