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Discussion in 'Erotic Literature' started by Firecracker, Jul 20, 2007.

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    I had been messing around on the computer all day waiting for you to come home from work. As soon as you called saying you were on your back; I unbuttoned another button on my shirt exposing my ample cleavage. As I sit waiting for you I imagine what sexual delights await us in the bedroom. I feel my face flush with sudden heat and my thighs clench in anticipation. After what seems like an eternity you walk in the door. I put our meal on the table and we sit down to eat. You keep glancing at my open shirt as we try to eat our meal. I see your glances and enjoy the attention. I feel my heart rate quicken. Soon, I hear you unzip your pants and then you say: "See what you did?" I look as you show me your bulging manhood. "Wow, did I do that?" You say that you're very tempted on going to the bedroom that very minute, that the food will still be there. I don't need any more encouragement than that. You get to the bedroom first having already shed your clothes on the way there. I slip out of my shorts clad now only in my the panties you like, and my cleavage- baring shirt. I walk slowly to the bedroom making sure you get a full view of what I'm not wearing. You are laying on your back as I straddle you. Slowly you unbutton my shirt and sink your face into my into the soft spot between my breasts. I lean in and kiss you gently. You begin to rub my nipples through my bra as my breath quickens. You ask me to face the other way and I oblige. I feel you stroking your cock along the back of my ass. I can hear your breathing getting faster and feel your cock growing harder. I love the feet of its hardness and heat on the back of my ass! I tell you to keep teasing me. After a few minutes you move aside my panties and I can feel your cock at the entrance to my back door.I'm surprised as I feel you push your cock into my ass. I slide my ass down onto until you fill me up. Feeling it's fullness inside me. I gasp in my pleasure. You grab my hips and slowly move me up and down on your hard cock as I my hips rock against you. The intensity builds and you grab my ass pushing me even harder onto your cock. I feel my wetness start to build and feel my pussy tighten. I hear your breathing coming hot and heavy now. We both start to moan. You ask me to put two fingers into my pussy. I slide two fingers into my hot and wet pussy. I am slick with wetness. I move my fingers in and out and feel waves of pleasure. Everything else disappears and there is only our hot bodies rocking faster against each other. You say : "Feel me fucking you deep your ass"! As you say this you move even harder on me. I feel your cock tighten in me and feel it shudder several times as you spurt your seed inside me. Afterwards, I sit trying to catch my breath with you still inside me. Wow, what a surprise that night was. I will forever remember it's passion and intensity!
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    May 13, 2007
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    wow thats hot
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