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    I am wearing a knee length skirt that blows in the cool breeze.
    You start throbbing at the sight of my ass, assuming that the little v-string underneath the skirt, won't be there for long. You need to reach down a bit to touch the top of my ass cheeks.
    You move your hand higher and rub my back and touch the curls of my hair hanging down my neck. You grab my hair and stroke it rough, grabbing hard so that I can't move my head.
    Standing behind me, I feel the swell of your pants get hot and throb.
    I feel your other hand come around under my blouse to find my nipple, hard with excitement, as you twirl it between your fingers. Rolling it, as I arch my back and make sure my greedy ass can feel your hard cock, I start to breathe, deep, in and out faster and faster, heart pounding up into my throat.
    With your hand still grabbing my hair so I can't move, your other hand strays away from nipple, lower, under my blouse to find the waist of the skirt.
    Your fingers find their way under the skirt, like a magnet to my wet, sweet pussy.
    You push aside the lace you feel. My pussy is so smooth and inviting.
    You can feel me throbbing with your finger. as it finds it way inside me. Then the second, then the third finger filling me, as I ass grind your cock.
    My ass spasming, wanting you to tease it.
    I reach around and start to rub your jeans.
    Your fingers penetrating, my grinding and deep breathing is going to bring me to my knees with the feeling of wanting to scream with orgasmic warmth rushing through my blood.
    I moan, knowing this is only the beginning of a hot, sensual encounter. I lick your fingers and then lick my lips.
    I want to turn around so badly and look into your eyes, to feel your hot breath on my lips, to feel your chest heave in and out, but you hold my hair and won't let go and tell me to be quiet, not to make a sound.
    Your hand finally lets go of my hair and I feel the warmth of your hand all over my ass cheeks.
    The sound of the zipper on your jeans gives me a rush, I hold my breath, but do not make a noise. You were almost going to grab my hair again, but didn't.
    I can feel your chest pressing up against my back and your hard cock teasing the roundness of my behind.
    It feels warm and wet. I can feel my sweetness dripping down my legs, the scent of sweet sex still on my lips.
    Your thumbs start to tease my tight little hole.
    I try not moan, but I do, and you reach for my hair and pull it so hard, it brings my head back far enough to see your face.
    Your cock is now teasing my ass. I need to relax.
    Your fingers caress and massage ever so slowly as I am desperate for you to fill me.
    You work your finger in and relaxing me until you have your finger in my ass and are able to turn and rotate it and slide it in and out.
    You repeat this slow procedure and soon you can push two fingers inside my tight, inviting ass. I am starting to relax more and am enjoying this anticipating the next few minutes.
    You explore my pussy, to tease me again, then slide your cock inside, then again.
    You move back to my ass. You place the swollen head of your cock at my hole and slowly push forward. I moan again, knowing full well, you will pull my hair hard, my muscles tighten, and you stop pushing, only for a moment.
    Finally, your throbbing, swollen cock enters my slippery asshole.
    Once inside, filling me with pleasure, you stop, to massage my butt and hip, moving your hand from my hair to my shoulder.
    You start to push again and again until you are in my ass deep, penetrating me.
    You stop and pull back.
    You enter again, with more force this time, I know not to make a sound, I want to feel you so deep inside me.
    You start thrusting, hard, I am greedy and want more. Your hand on my hip, the other on my shoulder, ramming your swollen head, inside of me so deep.
    I feel you body slamming against mine. I begin to move back and forth, against you, so you can be deeper inside me.
    You grab my hips and stop, you slide inside me easier now, again and again, teasing my hole.
    You reach forward and finger my swollen little bud, I turn around to look into your passionate eyes, as I do, you slam my body forward, forcing your cock way up into my ass with one hard blow.
    A deep moan comes from my throat, like an animal.
    I try to move my body back, but you pull back to and ram me again, so hard and so deep and so fast.
    I moan loud again, you repeat your rough actions, over and over again.
    I start to scream, grunt and moan. The more I do, the more you exit and enter me, harder and deeper each time.
    You enjoy listening to me make these animal noises and I enjoy you reaming my tight ass repeatedly.
    My breathing starts to become more rapid and the moans more intense. You start grunting with me, you are close to cumming.
    You continue to ram my ass until my animal moans become softer, anticipating my orgasm.
    You speed up and rub my pussy with your fingers.
    You stop pumping me and I know you filling me up with your hot, sweet cum.
    I start squeezing my round breasts, as I hold my breath, anticipating the hot, flush, tingling sensations that travels throughout my quivering body.
    You hold on to me, still inside me, feeling me tremble and breath slow and hard.
    I feel you slip out of me. Thrilled we shared an orgasm together, but disappointed that it is over.
    You turn me around, grabbing my hair once again, because you know, that I actually enjoy it.
    You grab my ass, under my skirt, with the other hand to pull me so close to you.
    You slowly stick your tongue into my mouth to play with my tongue.
    Slowly, our warm tongues explore each other. The smacking of our lips together, slowly but hard.
    My body, slowly stops shivering. Both of us exhausted.
    Content. Satisfied.
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    Keep up the good work.
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    Chicago area
    Oh yeah!!!:phat
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