Foreplay and getting turned on

Discussion in 'Sex and Relationships' started by beautygirl, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Apr 5, 2013
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    I was recently in a relationship, hadnt been in one where we were sexual for a while. We didnt have sex but we played about alot.

    I always got really turned on easily and i was really attracted to him.

    Sometimes when he stimulated my clit it did really turn me on but i never really got orgasm like i did when i masturbated myself, i think I felt an orgasm but it was very subtle.

    Anyway we did alot of dry humping and it always did more for me when i was ontop of him. Sometimes he would get on me and I would get turned on and have a tiny orgasm or i would have orgasmed from being ontop of him, then he would continue doing stuff but i was completely turned off and it wouldnt do anything for me, is that normal or should woman be able to have mutiple orgasms? And I always felt something like a really subtle orgasm, but nothing like when i masturbated myself.
    Plus Im not sure he really knew how woman work coz he just randomly jumped on and started thrusting into me (fully clothed) without any prior foreplay, and the thrusting wasnt always that pleasant, it may have felt better if he rubbed him self against me!

    Can you experienced people just make me feel at peace that I am normal, and any good/bad experiences you have had!
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