Going To See My Parents In A Couple Weeks

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Kermit, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Around the 30th I will be going to see some family. So i will probably get on for a short amount of time to check messages maybe post to a thread or two as there is net there and i will be bringing my laptop (unless i decide to leave it home as it's a pain to transport since the lid does not close). I'm gonna be gone for about 3 weeks.

    Gonna help take care of my Grandmother, catch up with my parents, gonna do the same with my Uncle (who last time i saw him barely had a beard and now has one to his navel) and shave his head. It'll be healthy to have some extended time with family cause they're not gonna be around forever.

    Gonna go to Alabama get the whore to sign some divorce papers (which i have to sit on for a month before i can file) which should be interesting. If she DARES to try to stipulate or demand alimony or a division of debt...i have a secret weapon...i know things about her she doesn't want her mom to know ;). Plus i'm gonna get the DUI school taken care of finally. Learn how not to do something i've never done or wanted to do before lol.

    So sorry after all this time of being gone to tell you guy this but it's necessary to get my life in order and to spend some time with my Grandma who may not have long to live. I call her everyday to make sure she's still alive and keep her company and lift her spirits.
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