First time for emily part two

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    “Emily. Look. Don’t apologize or feel bad about telling someone to stop if they are doing something you don’t feel OK with.”

    “I just don’t want you to be disappointed.”

    “How can I be disappointed? You are allowing me to see you naked, and touch you. It's an honor. If we stopped right now I would not be disappointed.”

    Emily asked timidly, “Do you want me?”

    “I want you so much it hurts. It is all I can do not to just take you.”

    “Maybe you should get on top of me.”

    Emily looked nervous but parted her thighs so he could get between them.

    “Are you sure,” he asked.

    Emily nodded. “Do you want to?”

    “If you do, I do. If you want to stop, we can.”

    For a moment it appeared that Emily might say to stop. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

    “I want you.”

    The tip of his manhood penetrated her lips and found the opening to her womanhood. She was moist but not as much as he had thought. Again he wondered if they should wait. But looking at her face, he knew it was OK. So he carefully he pressed forward.

    A grimace covered Emily’s face.

    “Are you okay,” he asked.

    She only nodded.

    “Do you need me to stop?”

    She shook her head no.

    Her opening was tight. For a moment Alex wondered if he was sticking it in the wrong place. That would definitely be embarrassing and painful. His hand reached between them and felt to confirm that his shaft was going the right way. Then Alex gave a gentle thrust.

    “Ow! Ow!” Emily exclaimed as she clawed his back and writhed beneath him. He saw tears in her closed eyes.

    Alex stopped and gave the girl beneath him a worried look.

    “It hurts,” she gasped. “You are bigger than the vibrator I used yesterday, to get ready for this.”

    When he started to pull free, she held him. “Don’t stop.”

    “We can wait,” Alex assured her.

    “I don’t want to.”

    Slowly he pushed into her until his hips were pressed against her. Emily’s face was a mask of discomfort, and he felt bad. Only the press of her hands on his back and the lifting of her hips made him continue.

    “I think we should stop,” he said.

    “Hold me,” she said.

    Alex lay atop her trying to hold her while shifting his weight so he was not crushing her. Emily wrapped her legs around him and held him in her. Her body clenched his shaft tightly.

    “Do you trust me,” he whispered.

    “Always,” came a soft reply.

    Her hand moved from his back so he could grip it. Shifting to make room between them he slid her hand between their bodies, and her body tensed. Alex felt her beneath him as his eyes watched her face. His patience paid off. Emily’s body relaxed, and he could feel her dampness growing. When he pulled backward, much of the friction was gone. Just short of pulling free, he slid forward. It was definitely better. The teen lay beneath him with eyes closed and a look of pleasure on her face. The anxiety was mostly gone now, and her hips moved to a rhythm of their own. Alex tried to match his thrusts to her motions, but it was nearly impossible.

    “Oh… Oh…” Emily’s hips lifted from the bed. “Oh…” Her body trembled against him.

    It was just too much. Alex groaned and felt his seed flow in bursts into Emily far too soon. A primal urge took over, and he thrust his full length into her. He pulled almost free and thrust again.

    Emily cried out and kept her legs wrapped around his body. She convulsed against him.

    “Oh god! Oh god!” She repeated it over and over into his shoulder.

    Then it felt like she melted into him as her hands and legs released him. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly, and her blue eyes stared up at him in amazement. His manhood lost its hardness and when he slipped free, he heard a disappointed moan from Emily. He stretched out on his back next to her and guided her head to rest on his shoulder. She teen snuggled close to him and gave a contented sigh.

    “That was perfect,” she said and hugged him tightly.

    Alex relaxed at the tone of her voice; glad she sounded genuinely pleased. A thought came to him, and he rose slightly to look down at her.

    “Oh shit!”

    “What's wrong?” Emily inquired.

    “We never discussed where I was supposed to cum. I got so carried away and came inside you, Sorry,”

    “No worries. I started on the pill a few weeks ago, feeling we were going to do this someday.”

    They lay in silence listening to each others breath and the traffic outside. Alex closed his eyes and sighed in relief that this was over; hoping the next time would be less stressful. And that each subsequent time would be easier.

    The sound of an alarm jerked Alex from sleep. The sound came from his cell phone sitting on the nightstand, and he awkwardly groped for it with the arm not pinned by Emily’s sleeping body. How she was still sleeping through the noise amazed him. Earlier he had set his alarm for nine as Emily said she needed to be home by ten. Such an early curfew frustrated her, but Alex respected her parents. Emily lay on her stomach with a thin sheet pulled over her naked form. She looked so sexy to him.

    “Time to wake up,” he said and gave Emily a kiss on her head.

    She grumbled something but did not stir. Gently he turned her onto her side.

    “Emily, time to get up.”

    Again, she grumbled and rolled back onto her stomach while pulling the sheet over her head. Alex climbed from the bed and uncovered his sleeping lover. He rolled her onto her back and gave her a gentle shake.

    “Emily, time to get up.”

    This time, when she tried to roll back over he stopped her. “We really need to get up.”

    Her eyes opened slowly and took him in. “Do we have to? I was so comfy.”

    “I’m afraid so.”

    Groggily she sat up and blinked the sleep from her eyes. “I wish we didn’t.”

    They had slept a little over an hour, and Alex felt tired too. He found his clothes and dressed quickly. By the time he had tugged his last shoe on, Emily had managed to put on her panties, skirt, and socks.

    “Here.” He held up her bra. She blushed but let him slip the lacy garment over her arms and fasten it closed.

    “I must be Cinderella and you my Prince Charming,” she said with a laugh.

    “Not quite. Cinderella was never as beautiful as you.”

    “I’m not that beautiful.”

    “I think you are, and I think I am the luckiest man in the world right now.”

    They kissed tenderly a few minutes before she left for home. Both felt a closeness that they knew would only blossom over time.
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    Loved it. Great story! ;)
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