Fun times with Elisa

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    I met Alisa a few times and last time was the best.
    I picked her up and got to my place and we just enjoyed talking and each other's company until there was hints of desires in her body language. I took the lead and took her hand, held her close, walked to the bedroom, lots of anticipation.
    I had thumping heart beats thinking about this moment, and of kissing her.
    We half got ourselves undressed and helped each other and I was so happy to see her small boobs, nice nipples, her nice body and her shaved pussy.
    Before I got too far she had me sitting on the edge of the bed and took my hard cock in her hand, kneeling very close to me. I couldn't wait to caresss her all over and when I got my hands on her breasts, I could feel her heartbeat. I could tell she was a bit nervous but she is braver than I am. She went for the kissing first
    and all I could do is hold her tight and kiss not only with my lips.
    Being so close to me, my hard cock was pressed against her belly.
    After the kissing she went for some oral, she obviously loves pleasing that way (it makes me hard every time I think about it) and I told her not to go at it for too long, I was already aroused enough as it is.
    She got back up for more kissing, using her hands a while.
    I was hoping to have my turn giving her the same kind of attention but she wanted to have me inside sooner.
    Wanting it from behind, OMG she feels good being inside so I went slow, being well aroused already, and more sensitive when doing it from behind.

    Alisa told me she orgasms more that way so I had a good idea her g-spot is the place for her, so I aimed for it more often than not to make sure I did things right, also rubbing other places.
    Like I said, it felt so good I could not stay deep for very long despite the desites to push in deep.
    I had to stop several times to make sure she orgasmed from my cock but only after I found out she had a few smaller orgasms, and when I stopped she felt my cock orgasm from edging when holding short from losing control.

    Thrusting, caressing her all over and taking her small boobs in my hands very often, then I finally lost it.
    Only then I went deep and fast. Once all done I kept going while still hard, fighting the extra sensitivity post ejaculation for as long as I could.

    Alisa then told me she orgasmed a few times, she is a quieter one, it turns out.
    She never had a quiet using his hands inside and she trusts me enought o let me do it.
    She liked the attention alright and things got real wet as I took the time to explore everything.
    I was getting sore and thinking about taking a break, then at the right time there was her sign she was so close. Ow, putting up with the tired arm I kept going and going.
    This time it was a bigger orgasm and that took her to her limit, time to rest the arm.
    I think her previous partners didn't care too much about pleasing her before, this was her first time.
    I was a little surprised to see her mascara smudged when the lights were on again.
    Then we just rested sort of, just being together.
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