Guide to a Successful First Date

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Kronnie, May 14, 2007.

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    This was something i found online at uknetguide. (Also i thought it was a pretty good guide, i do a lot of these things on a date , but not all, which is maybe why im single hehe )

    The feeling you get before a first date is often halfway between giddy anticipation and mortal fear. With a little forethought, care and good manners, you can enjoy all of the excitement and none of the dread.

    It’s a good idea to make your first date a short one – a lunch, perhaps. Agreeing to meet for just a couple of hours will seem less daunting. If things go well, you can always carry on the date for as long as you like. Before you leave the house, make sure your hands, fingernails and hair are all clean. They’re the signs of good personal grooming. Have a light snack before you go out to avoid hunger pangs – but don’t drink alcohol. You don’t want to turn up tipsy (and you mustn’t drink too much during the date).
    Lateness will be regarded as insulting or an indication of laziness. Show up early so that when your date arrives, he or she will see that you have made an effort. And have a back-up plan in case things go awry. So if the walk in the park is rained off, the restaurant is closed or the cinema is full, you can seamlessly shift to plan B.


    Speak to your prospective partner before the date about where you’ll be going and the most appropriate way to dress. This might make for a slightly awkward conversation, but it will be less embarrassing than turning up in all your finery to discover that your date and everyone around you is in their casual gear.

    Less is more. It’s okay to look alluring, but not sleazy. Avoid ostentatious make up, masses of jewellery and hairspray (it smells bad). Don’t look self-consciously fashionable. Wear clothes that fit, not ones you spill out of. If you want to reveal some flesh, limit it to one area of the body.

    Avoid T-shirts with slogans, novelty cufflinks and comedy ties. If you’re uncomfortable in a suit, don’t wear one. But do look as if you’ve made an effort. Don’t show off your tattoos or feet (no sandals!) Don’t overdo the aftershave, and use deodorant to avoid unsightly sweat patches.
    Never sacrifice style for comfort, and don’t try to dress in a way that you normally wouldn’t.


    Preparation is the key here. A vague mental plan of what you want to talk about will help. Flick through a couple of newspapers to brush up on current affairs and showbiz news. Don’t be afraid to discuss serious issues, but steer clear of anything too contentious – i.e. politics and religion.
    To begin with, you can fill time by making small talk about the other person’s day and journey, about where they live, what they do for a living, what they do in their spare time, and so on.

    Be complimentary, but don’t overdo the flattery because it will seem needy. Don’t mention ex-partners (except in passing) or reveal intimate secrets. Don’t appear to be making plans for your future together. Talking about how many children you’d like to have or your idea of the perfect wedding will seem threatening to the other person. And most importantly, listen as much as you talk.

    Would this be a good guide for a first time date ?
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    I had some dating guides, but I had to remove them after the server upgrade. I may put them back up. Anyways, the best advice I can give is be yourself and show interest in the person you are meeting.
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