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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Adramalech, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I'm trying to get as much insight as I can so please help me out if you can. I'm trying to get a new split going.

    Workouts usually involve 20-25 total sets per body part with 4-5 different exercises.

    Before it was:
    Mon: Chest/Abs
    Tues: Back/Calves
    Weds: Arms/Abs
    Thurs: Cardio
    Fri: Legs/Calves
    Sat: Shoulders/Abs
    Sun: Off

    But i'm thinking about joining the military again so I'm taking a "Better be safe than sorry" method and training before hand so if I do decide to go in, i'll be physically prepped. My new split is:

    Mon: Chest/Abs
    Tues: Back/Calves
    Weds: Cardio
    Thurs: Legs/Calves
    Fri: Cardio
    Sat: Shoulders/Arms/Abs
    Sun: Off

    I'm going to place a stronger emphasis on the cardio after workouts. Before it was a 1mile run @ 10mph on a 1% incline. Now i'm starting to use the same speed and distance, but on a random hill setting so I can slowly build up speed and distance. Then use Weds/Fri as HIIC days to improve lung capacity and overall endurance. Goal is to go 2-2.5 miles every day and then 3-4 miles on Weds/Fri. So, for what I want to do, how does it look?
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