Guys: ever wanted to be 'caught' by a woman?

Discussion in 'Sexual Fetishes and Fantasies' started by babyjaws2, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Since I was in my teens I have always dreamed of being held against my will like handcuffed or restrained against a bed somehow by a crazy yet very beautiful stalker woman who is madly in love with me and cannot stop her urges to be with me sexually anymore and takes matters into her own hands after ignoring her advances for ages and having feelings for another woman. Somehow she would drug me and take me somewhere and I would end up helpless.

    I would try and plea and bargain my way out of it but she would not listen and just get undressed while watching me squirm to get free while smirking and giving me taunting remarks like; 'relax you know you might even enjoy it'.

    She would strip me by cutting off all my clothes and I would try not to get hard but she would touch me down there until I get hard in a very quick time and would remark how she thought I was willing after all despite how I didn't want this but the reality is easy it is for any man to get hard. When it came to the point where she would be having sex with me I would have a piece of cloth tied around my head and mouth as a gag to shut me up to make it easier for her.

    I would not want none of these gimp masks or bondage stuff or sextoys. Just a beautiful woman in love with me and making love to me and me being able to do nothing about it.

    Any other guys ever fantasized about this? hope its not just me. I don't think its a common fantasy for guys anyway its extremely unlikely such a thing would happen in real life but what the hell its only fantasy.
  2. CaramelLady


    Many men fantasize about scenarios like this. Not hardcore SM, but the restraints, being submissive, etc.
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    When I read the thread title, I thought it meant 'caught' as in 'busted', didn't even think of 'caught' meaning 'captured' lol

    Homonyms are neat :)
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