Going to heaven

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    Miss Parker was talking about God and what happens to people when they did.
    Asking answers from the class she particularly wanted to avoid asking little Johnny,
    he always had something obscene and uncensored to say.

    So among the raised hands, avoiding little Johnny, she picked a little girl:
    "Amanda, tell me what you think"
    Amanda: "I think it's the heart that goes to heaven first, because Jesus is in our hearts."
    Miss Parker: "Very good. Anyone else?" and more hands shot up, little Johnny's too.

    "You here Michael, what do you think?"
    Michael: "It's the brain, because we think about God"
    Very good! Anything else?"
    Little Johnny is persistent and always raises his hand high, this time looking a little disappointed he doesn't get asked. Miss Parker has a soft heart and figures little Johnny could not be vulgar about heaven so she picks him.

    Little Johnny: "It's the legs! It's the legs, I know, it's the legs ..."
    Miss Parker: "You seem quite sure of that, please tell us"
    Little Johnny: "The other day I cracked the door to spy on my big sister .... her boyfriend was on top of her.
    She had her legs up and was moaning [Oh God, I'm coming, I'm coming .... Oh God!"
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