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    It was a warm overcast morning when we left the motel for our ride back to town. My wife was wearing her long sundress which shows off her ample tits well and as she had it unbuttoned just below her waist when she walked I could get a great view of her sexy legs.We said our goodbyes to the group we had been on the piss with the night before and headed away.

    As we were driving through town I couldnt keep my eyes of her legs as the sundress had fallen open. The sight of her legs and thighs caused a stirring in my pants and I had an idea. Once we left the outskirts of town I placed my hand on her leg and gently rubbed her thigh from her knee as far as I could up towards her pussy. She looked over and and asked if I was OK, i tuned to her and said I would be better if I could stick a finger or 2 into her puss. She said nothing and just uncrossed her legs a little so I could get my hand just close enogh to feel her panties.
    As I drove on I tried harder and harder to get my hand on her cunt and I could tell she was starting to enjoy the feeling as her legs were slowly getting further and further apart.

    I was now massaging her wet puss through her panties and then she did some thing that suprised me. She lifted herself up and slid her panties off and dropped them on the floor. I now had unrestriced access to her cunt and I wasted no time in sliding 2 fingers straight inside her. The moan she let out told me that she was up for some fun so as I drove on at 100kmh I finger fucked her for all i was worth. I would rub her clit and then stick 3 or 4 fingers inside her and each time she climaxed she would throw her head back and let out a scream that only I could hear.
    She now had 1 leg hooked over the gear lever and the other leg up on the dash with her soaking wet puss in full view of any vans or trucks that we passed. The sight I was seeing was making it very hard to concetrate on my driving but I was damn sure I was going to keep rubbing and poking that wet cunt for as long as I could.
    We drove through a little village and i thought she would move and cover up but she just sat there with my fingers in her pussy in full view of the camper vans and people walking by which nearly made me blow my load in my pants.

    Once we got of the village she moved and I though the fun might be over but then she proceeded to take my throbbing cock out of my shorts and give me a wicked handjob. The feeling of her hand on my cock and with what we had been up to made me want to cum there and then but I told her to stop as I wanted to cum deep in her pussy. She stopped and i relaxed for a minute or 2 than she moved again and slid her warm mouth over my cock and started to give me a blowjob while i was still driving.
    As she was kneeling on the passsengers seat sucking my cock I reached over her back and slid two fingers back into her cunt, man she was wet. I was hoping there would be a camper or a truck we could pass so I could show off what a great woman I had married. This went on for 30 mins or so with me telling her to stop each time I got clese to cuming she must have cum 3 times on my hand. As we went through the next town she moved to the back seat which pissed me off abit as her sucking my cock while I fingered her at 100kmh was fucking awesome!!!

    As we got out of town again I looked in the mirror to see that she had pulled her dress up over her waist and had 3 of her own fingers buried deep in her soaking cunt. Fuck me i said, i could not believe how hot she looked spread out on the back seat with her legs spread wide and her hand working away on her puss. She told me to find some where to stop so i could fuck her and I spent the next 10 mins looking for a place to stop while keeping an eye in the mirror. I heard her cum twice while she was poking herself and that made my cock even harder that it had been. I found and old logging road and spun the car in and rushed to get out and in the back seat.
    As I ripped the door open she slid her fingers out which left me staring at her hot wet soaking pussy that had been fingered and rubbed for the last hour and a half. I dove in and stuck my tounge deep inside her cunt and gave her the licking of her life while I rubbed her clit with my left hand. With my right hand I was getting my hard cock out so i could ram it deep into her sex.

    Once I had made her cum on my mouth I dragged her from the back seat and laid her across the bonnet with her legs on the ground and her pussy staring staright at me. I took my manhood and rammed it deep inside her, Fuck she was so wet and hot and she felt so good. The cool air and the fact that we could have been seen from the road made it all the more exciting and I slammed my cock deep inside her for all i was worth. As she started to climax she let out a small moan but I told her to tell the whole world how good it felt to be fucked and she went nuts screaming and telling me to fuck her harder at the top of her voice. I gladly followed her instructions and pumped my cock in and out of her until she came once more which tipped me over the edge and I blew a massive load deep inside her.

    We callopsed on to the bonnet and I wispered I love you in her ear and she gave me a contented moan of pleasure. We tidied ourselves up and jumped back into the car to continue the journey but every time I looked at her I could see the face of a woman that had just been well and truly fucked hard and had loved every minute of it.
    She has since told me that she would love to do it again so I have told her I will plan a road trip in the near future so keep your eyes open out on the road we might drive past you and you could catch a glimse of her juicy wet pussy.
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    Awesome Story! Keep it up:)
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