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    This is an experience i had with my ex that still gets me worked up. My ex is a bartender and used to come home very late and i would usually be sleeping when he came back. One night after I had gone to bed, i awoke to my bf sitting on top of me butt naked. His fully erect cock was stairing me strait in the face. He asked "arent you going to suck it". still bit disoriented from waking up i opened my mouth and began lazily blowing him. He pulled out and told me that wasnt good enough. He got up and ripped off the covers from over me. only in my briefs, he pulled them off of me. He could see that i was fully erect and more ready to fool around. he backed up onto me and we started to 69 each other. after a few minutes and bringing each other close to orgasm, he stopped and hopped off the bed. he reached into a drawer and pulled out some lube and came over to me. i rolled over and propped my ass up in the air for him as he squirted lube on my ass. i began to moan as he put a finger in my ass to get me ready and moaned louder wen the second went in. a few minutes later he was balls deep in my ass and i bit my pillow in ecstacy. we both came after about 10 minutes and went to bed. i woke up to this surprised a few times :D
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